June 21, 2010

Misha Lulu at The Mini Social!

lulu lighty
little lulu

Our friends at Misha Lulu (you know, our favorite) are a featured sale at
The Mini Social today (Monday 6/21) - a great chance to snatch up some deeply discounted designs.

Not being paid to say this, just wanted to share the love. However I did just sign up (on my own free will, looked it up myself, wasn't asked to, etc!) for an account at The Mini Social and if you sign up, too, (and click my link or include my email as your referral [stephanie.precourt@gmail.com] then I get a little bonus when you make your first purchase.)


  1. umm quite adorable! I love that stuff...too bad my boy child doesn't look very good in a dress!

  2. LOVE the dress... what a beauty!


  3. I was disappointed in the sale.
    I guess I am just not in the same place you are financially. I can never imagine paying 72$ for one clothes item for a speedy growing child. Heck, I don't even spend that on myself! Even a sales price of 36 dollars is shocking.
    Thankfully, my kids still look pretty cute clothed in used or cheap clothes. I will admit those clothes are cute but I just cannot justify that kind of expense for trendy clothes.

  4. @read this mommy

    I'm sorry for your disappointment. I actually haven't bought anything yet from the sale, but many of my readers had expressed interest in Ivy's clothes, especially Misha Lulu, and I wanted to pass along the information!


  5. Sick to my stomach that I forgot to complete my purchase... I put the Parisian cat dress and milk leggings in my basket this morning and blanked; they were sold out when I finally remembered.

    I love Misha Lulu!

  6. I'm a little confused about The Mini Social. How exactly does it work (and are the sales really good)?


  7. I just wanted to tell you that I am super duper grateful for you announcing that sale at Mini Social. I linked through your post, bought way too much beautiful stuff for my November arrival, and cannot wait to get them! You've made me a Misha Lulu lover for life.

    Thanks for indulging those of us that are obsessed with Ivy's adorable clothing, forever asking you where they came from :) You're the best, Steph!


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