September 21, 2010


buttons - toes

There are things my heart wants to do
but my head says no, sorry. Or, that doesn't make sense for you right now but if it makes you happy maybe just maybe someday, ok?

And I say
ok, head, I'll just write them down for now.

little legs

This is not like a life list in any way because these are things that I most likely wouldn't or couldn't ever do. They are frivolous, vain, or - as enriching as some of them could be to my journey- they are insignificant to why I am here,


sometimes I think about them nonetheless.


I want, before I cut my hair short (if I ever cut my hair short), to have dreads.

I want to have an unassisted home birth with a perfectly healthy baby (and me) as the end result. I imagine it would be a boy and his name would be Soren or Fallon or River.

I want to, someday, when the mood strikes, drive somewhere impulsive, a spontaneous roadtrip no matter who is in the car with me. Probably ending at an ocean. With my feet in the sea.

I want to go to a church that doesn't have a building. One that meets somewhere different every week, maybe at a big park, at someone's house, on a big farm, in the middle of downtown, at the beach, wherever we meet.

I want to get my nose pierced but for it not to be a big deal.

I want to go back to school (like a real school) to learn French fluently.

I want to own an apartment in Paris, France and stay in it often.


[This was Part One of what could become a many part-ed series on my many part-ed whims.]

I'd love to hear what you sometimes want to do even though you know you never will.

edited to add: I know there's been some comment issues lately and I've changed some settings and hope you're able to comment again!


  1. What beautiful dream you have and they are all do-able :-)

    Right now being a mother of 3 little girls 3 and under have 24 hours away from home, away from dishes, away from toddlers fighting or crying, away from laundry, away from making snacks etc...

    But then I stop and think how much I'll miss them, how I wouldn't be able to leave them behind and then I started folding more laundry!

    That 's my life in nutshell!

  2. i love this post. like bigtime.
    and probably a lot because i have many of the same dreams.
    how bouts i pick you up we get our dreads and pierce our noses before embarking on a trip to the ocean?
    (i've told myself for years that if i ever get motivated enough to lose the baby weight i'll get my nose pierced. but i really REALLY want dreads. just not sure how that would be looked upon in my career. sad, huh?)

  3. After I read the first one, I thought to myself, I would love to pierce my nose. My sister has it, but I probably never will.

    Also on my list, to have a homebirth. I'm cool with it being assisted. :)

  4. Awesome list, Stephanie. All suit you well and I can see you doing them each and every one. I love the names, by the way. Two of which I had thought of for future children we'll probably not have.

    All of mine, right now, have to do with serving the Lord, which probably isn't of huge interest to everyone! ;) Aside from one of them being going to Africa, I'd also still like to run a marathon and hope I'll be healthy enough to do it some day.

    I hope you get to do some of the things on your list! We live for such a short period of time on this earth, and I doubt there are nose piercings and dreads in heaven, so you should do that now, while you can :) I'd love to see you in dreads!


  5. This has nothing to do with what I want to do. It has to do with the buttons.

    My grandma used to have, probably still has, a container EXACTLY like that full of buttons. One of my favorite things to do when I was a little girl was to look through the buttons. I'd sort them. Make things out of them. Sometimes I'd even make up stories in my head about where the really extravagant ones came from.
    I didn't know anyone else had a button tin. And for it to look exactly the same as my grandma's did.
    Thanks for the memory.

  6. Eliza, your Grandma wasn't from NW Indiana, was she??

    I got that button tin from Freecycle! Full of buttons. A woman gave it to me- they were her Mom's and she didn't have any use for them!

    I have my Grandmother's button jar- it's actually on display in my house and I don't really use those buttons unless it's for a special knitting project.

    It's so wonderful to run your fingers through the buttons! :)

    Thank you for sharing your story, too.


