September 17, 2010

Marvelous Babywearing

love this fall-y photo by my friend So Fawned, back-carry in the Ergo

I'm absolutely delighted to be guest posting at Marvelous Kiddo today!

And it's all about Babywearing In Autumn.

(please stop by and say hi.)

Just a little bit ago I was folding my really old mei tai and sling I used to wear with Gray all the time thinking that:

1) I can never part with these

2) Someday I will photograph Grayson wearing his baby in one of these slings. I just know!

3) Do you think I'll still have a blog then so I can post the photo of my grandchild in the sling?

4) I sure hope so.

babywearing Gray circa 2007

I'm actually off to a babywearing gathering at my local library today. I am bringing my big stash of slings and carriers to demonstrate and can't wait to meet some new babywearing mamas. If they let me, I hope to take a bunch of pictures of them and their babies!

One last thing- a super helpful babywearing tip that I forget to mention because it has nothing to do with carriers or how you wear them: bounce and walk.

Once you have your baby all wrapped up or slung or tied up or buckled, get moving. Bounce them a little, walk around, they will get comfy and adjusted and will likely fall right to sleep. If you just stand there looking in the mirror or looking at them thinking they just hate this thing, they just might hate it or all they'll want to do is try to eat.

So, bounce and walk.

And enjoy!

Have any other babywearing tips you want to share? Leave them in the comments below. Also, feel free to ask away if you have any babywearing questions. I'll be glad to answer them in the comments. If you aren't able to leave a comment, you can email me- stephanie.precourt (at)

Want more? Nosh on my super huge post about babywearing: Adventures In Babywearing 2.0


  1. The only babywearing hurtle I have stumbled across so far is winter babywearing. How do you get comfy when you have a bulky jacket and so does baby? I have tried babywearing jackets but they were less then flattering. Any suggestions? Thanks!

  2. Maura,

    I usually try to throw a blanket over baby and put them in the sling once we can get inside somewhere. Or I'll try to put baby on with my coat off, then put my coat back on. I've used a Peekaru and those are nice, but I get what you're saying about babywearing coats.

    Maybe someone else can share how they do winter babywearing, too?


  3. I love the idea of our children wearing their babies in the same slings that we once used to wear them. Something to look forward to!

  4. When I wear the Ergo I sometimes throw my nursing cover around my neck and walk & nurse. Works so easily. Also with the Ergo, use the side of the car to steady the baby while I move the baby from the front to the back. My only hold up with the Ergo is the top front buckle when it backpack position. I feel like even if it's above or below my chest it's unflattering and screaming "look at my ta-ta's".


  5. If I don't bring a stroller (toy or otherwise), Elizabeth will try to kidnap other people's strollers. Or walkers. Or anything on wheels pretty much.

    So we haven't done a lot of babywearing recently.

    There are times that Elizabeth would ride in a sling, but I haven't brought it with me because it's a bit bulky to carry around just on the off chance she'll be in the mood and I think empty carriers look very odd worn about. My dream carrier at the moment therefore is built into my shirt and no one can tell it's a carrier.

    Most snowsuits are incompatible with carseats, so I got into the habit of having the baby in a sling under my coat in the winter (don't have to dress her to bring to the car, undress in the car, put in carseat, take out of carseat, redress in the car, bring into the house and undress again). If I was walking or skating I put her in a snowsuit but otherwise not. I have a giant down parka though, not something tailored!

  6. My question: At what point do I put my baby in the sling/wrap with her legs splayed and not in the curled up froggy posistion? She seems to kick, kick, kick right now in the sling when she is in the froggy posistion, but she seems to young to handle the splayed posistion (she is 2 months) but she does have really strong legs and is constantly stretching them out and kicking when she is outside the sling

  7. Love babywearing - I always get so many smiles or comments from folks when we all go out together and I have Olivia in her wrap up against my chest. I've had several people stop me and ask where I got my sling, how I learned to use it, etc. And I never have to worry about her safety when we're out!

  8. "bounce & walk" Yes! Sometimes the best advice is the most simple! :)

  9. Eden and I still love, love our ring sling . I have used it so much this past year.

    Which one would you recommend for a one year old? I feel like we are out growing the ring sling a wee bit.

