July 16, 2010

I Play My Street Piano At Night

The other night I took the three boys to meet up with three of Love's girls for ice cream downtown.

ice cream day
Superman, Superman, Blue Moon (soy ice cream*)

While we were waiting my boys finished their cones and asked for another so I said why not and sent them inside with money.

blue moon soy, superman, zanzibar
Blue Moon, Superman, Zanzibar

There was piano

street piano in the summertime

and street

piano bench

and night.


So summer.

*the only time I let him have soy milk, because (he's dairy-free) he can have what looks like real ice cream with his brothers. And because I know you'll ask why no soy and I don't really know why, I just try to avoid soy milk in general.


  1. Okay, seriously. Why wasn't there a piano out when I was there on Sunday? And also, another trip or two needs to be taken there with the kids when my kiddies can go which is anytime after tonight!

    Love your photos!

  2. hey sweetie,
    no soy is a good thing, good for you, occasionaly it is okay, but I support you avoiding it as much as possible, despite what they are trying to tell everyone on the news.
    glad to see you are doing so well! take care!

  3. Looks like a nice night. Nothing seems to beat ice cream & music in summer.

  4. looks like a very sweet evening :-)

    I read somewhere that soy milk have like 300% of what would be recommended of the female hormone in it and that boy should restrict to a very minimal use to prevent infertility in the future.

    The article did not have a source so I do not not how reliable it is??? So I'm the same as you I do not use soy milk but not sure of have a specific reason not to, just a gut feeling.

  5. Fun! And what?! Soy milk bad?!...glad we don't drink it but my oldest did for a little while. Geesh, I can't keep up with good and bad. Seriously I just read a bit and wow, and I thought I was "in the know!"

  6. I know nothing of soy or not soy. What I do know, though, is that that top picture up there should be in a magazine somewhere. You're right...*so* summer.

  7. Sounds like an amazing night.

  8. Um, processed soy can do serious damage. This is an interesting article, but PLEASE know that I don't agree with the grandstanding of saying it makes anyone gay. Still, the author makes other interesting points and brings up some interesting studies. It can be found here:

  9. What a great night! Lovely shots! Back when P was first starting on milk I found out she couldn't take cow milk so I was told to do soy. I know that it isn't the best NOW but I have her and her sister both drinking it and I can't get them to drink regular. We limit them to two small glasses a day. I have tried almond but it is a no go. How I wish almond was more readily available 4 years ago.

  10. looks and sounds like a fun evening!!

  11. We eat a lot of soy in our house (my husband is allergic to dairy), but we are very careful about the GMO soy. There is so much soy in products that people don't even realize...like everything. Scary.

    The ice cream looks delicious! :)

  12. i loved this night. and your pictures turned out so good. [my iphone ones, not so much!]
    i can't wait to hear what they remember of these summer nights in the future.

  13. That looks like the best time ever! Hey, I'm doing Fun Mom Friday - you should totally link this FUN post!

    We're very no-soy, I have some good resources, if you're ever interested. (Although, they'd take some digging up!)

  14. what a cool place to spend the evening. i loved superman ice cream when I was younger, probably still would if i came across it!

  15. That looks like it was so much fun. Love the random piano! That must make for some incredible outings :)

  16. It looks like such a great time! But really, who can complain when ice cream's involved.

  17. I agree with Beth. Another trip or two need to be taken when I can bring Luke. When we went, there was a teenage boy playing the piano really, really well. It was awesome.

  18. What a fun night! And what on earth is superman ice cream? Was I sheltered as a child? I've never heard of this, but other commenters seem to have!

  19. Definitely a FUN MOM post! Love that you let them go back for more. I think that's the beauty of summer!

  20. A street piano outside of an ice cream shop? That is too cool!

    And, Soy milk makes me cringe a bit too...not sure why.

  21. A piano and ice cream...that is a fun summer night!

  22. I can't believe that there's such a thing as soy ice cream. I don't know much about soy products or soy milk, so I can't really comment on that, but seriously? Soy ice cream? Where do they get all the fat they need?

    It's truly amazing what people can do.

  23. Okay, now I want ice cream! ;)

    (Lovely as always!)

  24. Looks like a fun night! A street piano...very quaint! :)

  25. My oldest daughter has a severe peanut allergy (we carry an EpiPen Jr everywhere) and she also has an allergy to Soy. Many people do not realize how common soy (in its many forms) is in the food that they eat. It can be really difficult to avoid, especially if you are wanting to eat at a restuarant.

    Needless to say that her allergies have totally changed the diets of everyone in our family. We make many, many things at home from scratch. I guess that you could say that it's been a blessing in disguise because we are eating a lot healthier now!

    p.s. love the picture!

  26. Looks like a blast. We also limit soy, though I don't have any one outright reason.

    Allergies are so hard when only one child is affected.

  27. That looks like so much fun!

  28. Now this is summer time memories... so much fun with the piano right there on the sidewalk.

    I am curious about the Soy milk thing :). I that is all L can/will drink so I am worried now that you have posted that. She is lactose intolerant and soy milk is all we have found that she will drink with the alternatives.

  29. what a neat way to spend a summer night. Good for you for letting them have a second cone. They are growing boys.

  30. That is the neatest! I want to sit down and play that piano after eating two ice cream cones :)


  31. Looks like the perfect evening with friends!

  32. A few thoughts here:

    1. Soy makes people gay? First time I'm hearing this?!!

    2. Does that mean edamame is bad too? I tear up that stuff in restaurants and even bought it in bulk from Costco once.

    3. Soy makes people gay?!!!!

  33. Soy is one of those foods that seems to bring out the conspiracy theorists for some reason.

    Anything that talks about what research says but has no links to said research should be treated with grave suspicion.

    Basically, the worry about soy milk is two-fold. It tends to contain a lot of additives (sugar, oil, random chemicals) in order to make it taste good. This is true of quite a lot of processed food.

    Soy is a high source of so called dietary estrogen. It isn't the only source though - other sources include flax, oats, barley, lentils, yams, rice, apples, carrots... This is where you get all the hysteria about premature puberty, various cancers, increased masturbation and causing gayness in boys. My take on these after reading the research is that 1) Like all things, excessive amounts of soy are likely bad for you.
    2) Eating soy instead of other things is probably good for you (provided you aren't allergic)
    3) Soy has been around for a long time, particularly in asian societies. Asian societies don't have a history of disproportiate incidences of the purported dangers of soy.
    4) The actual research is inconclusive in pretty much every area investigated (one eg. shows possibility of promoting tumour growth in women with past breast cancer, but also shows strong possibility of preventing breast cancer in the first place in some women)
    5) On the whole the body of research looks like soy is more beneficial than harmful (eg protecting against prostate cancer)
    6) Small children shouldn't have a lot of it (soy based formula is BAD)
    7) If your kids are eating a good diet already and it doesn't currently include soy milk, I don't know why you would want to deliberately add it in. But I also wouldn't worry about the odd soymilk icecream cone.

    If you are interested, the wikipedia article on soy milk is pretty good.

  34. I LOVE that you let them go back in for seconds... I'll have to do that soon :)


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