September 3, 2010

The Wolfman's Brother

surfer hair ::sigh::

See that fly away feathery beachy surfer flip on his left side? That is
was my favorite.

Hubs took the clippers to Gray's luscious locks last night.

Of course I had some say, but by the time I ran upstairs to protest, the razor was plugged in and bzzzing away an inch from his head. Everyone was crowded around him in the bathroom; it was the excitement of the night (he begged for Daddy to do it) and I just had to go along with it. Wah wah.


If it's just hair, then why do I miss it so much?


Isn't he crazyhandsome?

We're having a yard sale today and instead of a lemonade stand he's been asking people if they want to feel his head.

(I am his number 1 customer.)

p.s. according to Blogger, this is my 2,000th post!


  1. My almost 14 month old has an unruly, often sticky shock of auburn hair on his head that my husband has been asking if he could cut.

    I say no and then try not to weep at the prospect. He's my only boy and he's a baaaaaby!

    Though, when he sticks his hands in his hair after eating and the sides puff out, he looks a lot like Grandpa Munster...

  2. Oh my gosh! He IS handsome. He looks SO much older!

  3. Maybe your title got me thinking before seeing the picture, but he does look a lot like Liev Shreiber (sp?), who did play Wolverine's brother in the XMen Origins movie. It almost hurts my heart to see him look so much older - I've been watching him grow up on your blog.

    Sweet boy.

  4. We had a similar experience with my son. Hubby shaved his hair off, almost bald. I was very upset, but went along with it. Then Dad took him out four-wheeling all day. When he returned his head was so sun burned! Poor baby :(

  5. WOW!! What a difference a little buzz makes. I LOVE the feel of a freshly clipped noggin.

  6. I'm one of your lurkers. You don't know me. I found you through Ruhiyyih's blog.
    I've had an emotional and semi-depressing kind of morning (pregnancy hormones don't help) and the comment about the yard sale and your son asking people to touch his head made me laugh OUT LOUD! And I needed it!
    Thank you!

  7. First, congrats on the 2K mark! :)

    Second, my mom or my hubs has to take Nate, the baby, for hair cuts, because I won't do it. When it gets a little long, it gets these whispy little waves to it and he looks like a beach blonde cherub. I can't cut it. Literally.

    Also, it doesn't help that when they get their haircuts, they look less like our babies and more like our big boys. Time goes by too quick.

  8. Awww, he's gorgeous! I usually cry when DH cuts the kids hair too short! Unfortunately the buzz cuts are the right price and much harder to mess up than a scissor cut!

  9. How is it possible that a haircut turns them into such big boys? I posted on the very same thing today. Handsome either way, that one.

  10. 2,000th post? WOAH GIRL!! Congrats! :)

    He looks adorable either way. But, I can totally see why you miss it... :)

  11. fuzzy head! That is what I call my boys when they get their buzz cuts. Although at 13 and 11 they are not to thrilled with me feeling their heads. But I tell them that part of being the mom, I get too!

  12. Wow! He looks so different! I'm afraid my husband will do this to our kids too someday...he keeps his hair at a one and I give him the haircuts :)

  13. (she said this isn't who it would be if it wasn't who it is.)

    and he's still pretty darn cute, steph.

  14. congrats on 2000 posts! I thought over 400 was a lot!

    Also? your son is unbelievable handsome! With or without the hair!

  15. It must grow back.
    I would live in fear that the flip would never come back.
    Am I making you panic?
    I've seen it happen.
    How is a little boy going to smell like a dirty dog if he doesn't have any hair? (Although I'm sure they manage it just fine.)

  16. He looks so handsome but I can see why you would miss his surfer hair.

    Now I have to ask was he charging for rubs to the head?

  17. He is such a handsome little guy!
    I freaked out after we buzzed Fynn's hair earlier this summer... I haven't touched it since!

  18. I had a panic attack reading this because I think I have to cut Tommy's hair soon, but also, I don't think I can.
    Gray, however, looks so gorgeous with his new look. His eyes are stunning.

  19. First reaction - waaaaahhh don't do it!!! Second reaction - I love that just cut buzz feel - my guys know that they have to line up for a couple of days just so I can feel their heads, even if they don't look like my kids!!!
    And then thirdly... Well done on 2000 posts - what a lot of wonderful hard work you have done - thank-you!!! I really appreciate all your blogging!!!

    Meanwhile we are so desperate for haircuts and I keep putting them off - I do have a hairy story:

  20. I'm pretty firm about never wanting to cut Gretchen hair -- she hasn't got much at the moment. And I hope to leave it be FOREVER ^_^

  21. Hooray for 2000! And he is a handsome little dude! And I *lovelove* the new babywearing blogger button!!

  22. OMGosh he looks like he aged just with his haircut!! He is cute with both. In a few years you are gonna have to beat the girls back with a broom :)

  23. Gray is such a handsome guy! It doesn't matter what his hair looks like, but I have serious issues with cutting Henry's hair, too. It's just that his long, hippie locks make him look so he's still my baby (well 4 IS still kind of a baby, right?)

    Congrats on your 2000th post, Steph! I'm so happy to have found your blog; it enriches my life in every way. I'm so happy for you and your success.

  24. 2,000 outstanding posts. Congrats. Your blog is one of my very favorites (and it always will be).

    I can see why you miss his surfer locks,'re right. He is crazy-handsome - both ways.


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