August 6, 2010

Do you like my moustache?

ivy incognito

WANT: to be [both] invisible and dancing in attention's spotlight.



known but not known for being known.

can u see me?

understand the reality of life, and the serious need to still have fun. and enjoy. and live.

for the Very ImPortant moments hiding behind a moustache on a stick.

[My laptop has a virus again. I'm feeling kind of blue and conflicted and blah. The above post was originally published April 2010 and brought to my attention again recently by my friend Elizabeth and I felt like posting it today.]

[I hope you're having a better day, even if it's just starting right now, like me.]


  1. this is so cute! my little sister is having a mustache themed birthday party (for her 20th!) which I think is absolutely hilarious.
    Did you make this prop?

  2. I need one of those...
    It might take the attention away from my less than awesome qualities...which there are many... ;)

  3. I totally want to get a moustache tattoo on my index finger so I have a disguise with me at all times. And so I can be as cool as Ivy. :)

  4. it's worth the re-visit, for sure.

    And I think perhaps there's something in the air, as far as conflicted emotions/thoughts go...I feel you, sister.

    xoxo e.

  5. this is absolutely adorable!

    and i agree about conflicted feelings. must be the time of year.


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