  7. I want a button tin like that. I want to grow a garden, a marvelous garden. I want to sell things at the farmer's market. I'm not sure what sort of things, but beautiful homemade things. I want to watch the sunset in Africa. I want to watch the sunrise over the pyramids. Awesome post, xo

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  9. I am doing one of the things that used to be on my whimsy list: becoming a missionary. Never say never. :)

  10. This really spoke to me. What I really want to do someday once G's retired and we can do whatever we want is to walk away from it all. Walk away and go somewhere and just live amongst the people and give my heart to them without wondering where it will lead.

  11. Hm. I'm so realistic. I don't know what I'd do if I could truly do ANYTHING. I think. I would be a rockstar. Seriously. But I'm far too inhibited. Except in my dreams. :-)

  12. Also? I can relate to the nose ring. A very teeny diamond. I love those. :-)

  13. I TOTALLY discussed my desire to have dreads a while back.

  14. Mm, I love your list: reading it made me happy inside, inspired me to sit back and daydream (how long has it been since I daydreamed?!)

    We are trying with all our power to make a homebirth happen for the current baby-in-process :) It'd be our first homebirth and we're a tiny bit terrified but a whole lot determined and hopeful and excited.

    And now, an item from my list: Give a speech someday, in front of lots of people. Is that weird? I love public speaking, love sharing (hello, I blog!), and think it would be thrilling to share something God's taught me on a bigger stage than I ever have before.

  15. I'll visit you in your apartment in France :)
    (get your nose pierced. It's the best thing I've done for myself in years. Bizarre, but it is)

    I'd like to live in a house that touches the beach.

  16. Oh Steph, I love your list. It really made me think about what would be on my list. I'd have to say that 1) I'd also love to have an unassisted homebirth, too 2) I'd like to rent a flat in London for an entire year, and have enough money saved that I didn't have to work 3) live in a commune 4) be a foster parent 5) go back to school for interior design, like I've been yearning to do for years now 6) write a book 7) have way more children than I probably will end up having 8) sell off my possessions and travel the country with my family in an RV 9) live on the Oregon coast, preferably in Cannon Beach, with no television or computer or any electronic entertainment.

    Okay, it's pretty obvious I could go on FOREVER. But wow, what an amazing exercise in dream-weaving. Maybe some will happen, others won't. I'm so thankful you wrote this post today.

  17. i got my nose pierced when i turned 32. while babywearing. i marched my four babies into the tattoo parlor and had it done. and it wasn't a big deal. except it took a while to heal, which is par for the course, i think.

    and i was just thinking about dreads. still thinking about it.

  18. Tricia (amelie522)

    I think I would love to be a foster parent, too...


  19. I'm totally with you on the just driving and ending up at the ocean. Make sure to swing through Indianapolis when you head out, OK?

  20. Right now it can't happen but I've been brain storming a plan to try and make it happen but every Christmas season I want to pack up my family and travel to other country's for missionary work. I want to limit their exposure to the fake celebration and consumerism of Christmas. Right now hubby and I have been struggling with that decision due to vaccine issues but I believe I can make it work.

    Other than that I have a desire for a tattoo but I don't think I'll ever get it.

  21. I want to birth a baby and hold it in my arms forever (though I know I never will)
    I want to foster infants
    I want to publish a book
    live on a lake AND the ocean

  22. I love your whims. And these photos are perfect for this post. I love how you do that, my friend.

  23. I just told my husband last weekend that when my hair goes totally grey, I will dread it. He was cool with it.

    I want to adopt a young child. Not a baby, a toddler, 2 or 3 years old. I don't care what gender, I don't care what race.

  24. I love this. I think about these things too... I'd become a pilates instructor.
    I'd own and run a cozy coffee shop.
    I'd speak Spanish fluently to to maybe better help marginalized people.
    I'd run a marathon.
    I would also get a nose ring.
    there are more.

    also, I have a photo of us at my wedding and you have THE CUTEST short haircut.

    and do you love the movie Amelie?

  25. Ooh these are some good wants.

    I want to move to PEI.
    I want to get married.
    I want to.. pay off all my debt (school loans).

    (Maybe one of those will happen someday...)

  26. I want to live in NYC and become a "regular" at all the Broadway shows.

    I want to hike the Appalachian trail, nothing but a light backpack for the whole trip.

