September 18, 2010

hello, yellow in my life

Ivy's cheek- right there you see it? I kiss a thousand times a day

the pack of Tiny Size Chiclets while I shopped for yarn
all by myself

friends at our table eating cupcakes

yellow flowers from Beth


[storebought] strawberries & cream frosting ohmy

all six of us laughing in the bed this morning

playing in the rain barefoot


living life barehearted

and free.

What good things are you saying hello to?


  1. two happy babies and the energy to love them the way they deserve to be loved

  2. waking up to my beautiful family every morning.

  3. Love it!! :)

    Our three little ones having a "sleep-over" on the air mattress in the playroom last night makes me happy! I love when they're all together sleeping, and can't wait for #4 to join them... Also, finding a great family with little ones to get together with makes me happy and excited lately!

  4. the best symphony ever when 6 grandkids say "mimi" to my ears...

  5. Hot cocoa, leopard print shoes, and giggles on the phone from my niece.

  6. My hubby (the birthday boy) and two kids I missed for 24 hours (but it was worth it.) AND ... pumpkin pancakes.

  7. Playing barefoot in the rain...nothing better!!! Lazy Sundays and football with my boys = Love!!!

  8. 1. it's party day for Lucy at Grandma and Grandpa's tonight
    2. I get to hang up the pretty butterfly lanterns I got 3 months ago for her birthday week
    3. the lingering stuffy nose from a cold, it makes me happy because nothing smells too awful(even the stinky diaper pail)
    4. Ace's outfit choice of a transformers pj top and his firefighter pants and hat.

  9. I'm fighting to see the good things this week. Some weeks are like that. I'll see again. Those cupcakes...oh my...I need a cupcake!

  10. i love these pics. also, i cracked up at clay. just LOOK at his crumbs of a cupcake while every other child has an almost full one! LOL

    hello to:

    1-on-1 time. i took all the kids on mini-individual dates today. it was so wonderful. i love these times.

    barefoot rain dancing yesterday.

    rings. [seems silly, but i'm loving having rings on again. i haven't worn one in almost 3 years.]

  11. THAT YELLOW SKIRT! Oh. Oh. my.

    I am saying hello to a year of gratitude--5771.


  12. I'm saying hello to fall and a time in our life with little ones who are not babies but not yet big kids. And I'm loving both even though I'm a sucker for babies and summer.

  13. finally quiet. which tonight leaves my brain feeling peaceful ...
    i need that sometimes.
    and eventually my bed. because i need sleep sometimes too.

  14. Mmm, good things -- today's pow wow, all of this sunshine, gorgeous fall colours & cool nights, all snuggled under the blankets. <3

  15. Saying hello to lots of peanut butter (with yellow bananas), my 2 year olds very kissable cheek, my 5 year olds painted toenails in her favorite pink and purple 'pat-er-run,' and playing with my new fancy blender. Happy sigh.

  16. Good things I'm saying hello to...
    ...Autumn and it's bright yellow leaves.
    ...peanut butter in my oatmeal and hot chocolate in my morning coffee.
    ...a husband who is trying SO HARD to be everything I need. who love me enough to test every boundary I place around their lives.
    ...friends who are far better to me than I deserve.
    ...a God who speaks to me daily - in some form or fashion, usually unexpected.

    What a beautiful post...thank you for the inspiration!


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