October 4, 2010

life is weird

I'm at daycare, maybe four years old? And this kid tells me that if you get too close to a caterpillar, it will spit in your eye and you'll go blind.
The same kid told me that if you look directly at lightning out your window, it will strike you.

I believed that, for a very long time.

(and actually just googled about the caterpillar thing, to be sure.)

Chicago night
iphone shot

Hubs and I had a fancy date, a gala on Saturday in downtown Chicago, at the Hilton, one of the most beautiful ballrooms I've ever been in. People were dressed to the nines and tens, and we ate gourmet salads with whole baby pears and brie.

I can not even try to write about the desserts, for they were too worthy of words or a capture of my iphone. I'm still in awe.

And we danced. We didn't even dance at our own wedding. But we danced this night.

We leave and the buildings stand tall and straighten their shoulders and twinkle their lights at us

And so we say things like
the sky is so October

and we could totally move here, and the city would be the kids' school campus.

and if we don't, then either way we want them to know the city like my heart does

or once did.
City, merle reskin theatre
iphone shot

We barely blink at our extravagant meal and digest the frou frou night and we're back home with four sleepy children, baffled at where in the world they came from. I leave my dress crumpled on the floor and grab whatever t-shirt is closest to my bed, and leggings, and I curl onto my pillow and

exhausted from the life

and the



  1. It ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS happens this way for me - I crave date nights and time away with my husband. He craves the same thing and we always enjoy ourselves immensely. But, we're drawn back to our babies. It's where we're happiest. I crave to be where there are copious amounts of cinnamon toast crumbs and legos on the floor.
    I love it.

  2. It sounds like you guys had a fabulous night! We are such home bodies but I know I should get out with my husband once in awhile to do something adult :)

  3. It sounds like two different people sometimes, doesn't it? They people we were and the people we are now. And when those two worlds collide it is just strange. And wonderful. And exhausting. ;)

    Beautiful post!

  4. Steph - love to hear you had such a good 'connection' night - I think husbands and wives should be required to have them. Where you dream and devise plans you might not ever put into action. Heavenly.

  5. I would love to have a date night with hubs. Maybe one day.......... :)
    I'm glad you had such a wonderful time. It is always good to come home to our babies.

  6. Yay for date night and exhaustion from the good! :)

  7. As much as I LOVE date nights (and I really love them) it always feels like something (or maybe two little someones)was missing.

  8. Sounds so lovely - I'm glad you got to go. Hooray for the good!

  9. One of these days the New Yorker will take note of how awesome you are ;-).

    Beautiful, as always.

  10. so happy for you guys to have a fun night out. did you guys get all fancied up? I love those pics of you :)
    I remember being concerned about if a watermelon could actually grow in your stomach if you ate a watermelon seed. and if you would actually explode if you shook up your pop and then drank it. and I seem to remember my pesky big brother telling me such things.

  11. sounds divine! congratulations on your fabulous date!

  12. What a wonderful date night! I would love a date night (would need a hubby for that though). And yes, I remember the watermelon story that themamacita talks about.

  13. What fun pictures and a great date night. I'd love one of those.

  14. Wish I would ran into you. We were in Chicago Saturday too. Only we were up in our hotel ordering takeout by the time you were probably at your gala.

  15. What a beautiful night. I'm glad you got some time with the hubby! I hope to have one of these "date nights" everyone always talks about. ;)

  16. Sounds like a great night...and back to reality, which is just as good...even better. ;)

  17. mmmmhmmm. I get this. I love this. I had a similar yet very different experience Friday night. Reminds me again why we need to follow through on our girl-date.


  18. That sounds like one amazing evening. All the way around.

    And can I please ask you to just TRY to describe the desserts??? ;-P

  19. Your writing is wondrous.

    Question - did both of your parents work when you were growing up? I'm curious if your "mothering style" is similar to the way your mom parented you.


  20. Stephanie,

    Both of my parents worked- my mom was usually home by the time we were home from school, but not always! And she worked at the daycare we went to.


  21. My husband and I celebrated our 10th anniversary a few weeks ago.

    We ran away and held hands and ate spicy pad Thai noodles, and got pedicures (yes, both of us), bought pumpkins and laughed and walked as fast as we wanted.

    I didn't miss the kids one bit ;)

    So happy you had a magical night.

    Sara Sophia


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