    I want to go cliff diving, even though I am completely unable to dive head first and would most likely end up with a serious tummy injury. :)

    I want to learn to belly dance and perform for a group of people, maybe at a Mediterranean festival here in town.

    I like to have a dream. :)

  27. Traveling is probably the biggest thing for me. Right now with 5 children, 7 & under, flying all over the world isn't realistic to our budget. I hope one day, we can experience different cultures. I would love for my kids to see how people outside of the U.S. live, eat and interact. One day....

  28. Oh, I am doing a post like this-- love it!

  29. I love your whims.

    What about me?

    I want to learn to play piano.

    I want to learn how to do pottery.

    I want to live in a big house right on the ocean, with a huge garden and chickens and fruit trees.

    I want to eat nothing but ice cream for a week.

    I want to have a whole lot more babies.

    I want to act.

  30. Jil,

    You know, I liked Amelie because it was French, but I didn't love it as much as I thought I would! I *really* loved Paris, je t'aime and then watched Amelie soon after, so I think that might be why!


  31. I shared mine here:

  32. I too wish to homebirth but hubby is too scared of unexpected to ever happen! and I wish to be able and travel again one day :) but yeah right now Iam happy with what i got even if I stay dreaming for hours at times

  33. I love this so much, I wanted to make my own whimsy list:

    What fun to think of the things I'd love to be whimsical about! :)

  34. Can Soren be Soren Loren, like in Charlie and Lola?
    My church sometimes meets at the park on the river, and you're right to want a church like that - lovely.
    I don't know what I want these days.

  35. oh whimsy....I'd almost forgotten what that was ;)
    I'd like angel wings tattooed (sp?) on my back (THAT IS SO NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!!)
    I'd like to wear hippie dresses go barefoot all the time and have great toe rings :)
    I'd like to sell everything (or give it away) and travel all over with the kiddos
    I'd like to be in great great shape and go for a long trip on motorcycles with my hubby (THAT is SO NOT going to happen - and please don't tell my kids about the motorcycle part LOL I tell them they can't ride them EVER!) :)
    I'd like to sing for a living - however and when ever. That is actually one of the things that I think I'll be disappointed in myself if I get to the end of my life and I haven't done at least once :(
    I'd like to have a beautiful garden (Me....the grim reaper of plant life lol)
    I think I'll keep up this list too over at -

    thanks for reminding me to dream on this "middle of the isn't it a weekend yet" Wednesday.

  36. Can good friends do things for each other? If so, I got ya covered in the healthy unassisted home birth area (though I still wish that we'd have just been able to STAY HOME, but next time for sure).
    I love this and your whimsy. I always had the want to put pink in my hair and I'm glad I did. I always want a eyebrow ring, but that will probably never happen.
    I like your roadtrip whimsy. Wouldn't it be amazing if we could all just do that? Maybe someday when we are in our 40s and have no babies to nurse, we can just drive and drive until we run out of gas.

  37. I would love for my whole family to caravan to Colorado and camp out in the Rocky Mountains. Susie & Jerry could be our travel guides. I would love for my whole family to spend a Christmas at Disneyworld or Disneyland.
    Now, to comment on the dreads and nose long as you keep them as your wants, I'm ok with it. I never could understand either of them. I guess you can call me old fashioned. I would love to visit Paris too.

  38. If you do the road trip to the ocean, you know which direction to head. ;-)

    I have so many, too. I feel like I can't post them yet, because they are secret or dear to me or too tender. Maybe someday (thanks for the inspiration)...

  39. I love this, I may have to do one of my own! I've always wanted to pierce my nose too, I'm totally planning on doing it soon. And I've done the spontaneous vacation (just part of life being married to my hubby) the day after he graduated with his master's degree he was like "lets go on a trip" so we packed up our 15 month old and 6 week old and left. We ended up traveling about 3000 miles in 3 weeks (and it did include the ocean) it was amazing! :)

  40. I want to get my noise pierced as well.
    I want to live in Norway for a little while.
    I want to speak Spanish fluently.
    I want to visit Japan.
    I want to own a horse again someday.
    I want to travel the country with my kids in an RV.

