August 1, 2010

August ONE

August one

How can a month with 31 days go by so quickly?

It's that time again, the first of the month photo.

I snapped these after church today, on Jefferson St.


Noah will be going into 4th grade this month, and I swear he has the heart of a wise old man. Like, someone that has seen it all, with his eyes, and his soul. He amazes me.

Carter is going into 3rd, hubs says the mohawk has got to go before the first day of school but I'm hoping to keep it around a little longer...

Grayson saved his danish after the church pot luck so that it could be in the photo. He has had some really good weeks recently. Much peace about him right now.

Ivy LaRue just started this new gigantic smile, no idea who she gets it from. :) Can you tell I'm avoiding talking about her turning two next month? Because I totally am.

See previous month ONE photographs.


  1. Oh, girl. You and that brood of yours are bursting with so much good stuff. And how much you love them comes through, every time.

    xo e.

  2. I totally love Ivy's outfit! Adorable kids!

  3. Oh my they are so adorable! That big ol' grin of Ivy's . . . love it. I, too, am ignoring the fact that when I took Kam in for her 18 month check it was time to schedule her next appointment . . . her 2 year. Ugh. Ugh, ugh, ugh.

  4. Your first day of the month posts are some of my favorites!

  5. It was SO good to see you all this morning!

  6. Your children and these photos each month always make my heart overflow with goodness.

    They are just so lovely, and I cannot believe that Ivy is almost 2 either!


    Also, thank you for that delightful little surprise in my mail box! You are simply the best friend a girl could ever ask for!

  7. your children are SOO adorable! I LOVE these pictures!

  8. I know! July FLEW by!! Those cheese smiles are so funny, aren't they?!

  9. Oh, PS: I totally need to know where Ivy's pants are from. LOL.

  10. They are from an adorable children's Etsy shop called Amelie Jo!
    Thank you!

  11. I love all their smiles, but Ivy's just kills me. Her outfit is pretty fab, too. I wish I looked that cute when I left the house. :-)

  12. I try to post ivy's clothing info on my flickr, too. I bought her bloomers are from ameliejo on etsy, dress from misha lulu, & tee from miniboden!


  13. Love my four geese so much. You are so right about Noah. Ivy does love the camera.

  14. Last night I thought there were only 30 days in July... how cold there possibly be 31?? Crazy!
    And Steph... I cannot believe our girls are going to be 2. Paige will be in 2 1/2 weeks... ahhh! Denial. Full fledged denial on my part.

  15. adorable, i loved your breastfeeding post btw, abt having an iphone in hand ;-) i do that so often, but really want to stop... wont be long and owen wont want me to hold him and feed him... u know?

  16. I love that Gray wanted to save his danish for the photo and how he looks totally cool in his casual clothes.

    Every time I see a photo of Noah I see an old soul. I see the same thing in my first born son, too.

    Carter should SO rock that 'do all year long!

    Ms. Ivy LaRue has the most genuine smile in these photo's. Her hair is so beautiful, getting long and so fluffy looking here. And she has her Mama's style.

    I see you in Noah and Ivy, a lot. All your kids have a touch of you, but those two seem the most like you in spirit and in looks.

    You're a blessed lady - they are blessed too!


  17. They are too cute for words. Look at that smile Miss Ivy is getting to big to quickly.

  18. Lots of milestones this month with your crew, huh?

    That danish looks so good.

    And the kids are cute as EVAH!! :D

  19. Love the photos! The danish is a wonderful adition this month *wink*

    So not talking about Ivy turning two... I'm right there with you!!! Emma turns 3! Three!!!! In October! Where did the time go? She is growing up way to fast. You can see it in they way she moves and how she is actually trying more and more to have conversations with people, and the growing... it's got to stop! She is my little girl!

    Yet there are times where she is so clearly still 2. Like her favorite word being no [which I is not changing any time soon but it didn't come on until she was 2 and a half], her favorite word being guppie, and that she still would cuddle with me all day long if she could. Heck she did most days until Liam was born.

    It is a strange thing watching your kids grow up.

  20. I so look forward to your first of the month posts!!! I cannot believe what you are "not" mentioning!!! I remember when she was born like last week... awful how time flies with this little loves!!! Have a fab day!!!

  21. Each of your children are so beautiful, Steph. I love this photo idea. I probably will steal it for next year...

  22. Love these photos. Your fam. is gorgeous and Ivy's "new" smile is perfection.


  23. That must have been a typo: you meant to say that Ivy is turning one, right? She can't possibly be two! Seriously, though, I love these pictures and watching your kids change in the slightest, but sweetest, ways. Gray in particular is really growing into himself.

  24. These pictures make me smile! And how in the HECK is your babe about to be 2!?! Oh wait...that means my babe is about to be 1! ACK! :(

  25. This "1st of the month" picture tradition is awesome. You're going to be SO glad that you have these photos 5 -10-15-50 years from now. :)

    Noah sounds like an absolute treasure. All of them do, but he just stuck out to me today for some reason.


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