    I'd rather keep wearing her tha nput her in a stroller :)

  10. CE,

    I really think you'd like a mei tai! I love mine from Baby So Smart, and I have a friend that makes them locally as well. It's my favorite for wearing bigger babes for front or back carries!


  11. Megan,

    you might want to tighten the wrap around her legs so she can't really kick, or leave her legs out and keep the wrap tight under her bum- see if that helps at all?


  12. @Maura - I have a coat that is big enough to zip over me and baby... I put her in a mei tai and then put my jacket back on and zip it so just her little head pokes out, and then I cover that with a hat. Great for going on walks :)

    My advice is to have several different kinds of carriers. I use a mei tai, pocket sling, back pack and front pack. Hubs uses the back pack only, because it's manly enough for him (and he'd never admit that he was baby wearing... ha!) and I prefer the sling.

    I also get so many comments when I wear my baby! It's like it makes us a cuter couple or something :)

  13. you know you got me hooked on babywearing almost 4 years ago, wow, that's a long time ago.

    I cannot thank you enough....

  14. I have a big sweatshirt coat that I wear when I'm babywearing in the winter - last year when N was a newborn, I wore her up to camp a lot in the stretchy wrap, and I just threw my big sweatshirt over both of us & zipped her head in, just for the cold part outside, then took it off when we got there. I love the babywearing pictures, and I just love wearing my babies! I think it's great that a babywearing group is starting in your area - hardly anyone here has heard of it - I always get LOTS of comments whenever I wear my kids in public!

  15. We have a monthly babywearing meeting at our library and I love it! The closest one is mostly veteran babywearers and crunchy moms who help anyone who needs it, but mostly sit around and talk about all kinds of things while the kids run around us in circles. It's a great place to learn.

  16. Bounce and Walk, Yes!!! I tell people there is a learning curve for you and {each} baby to figure out how babywearing will be comfortable for you both. Figure it out an your life will be so much easier!

    In the winter I put a hat on the baby and the baby on before my coat. I just use the coat I used while pregnant. But, we have pretty mild winters so it isn't a huge concern.

    I am using the babyhawk with my 15 month old quite a bit still. Back carry if we are wide awake and front carry if we are getting sleepy. Ring sling or pouch sling for quick trips on the hip.

    Thank you for all the tips you have shared over the years. They have helped me (and my babies) tremendously!

  17. I have that exact same organic brown ERGO that your friend is wearing (and I love it).

    Also - the "bounce and walk" tip is spot-on. I've had many friends tell me that their babies didn't like to be worn, but I think that may have been attributed to the fact that they stuck their babies in (and then looked at the mirror). ;)

    Babies sometimes cry a bit when they are first put in a carrier, but - in my experience - they settle right down and get snuggled up w/in a few moments of movement.

  18. Have you ever used a Moby Wrap? I have a couple of friends who love their moby wraps, but they have younger than 4 month old would a mei tai compare? I've tried a sling, but it hurt my neck and back too much. As did the baby bjorn. I'm on the search for a new carrier.
    Thanks! ~jenna m.

  19. I love baby wearing, it's such a life saver! I used the Moby with both my kids as newborns, also bought the Bjorn but hubby used that since it was always too uncomfortable for me. I purchased a ring sling with my second child and it was the only way he would sleep in those first few months. I just ordered a Beco butterfly II carrier that I cannot wait to use. I'm hoping it's as comfortable to use as I have heard from others.

    Bouncing and movement are definitely the key, like you said. Sometimes my 7 month old starts to fuss if I'm standing still, but as soon as I move he quiets right down. I'm trying to enjoy every moment of baby wearing and AP because this will most likely be our last. Really, he is...our last, it's just a lot less painful to say "most likely" even when it's a definite.

  20. Anonymous, I like the Moby but once baby gets a bit heavy I find the mei tai to be more sturdy and comfortable!


  21. Winter babywearing: I have figured out a way to modify a hoodie/jacket/vest to work and it looks cute too! Feel free to email me with questons about it:


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