September 16, 2010

I Am Super Mom

An oldie but goodie (that I have no recollection of ever writing, so)...

Last night hubby came home and took the baby from my arms. They snuggled up and took a little nap.

And I hopped in the car and went to the Starbucks drive thru.

I was back home within ten minutes, but it was a breather. I was then able to take more time for myself and ate dinner in quiet with no one strapped to me or biting my leg.

I allowed myself to be ok with the fact that I felt like a failure one day, refused to feel guilty for doing so, and then realized that I am super mom. My children tell me so all the time! The proof is hanging on the fridge, scribbled in scrappy spiral notebooks, and sparkling in their eyes.

I am Noah, Carter, Gray, and Ivy's Mom.

And that is super.

Originally published October 1, 2008.

Photo by Beth


  1. i guess one of the only perks of being awoken at 5:45 am this morning is that i am up earlier enough to be the first to comment.

    sometimes...we just need to g-e-t-a-w-a-y

    some nights charles sends me to timeout [leave the premises] so i can regroup and come back ready to be jumped on, yelled at, nursed on, needed all over again.

    I am Nation, Solomon, & Moses mom.

    And that is super.


  2. you ARE super. aren't we all?? we are moms.

    and it's ok to admit we're stressed or frustrated or tired. that doesn't negate the "super" title.

    so glad you reposted this.

  3. Getting away is so wonderful, even if it's only for ten minutes. I love the times when Stephen comes home and takes the baby and tells me to go soak in the shower and take ten minutes to myself. It's heaven and makes everything that. much. better.

  4. I remember this post. I've actually thought about it since whenever someone has called me a supermom. I don't think I am, but really, we all are.

  5. I love this Steph. Thanks for the reminder that even when we don't feel like we're supermom, we are, to the little ones that are important to us.

  6. you are so right. everyone is too hard on themselves!

    and quite frankly, I think that some people think that feeling "mom guilt" is like a badge of honor. I disagree. Mom guilt doesn't make you a better mom or mean you love your kids more. I strive to banish "mom guilt" from my life and wish more moms would get on board!

  7. I remember this post and it made me cry just like the first time. I haven't had a "super mom" day, but I'm going to try and be better after nap time.

  8. It IS super, and so are you!

  9. I remember this one- it's one of my favorites and was and is inspiring to me.


  10. I love this post because, yes! We are all super moms! It's a true labor of love what we do each day and even when I don't like it; I love it.

    And I'm so with you on the drive-thru Starbucks! What a wonderful invention!!

  11. This is such a powerful post. It really made me feel hopeful as a mother.

  12. this is a great post! worth remembering when we are feeling low


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