July 31, 2010

There's a first time for everything at the county fair.

The hubs is washing dishes while I blog. And I don't feel guilty about it one bit. We're a team in that way.

train ride
Yesterday at the county fair.

Gray was too short for most of the rides. Carter was so sweet to offer to sit on the bench seat with him on the merry-go-round, but Gray was still required to ride with an adult and so I had to stand next to him on a horse, with Ivy in the mei tai on my back. Oh yeah, way more safer than he and Carter sitting on a bench. [:sarcasm.] [also: I'm still dizzy] [ps: of course it was safe.]

babywearing on the merry go round
extreme babywearing

Carter got called up on stage during the Kenny Ahern show and it was possibly one of the most adorable things I've ever seen in my entire life:

Kenny Ahern & Carter on stage

Also, the very first thing Kenny did when he came out was go SIT ON MY MOM'S LAP in his big red pants. It's like he just knew it was her birthday! It was awesome.


  1. I love so many things about this post. The extreme babywearing, red pants, smiles, and the teamwork with the dishes and blogging ;)

  2. What Corrine said but also the adorable glasses on your kiddo in that last picture.

  3. I loved everything about the Fair yesterday. When Kenny sat on my lap and used Carter in his act was the icing on my birthday cake. Sorry I made you get dizzy on the merry go round...you are a good mommy.

  4. I adore the last photo. You need to print this one up STAT! And please tell you me you got him sitting on your mom's lap.

  5. oh, i love this, too!
    last night at a party my little guy was called
    up to help the magician and i, too, thought it might be the cutest thing ever! : )
    now you have me excited about the county fair...we are going next week!

  6. I wore the baby on the merry go round while riding with my Maggie too!!

  7. Sounds like an unforgeable day at the fair.

  8. Oh, that boy of yours in the last picture. Love.

  9. I just had a babywearing merry go round ride about a week ago! My 3yo was kind enough to snap a pic of it, except he cut off my head entirely. Guess he just wanted to take sissy's pic. :P

  10. Looks like great fun! You inspire me with how you live...it must be slower in where you are...here in MN it feels like everything moves a hundred miles a minute...we are always running. As I write that I realize, I could probably change that.

    Thanks for showing us how to grab life with both hands.

  11. that's exactly how we roll (spin?) on the carousal, too:)

  12. Your son, Noah, reminds me so much of you.

    Love the extreme babywearing!

    You rock.


  13. How cool! And hurrah for teamwork. :-)


  14. That sounds like an amazingly awesome day...

  15. What a fun post! Glad you had such a great day.

  16. You're braver than I. they wanted me to ride the merry go round with R at our county fair, and I refused. I would be dizzy for weeks. ;-) She rode other rides. :-)

  17. Yay for husbands who wash dishes and see parenting/life/housework as a partnership! Tim is the same way. :)

    Also - I can tell you've been running. Your arms are trim and buff.



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