October 2, 2010

You can not recall my arms. Alternate title: BABYWEARING IS SAFE.

photo by Courtney of Storing Up Treasures

The CPSC continues to go after baby carriers because of horrific, unfortunate circumstances where babies have perished, but as I see this passion of mine misunderstood and mis-used.... wearing your baby, carrying your baby close to your heart, keeping them where they want to be, and not "boxed up" - I want to give a reminder that wearing your baby
is safe.

photo by Elaine of The Miss Elaine-ous Life

An excerpt from my
Babywearing 2.0 post:


Due to recent recalls of certain baby carriers (Bag Slings = no no.) that all babywearers have been warning Moms about for YEARS, some people are assuming all babywearing is unsafe.

This is not true. Babywearing is absolutely safe and can be an amazing method of bonding and loving your child.

photo by Sidnie of green enough for me

A refresher:
  • Your baby should be in a position similar to holding them in your arms
  • You should be able to kiss the top of their head
  • Your chest, back, or sling fabric should not obstruct baby's face
  • Do not wear a carrier that is too tight or too loose, or not properly fastened
  • Read and follow your carrier's instruction manual
  • Be aware of baby's temperature; don't let them get too hot or too cold
  • Do not perform any activities that you wouldn't normally do while holding your baby in your arms

photo by Courtney of Storing Up Treasures

Unite, spread the positive message of babywearing, wear your babies. Keep on holding them close and ROCK ON, babywearers.

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  1. Nicely said. Way to use this platform to help people and share your experience. Good stuff, my friend.

  2. That's great! I've had to tell so many people basically the same thing.. Well said :)

  3. yes, yes, yes. LOVE THIS. thanks, steph!

  4. this is my third year babywearing and it has been a lifesaver for me!!! with having 3 young little one most of the time it's double stroller and wearing the other, a mama needs to get out and get fresh air sometime LOL!!!!

    Thanks for taking time to write this post! and yes safety is the key either carrying baby in your arm, stroller or a carrier!

  5. Safety is a huge thing for sure. I didn't babywear for the longest time because I misunderstood the safety of it. My little ones are older (2, 3) but both love the Ergo and I love that I know they are safe! It was actually you mentioning the Ergo that led me to them. {SO a big thanks for your babywearing info and tips!)
    We're expecting baby number 3 and I look forward to babywearing a real "baby" this time!

  6. Go babywearers! They can recall all the slings they want, but they can't stop me from using my sewing machine to make slings for me and all my friends! :)

  7. Thanks for posting this! I swear I will buy up tons of slings and start giving them out to every momma I see. I cannot count the times putting Olivia in a sling has calmed her down. Not to mention she is the ONLY nonfussy baby when I run errands. Babywearing rules!

  8. I hate all these recalls - living more with your sense and just more simply would save yourself from headache. After one sling I had was recalled (I had already stopped using it - it was obviously unsafe) I went for a more natural wrap and loved it. Great post.

  9. Such good information, I'm so glad you posted about this. I really hope all this all the recalls lately don't deter people from wearing their babies!!

    And thanks for using the photo. :)

    And that last photo - so fun, love it!

  10. Sharing this on my facebook page. It's too important of a message not to.

  11. You rock on, too.

    The idea that any babies died under any circumstances is tragic. However, when it happens the best course of action is to reasonably ascertain why, and then take appropriate action. It's not to use scare tactics or make blanket statements.

    Thanks for being a voice of reason.

  12. Rock on mama! I sold four carriers at my garage sale today. And made sure each and every mama knew what she was doing, what was safe, and where to get more help if she needed it. Babywearing mamas unite!

  13. Took a day trip to Annapolis, MD and saw a mom wearing her baby while strolling thru the city. Beautiful sight, and it made me think of you!

  14. Well written, thank you!

    Babywearing is safe all the time. We continue to educate ways to make it better, but it is always safe.

  15. Ironically, I just wrote a babywearing post that's set to publish because of my new Seven Sling I adore. I will add this information to it for when it goes live. Thank you :)

  16. This is perfect. I hope people really listen. Babywearing is a treasure I missed out on with my first two and I honestly can't stand the thought of others missing out on it, too, because they are just uneducated on this topic. So, THANK YOU for this.

  17. Great reminders! I hope the CSPC gets the message -- and moms too.


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