October 31, 2010

In costume.


Gray found a safari vest and zoo hat in the playroom and we planned this whole elaborate idea of him dressing up face-painted as an escaped tiger that ate a zoo keeper and then put on his clothes and was pretending to work there and then would unlock all the animal cages and set them free.

Then a few minutes later he said, nah, I want to be Tuck. Go Wonderpets!

I was knitting that hat until two minutes before we left for trick or treating.

the four, trick or treat

Someone said "it's Super Grover!" A green tin man? With a cape? Eventually he would pass people and say matteroffactly "Turtle" and walk on.

super gray

and they're off

treat bucket


Carter & Noah used props they already had and went as football and hockey players. I knit Tuck's hat and he already had his cape, a Christmas present I bought on etsy last year. Ivy was a last minute addition, wearing the fairy wings I wore last year. She was our sweet butterfly.

The way she closed her eyes and stood so still while I put on her makeup... more sugar on my heart than a million overflowing trick-or-treat buckets.



  1. They are precious! Good work on making costumes. :)

  2. Adorable, the whole lot of them!

  3. Adorable--and great costumes! As you can see over at my blog, we were store-bought all the way this year. But, at least they are store-bought costumes that have been passed down through the ages :)

  4. So cute! Love your Bears Player!!!

  5. They ALL looked adorable! I think that they Tuck costume is the best one I saw this year, hands down. Ivy as a butterfly is cupcake, icing-covered sweetness.

  6. How fun! You saved a ton of money making your own! And Abby was a butterfly too! The little coat looks familiar.

  7. They look great Steph! Normally we do homemade but I got some 90% off at Target last year and wouldn't you know they chose those instead. Ah well, next year :)

  8. I love the green face paint--so awesome! Looks like it was a little chilly your way--it felt like a balmy summer day in central Virginia. Posting my picks of my sleeping lion soon.

  9. Love it!!!

    Also, I love the pink halloween bucket Ivy had! Where did you find it? Would have gone perfect with Emma's princess costume {which is actually a dress up costume that will last until she is 6. Thank you Zuilly!}

  10. I just adore the fact that he wanted to be Tuck and that you made him that hat. This is what memories are made of... Glad you all had a great time! :)

  11. Love the wings -and the pink jack-o-lantern candy bucket!!!


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