October 14, 2010

buried treasure

up and down and up and down alldaylong

The most exciting thing I got to do today was laundry. There is no teachable moment in this (that I know of) (we shall see) nothing more, nothing less.

I packed up the kids' warm weather clothes and made room for jeans and sweaters. Found a ton of garbage under my bed. (Literally, garbage.) (Like tissues and tags and broken happy meal toy stuff, not anything nasty!)

But, nothing exciting under there, like maybe I hoped I'd find, to make this day monumental. No money. No missing lovey Ivy's been looking for.

There was nothing on TV or netflix that I wanted to fold to. There was plenty to do or read or clean but I didn't feel like any of it was any fun. Even knitting. The mail came and even it was boring. Blah.

on the laundry pile

Related to my day/life:
Ivy always climbs into my laundry baskets. (empty or full.)

Also, I can never find my laundry baskets come laundry gathering time. Where in the world do they all go? Did they run off with the match to
every single pair of Gray's new socks? Oh, bother. They are probably in the backyard tied to Carter's skateboards. With my "good" yarn.

I mope around and fuss with another sink full of dishes and a constant leaky faucet and try to spice up our day with music and whipped cream on our drinks. Gray says,
I love hanging out with you, Mommy and I think- he calls this hanging out?

My mundane life and feeling like a nobody and no fun and yet to them... well, you know.

To them I am not a nobody That's for sure.

sleepy time
right next to me

[I find it. It's dull somedays, so I have to shine it.]


  1. Oh how I have had many a day like this lately.

    Except mine can't tell me she enjoys hanging out with me. So I pretend she can speak and we have conversations.

    But even one-sided conversations get old.

  2. Just seeing that pretty yellow skirt made MY day! I think I love bring color, me think painting some walls in bright fun color in our house would make me happy!

  3. You are good at shining it up, and I love your honesty. Ivy is such a beauty (like her mama) and I love that Gray said he loves hanging out with you. I wish we lived closer, so we could meet at the park with our kids on a Saturday and drink coffees while Ivy and Ax kept up with the bigs.

    By the way (unrelated) - if you're looking for a commissioned knitting project, I've got one for you. :) Have idea, will pay. Let me know... :)


  4. this totally seemed like my day today. it seemed so mundane, but to the kiddos every day is exciting somehow. we can learn a lot from our kids, huh? :)

  5. Reminds me of the saying, "To the world, you may be one person. But to one person, you may be the world."

    Love those lashes on those cheeks!

  6. I needed this today. I think so many moms need this. Thanks, Steph!


  7. lately, i've had feelings in my heart that i have had trouble putting into words. this post pretty much is exactly how i have been feeling. i think it's quite beautiful how similar experiences bring all of us mothers together. we somehow all speak the same language no matter who we are.

  8. I'm glad I'm not the only one feeling like this. Thanks!

  9. That's when you find some good music, call all the kids in the same room with you and start a dance party :)

  10. You know.... I think that's it, those are our days. Full of laundry and dishes and the mundane, but for them it's the fun and the special and the hugs and kisses and sitting on the couch with momma feeling wonderful.

    I know this because this morning, just as I was feeling at the end of my laundry-cleaning-making-lunch rope, my 7 year old Kailey started singing a song around the house... "Don't you wish your momma was hot like mine" over and over (you know... instead of the tune 'Don't you wish you girlfriend was hot like me). At first I chuckled and thought, ya right. Then I thought, I must be doing something right at 7am, if while sort of grumpy, in my jammies, this is what she is choosing to sing... you know?

    I think we're all doing something a little right....

  11. hmmm - probably off topic... did I ever tell you how much I love your photos? - I don't think so - that's why I'm going to say it now : I LOVE YOUR PHOTOS!!! - every single one of them :)

  12. those mundane moments are where you get to capture a photo in your heart you'll never forget! They come back to your memory at the strangest and most perfect moment!
    As far as a teachable moment in laundry or any housekeeping: It's a skill we use every day and even at work! I say "use your good housekeeping skills" everyday at work!! A college student with ability to do laundry is one that is not taught often enough!! I can't tell you how many friends I made in the laundry room, on campus, while teaching them to "do laundry"! If you don't teach them- Who will and do you really want to leave that up to the unknown?

  13. Someone said something about ordinary moments being the ones you will remember most. I love what Gray said...it's so true, to them we are the world (wow...and we don't even really have to try!).

  14. Oh I hear you... My life seems full of nothing except 'ordinary' and 'the same' right now. You've got some very cute laundry-doing company though. :) I love Ivy's skirt - and are those silly bandz that she's wearing? I think there are a million of those things under our beds and gathering dust in every corner of our house too.

    I've been knitting a hat for Abby this week - it's straight knitting in the round, not terribly interesting, but I'm loving that I can knit and not even have to think about what I'm doing. And watching the pattern from the variegated yarn emerging as I go is also keeping me motivated. As is the 9-year-old asking me every 10 seconds if she can try it on yet... :)

  15. shine on, mama. :) my laundry baskets are *always someplace else, being ships-at-sea.

  16. I get it. I really really do.

  17. Ah, Steph, you know I get it. This conventional life of mine is full of so many dull moments, but there are always opportunities to make them shine if you look hard enough. Love that you do.

  18. I have had my fair share of these days!

  19. isn't this the truth of motherhood? but, really of any day for anyone, i think. i suppose even the glamorous, fancy ones find themselves mundane when they're living it in and out. you shine it up perfectly.

  20. Ah yes, but to little Ivy, her day was full of warmth and wonder just being with her mommy. watching you and doing 'nothing'. So much better than alone off somewhere with a stranger.

  21. Ivy's little curls in these pictures are priceless!

  22. My favorite line from your post? "To them I am not a nobody That's for sure."

    You are a phenomenal writer.

    Also - you're not a nobody in the blogosphere. You're DEFINITELY a Somebody. ;)



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