September 14, 2010

Don't all come at once, now.

Ivy's birthday invitation

Ivy turns two tomorrow.

We're having a small family party for her birthday this weekend- as much as I'd love to throw a huge soirée, my grandparents can't be around too many people all at once, and with our four kids plus six other cousins all under age 10, you know.

But I really wanted to show you the adorable invitation, not necessarily meant to invite an extra hundred people to celebrate, but if you showed up with food and gifts I might not turn you away...

I've been feeling more than overwhelmed lately and not everyone I needed to invite has email, so I couldn't send an e-vite, and the thought of going to the store and buying invitations or the supplies to make my own and then figure out the price of stamps and how much do they even cost these days? 42 cents? 44 cents? really how much do they cost? so I took the super easy way out.

I had a few dollars in credit from a gift certificate I'd previously used for our holiday cards at Tiny Prints, so I got to work. I only needed about 10 invites, and they will mail them directly to your guests, so I didn't even have to lick an envelope or go exploring for stamps.

And I love how they turned out.

This post is in no way sponsored- I used some of my gift certificate + my own money if you really need to know- it's all my own doing and love for Tiny Prints. They always have some sort of special and discount easy to find on their website, and there are benefits to liking them on Facebook and following them on Twitter.

*edited to add: I just saw Zulily has a special until Friday- buy a $50 Tiny Prints gift certificate for only $25. If you aren't a Zulily member, you can sign up through me!

And again. Ivy is turning two tomorrow.

It goes so fast. <---- also a real peek at what 1 hour after home birth in my bedroom looks like.

Two. Tomorrow.


  1. Awwh... miss Ivy is quickly becoming a member of the big girl club. That invitation is adorable too! Much love to you and the whole family dear Steph.

  2. Ivy will dominate the twos.

    I know it.

  3. Two already?!?! Time goes by way to fast! She is adorable!

  4. Oh that video! Baby fever anyone?

    Love the invite! And I really can't believe she is already two (tomorrow).

    Happy birthday to your girl.

    HUGS to you :)


  5. I still remember eading that your water had broken!
    Love the your Ivy.

  6. It's hard to believe she is turning two! I love her invite.

  7. The invites are beautiful.

    Have a lovely time at your party, and give the birthday girl a hug from me tomorrow.

  8. I hear you. I'm sending K's 1st b-day invitations out today!! I can't believe it... WAY too fast.

    And that little yelp she does in the video is just too cute!! :D

    I hope your little party goes wonderfully. Happy early Birthday to Ivy LaRue!!

  9. Wow, two. I can still remember following your pregnancy with her!

    That picture of her on the invite makes me smile.

  10. Thanks for the heads up for tiny prints. We have a $25 credit already and need to order birth announcements so this helps a lot!

    You should get credit for my joining. Let me know if you don't.

  11. Oh wow. I was like, "How is she two already?" I began reading your blog right before you had her. Seriously? But I did the math, and my niece will be 2 in January and I was just floored....I'm not even a mama and the time just goes so fast!

    Happy birthday Ivy!

  12. What a beautiful invitation and a beautiful little girl. Enjoy her birthday!

  13. My heart is breaking. First Ivy, then my Baby Dude.

    Way. Too. Fast. {whimpers}

  14. It goes too fast. Breaks my heart and brings me joy all at the same time. Happy birthday Ivy, you are loved!

  15. super cute invite. i just finished making audrey's and as i was doing it i was thinking "um, why did i go this route." haha. audrey turns 2 in october, but i'm trying to get them out early with baby #2 coming soon, ya know. anyway, thanks for letting us know about zulily and the tiny prints deal- i totally just signed up under you! i'm going to use them for birth announcements. yay!

    have a great day!

  16. I LOVE the invite! Pictures of your gorgeous little lady always give me baby fever.

  17. That video of her as a newborn made me turn into a puddle of cute. I'm seriously contemplating home birth for my next one so it's so warming and reassuring to read stories like yours.


  18. Ok, so I put the volume up on my computer so I could hear what you were saying the video, and then Ivy let out that squeal...I LITERALLY jumped in my chair! lol

    Happy birthday to your beautiful little girl <3

  19. Adorable kid adorns that invite. Glad I got a sneak peek:)

    We have a 4th birthday party coming up and are in full paralysis mode as to what to do.

    He wants his friends, chocolate cake and balloons, no other guidance. decisions decisions

  20. Two were just celebrating her one year birthday. Such a sweet and beautiful girl...just like her Mama...Y'all have a wonderful day tomorrow...Happy Second Year Sweet Ivy!

  21. I can't believe we have been looking at those gorgeous eyes for two years.


  22. Happy early birthday to your baby girl! I love the invitations.

  23. Awww the sweetest girl is turning two!!! Can you believe it!!! two already!!!! I hope you have a heap of fun...

  24. Love the invitations!

    My oldest just had her 4th birthday. I asked her what she wanted to do and she said, "Go to Pump-It-Up with Ava [her cousin] and Ma [my MIL]...and then to ice cream." So that's what we did. No invitations. No party favors. No games. But it was wonderful just the same.

    P.S. First class stamps = $.44.

  25. TWO! My kiddo is two in a month and a few days and I cannot cannot believe it.

    She is so stinking cute by the way

  26. Wow it does fly by!! It feels like yesterday I was reading about you eating cucumbers while carrying her ;)

  27. ivy is just precial. that is alice's word for hal: precious + special.

    i would say it goes too fast but i think you hit the nail on the head in your previous post about the seasons being like polite guests, coming and leaving in perfect time. two will be awesome. (alice is three weeks into it, i know first hand!)

  28. I was wondering about stamps myself the other day. Is it funny that I checked your comments to see if anyone had the answer??? :)

  29. Came back to this and signed up for Zulily with your link! Hope you get credit for me! :-)


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