August 6, 2010


chalk drawrings

Tonight there was a swarm of dragonflies that kept circling around us as we played outside. There were about eight of them, and they'd fly so fast they'd crash into each other, their wings tangling and clicking.

(I tried to catch one, with my broom and then my rake. Only to look at, not to kill.)

(I was unsuccessful. Those things fly fast.)

I have no idea why they were around us. My only explanation was that they liked our psychedelic chalk drawrings.

Gray wanted to know what dragonflies eat, so we googled it. This is also how I found out that dragonflies swarm where their food is favorable : mosquitoes. [Please stay, dragonflies.]

There was no mention of chalk drawrings.

I went on a run and it was happy, one of those this is good for me runs, and there was a confidence in my form, my head was high, even the sky obliged, with that look of where the horizon looks like land meeting sea, the clouds could be sky and the sky mistaken for clouds. Or mountains. And I let my imagination trick me, and go there, like those 3D posters, because it was pretty.

On my run I got a call that my laptop was ready, all fixed and since Goldentech is literally down the street from my house, I had just run by, so I turned around and ran/walked back and picked it up. Then I walked home because I was certain if I ran I'd drop my laptop, and two guys walked by me and I crossed the street because it was getting dark and I was carrying my laptop, yo.

I made it home and felt so much better. Happy, really.

Because I ran, and it felt good, and all the songs on my ipod were like little gifts, and I got my laptop back, and I had a good talk with hubs, and I felt confirmation on a certain decision I made about this weekend.

I leave you with the notsosecret secret that I want to visit Paris again for a long holiday, maybe even move there. With the kids of course. I'm brushing up on my French, in the meantime.

Ou la la and que sera sera.


  1. Steph. Thank you for all your posts- they keep me going, they entertain me, and they touch my soul. I too have a little girl who rocks my world (Same age as Ivy). Just thought I'd say thank you before I hit the hay.
    bonne nuit :)

  2. I think that's what life s really all about! Stopping in your day to notice simple things around you!! Something as beautiful as a dragonfly captured your mind and allowed you to spend some time with your daughter, you gotta luv Google!

  3. I always feel much better after I get there for some exercise, too. I power walk, i-pod w/ me, listening to a podcast or playlist. And yes, everything I see from being on the sidewalk seems so different and refreshing. We don't notice those things when driving on the same roads.

    Similarly, I just posted on FB the other day that even though it's been 11 years, I am missing Prague and Salzburg. I've been to Paris, also, and you're right-it's special. :)
    I hope you get back there sooner than later for at least a visit!

  4. oh, i want to go to paris...with my family...for about 6 there and submerge ourselves in the culture...well, italy too, i really want to go to italy.
    yay for computers back and for a solo run! have a great weekend! : )

  5. This was such a happy post and I loved it. I could see you running then walking with your laptop. If you are moving to Paris, I'm coming too...I will be your nanny.

  6. I love evenings like that, where everything is just as you imagined, except all the details are nothing you would have ever imagined. And, what fun your blog would be from Paris. Go, and take all of us on the journey as well.

  7. Mentioned you in my blog today:

  8. I love that you're running and that it's making you happy! I need to start again, maybe soon. Move to Paris?! :) Have you read Julia Child's memoir? It's super adorable.

  9. I lived in France for six months before I was married. Sometimes I think about what it would be like being there with the kids. I think they're a bit young to appreciate, tho.

  10. I can't wait to be able to run again!

  11. Sounds like a great evening. Send some dragonflies our way! We have an abundance of mosquitoes. Ugh!

  12. Maybe you and Terry can email each other in French, although I think Jen has had more French than Terry.

  13. Oh oh oh- you hav to share you iPod songs! I bet what gets you going is way different than what gets me going : ). AND, you should totally join me on for tracking your runs- there are lots and lots of people you know already on there, think of it as Facebook for runners!

  14. I like dragonflies.

    I like ruffly yellow dresses and sandal-ed feet.

    I like summer evenings.

    I like to run (jog).

    I like being content. Thanks for helping me stay there.

  15. Steph, I am a runner, a runner who for various reasons has not run in a year, but a runner none the less. Your posts on running are so beautiful and they make me long to take those runs again. Someday not so soon I will be able to, until then I have your words :-)

  16. to catch the dragonflies hold very still and hold our your hand near where they are flying and they will land on you. i swear it is so. i heard somewhere (and believe) that dragonflies are the only living beings that can cross between this side and the other side while in their physical form so every time i find myself surrounded by them i believe they are bringing me a message or love from a loved one who has crossed over. it feels joyous.

    are you still running in your toe shoes? i might need those...

  17. Beautiful post, and I love your daughter's outfit!


  18. I don't stop by this way as often as I should these days.

    I really must try harder.

    Ah Paris. Just imagine....


  19. I just love this, catching up with you. I gobble your words, like a dragonfly loving mosquitos and chalk.

  20. Thanks for blogging about running. It's very inspirational. It's been so hot here so my motivation has been lacking...but I know that's just an excuse. I need to get out there - for my health, my girls, my future, my sanity, etc. :)

    P.S. When did you go to Paris the 1st time? I'd love to hear about it.


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