    LOVE this post, and this idea:)

    Maybe I'll start with the nose piercing...

  41. I love your list, love it.

    I had dreads in college. It was not cute (on me). We started them with beeswax and it collected lint/dirt/bugs. I didn't last.

    I have wanted to pierce my nose for awhile, but my work makes you take it out. :(

  42. You know, my status on facebook the other day went like this: "Why don't I have a bucket list?" I mean, I do have one rattling around in my brain, but it's never been put on paper. Some of the things on it will never, ever happen, but that's okay.

    It's the principle of the thing.

    I want to travel. Everywhere. Starting with New Zealand, so I can see "Middle Earth." Where they filmed LOTR, y'know. I want to visit the northern Mediterranean coastline from spain to greece, then hit Israel to follow the footsteps of Jesus. Maybe even trace one of Paul's missionary journies. I want to go to England, and trace my family history. See Paris. Speak fluent French.

    I've already gone sky-diving. That was cool. Totally want to go again.

    I need to write all this down somewhere.

    PS: LOVE the button pictures...

  43. I've had dreads! I'd like to have them again. My husband does not think this is a good idea.

  44. I REALLY think you should get your nose pierced. With a little sparkly stud. No big deal. <3

  45. I love this post and your whims! I have many whims, too. I try to remember them when I get bogged down in the details of my day-to-day life.


  46. I love your list! Some things I think about doing/wish I could do:

    -Travel to Italy with my husband and eat at lots
    of yummy places, and do anything we catch a
    fancy to do.
    -Open a store to sell lots of feminine beautiful
    -Travel all around the world.
    -Have 14 children.
    -Hike the Appalachian Trail with my 14 children.
    -Live on a farm and be almost self-sufficient.
    -Go to a Broadway show, the Opera, and the
    -Go on a roadtrip to California, and see the
    Pacific Ocean.

  47. Thank you for this post! It really gets me thinking...I don't even know what my whimsy list is. I am going to work on it as of now :)

  48. Those buttons remind me of my childhood. My Mom had a coffee tin full of old buttons. So many different ones, different colors, shapes and textures.

    I want to live in an apartment in NYC that over looks Central Park and travel the world with my kids. I want to own a cupcake shop and make all my favorite kinds. Part of me even wants to run a marathon some day...

  49. cannot express how much i love this. will gather my own whims soon.
    you already know i've thought of dreads. you really would look great in them...even though i understand that sometimes our whims just can't be.
    road trip like that? totally on my list. can you imagine how awesome it will be. WILL BE.

  50. Hmmm... this has me thinking! :) And My grandma had a button tin almost just like that (same size, shape, look) that I have such fond memories of. I would string buttons with needles and thread for hours and hours at their house, making bracelets and necklaces. When they passed, everybody wanted the button tin... It was so special and held so many memories for all. :)

  51. Go get your nose pierced. I promise it is not a big deal. I've had mine done for years and to this day people still sometimes don't see it. I have a daughter that is 7 months old. I will tell her when she grows up to have a list like this. And that if she ever decides to have dreads or get a piercing or a tattoo, it will not be a big deal. :)

  52. Oooo I love your list! I am with you on getting my nose pierced (I really don't want to do it alone and keep putting it off). I would also love to have an unassisted homebirth (gotta do that whole "fall in love with the perfect man" thing first, though!). =) And Soren is a wonderful name: I've been holding onto that one for a few years now.

  53. A WONDERFUL post. Loved every bit.

    I'd like to try an unassisted birth too (but I'm not sure I'm brave enough).

    And I like your church idea. A LOT.

  54. Love this post and the heart behind it. P.S. Just get your nose pierced. I agonised over it and made it a bigger deal than it was (was I too old? would people be offended? am I cool enough? etc.) finally, I did it and have never regretted it, 4 years later, still wearing it.


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