June 25, 2011

Peace Amid The Poop

 Peace Amid The Poop starts at the 1:08 mark

Behind the scenes of Listen To Your Mother with Meagan Francis...

Meagan-LTYM Meagan Francis is a mother of five kids, ages two to teen, which is actually less insane than it sounds.

Actually, Meagan has found herself getting happier with each child she's added to the family, possibly because she's loosened up her expectations and learned how to relax, or maybe because she can no longer remember how much easier life was before children. Her new book The Happiest Mom: 10 Secrets To Enjoying Motherhood is all about the journey of going from cranky and overwhelmed to--mostly--satisfied with her life as an imperfect, but good enough mother. You can find her online at www.thehappiestmom.com.

Thoughts from Meagan: "Knowing that Steph is a dedicated mom of four, I figured the rehearsal schedule would be totally doable. So even though my on-stage skills were rusty, I was doubtful about whether any of my pieces were read-aloud-worthy, and I was more than a little nervous, I took a leap and auditioned. And I was so glad I did! To my pleasure I was cast in the show, when I saw everybody else rehearse their pieces, I knew I was part of something special.

While it wasn’t exactly acting, taking part in the Valpo Listen To Your Mother allowed me to combine two of my passions: writing about motherhood and performing; and gave me a little taste of being on stage again in the beautiful Memorial Opera House. See what can come of taking a chance and putting yourself out there?"

A little background from Steph: "I was a huge fan of Meagan before I even read her incredible writing. She just has "it" and I love to be around her. I thought it was interesting that my husband said that while watching Meagan's reading, he could see why we are friends. It's almost comical how easy we get along and you will see in the coming months that we can be found in a lot of the same places online. I am honored to ever be included in her company, and Meagan was a perfect fit in our Listen To Your Mother show, that is for sure."

Every Sunday I'll be featuring a "behind the scenes" of each Listen To Your Mother Valparaiso/NW Indiana piece. You can watch the entire show on the Listen To Your Mother Show you tube channel here or see each piece listed and linked here and here.

Listen To Your Mother photos by Beth Fletcher Photography


  1. She is adorable! Her piece was great and reminded me of when I took Itsy Bitsy Yoga when Luke was a baby.

  2. Steph, you are too sweet. I have so loved getting to know you better and it was an honor participating in your fantastic production.


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