June 9, 2010

[Lovely] Things That Make Me Go Happy

She was needing to be held all through making dinner,


in to the mei tai she goes,


lovely happy things

I realized there are many
That Make Me Go Happy

about this un-planned photo:

camera [NikonD60]
ruffled shower curtain
orange cardigan [Gap outlet]
mei tai (pattern: Lucinda and Jane)
ruffled camera strap
ruffled leggings

not pictured:
new sandals
fresh basil & goat cheese pizza baking in the oven :)
oh my heart, my friend

*all items linked were purchased by me except
the mei tai, which was a gift from Baby So Smart,
who also happens to be an advertiser.


  1. ohhhhh. i love your ruffled shower curtain. it's gorgeous! :]

  2. Ruffles on anything make me happy. And, so do the potato chips.

  3. I love this picture! I love your camera strap! I really REALLY like your camera! And I love the orange sweater!!! What a beautiful picture!

  4. I adore your joy in everyday my friend. xoxo

  5. Love!

    I'm with Christine, I love your joy with your life and the everyday.

  6. Beautiful!! Love that shower curtain still... :)

  7. Oh my goodness! Camera strap! That's a great idea, mine drives me crazy!

  8. LOVE the shower curtain... Isn't it amazing that some people put their slings away after the first year? We're going on three years with our Ergo, and still use it (although not frequently anymore) So much sweetness and love!

  9. I have been thinking about that shower curtain since you first posted about it - LOVE!

  10. I love your style. And I love and adore that Ivy still wants to be worn. I've been so violently ill this pregnancy, but I've read here almost everyday. I wish your beautiful outlook on life was contagious, cause I'd so drink from your cup! I had to say hi, and tell you that you've kept me company throughout my particularly nasty first trimester. And thank you so much for my birthday message on Facebook: it made my day :)

  11. Sweet picture. I say, strap her on and hold her close as long as you can! Things change too quickly!

  12. i have a moby wrap i borrowed from a friend and i still pop my little on in it from time to time. just makes life easier. but he'd rather go... so its a bit of a battle at times!

  13. That shower curtain! I mean the baby is over the top squishy cute too, but OH THAT SHOWER CURTAIN!

  14. funny, each and every one of those things made me smile before i even read your words. love!


  15. I keep a sling with me at all times too but rarely ever use it *pout*. And I know this isn't the post but that prison story was too funny!

  16. Oh my. Clicked over to see the new sandals. My Chacos bit the dust, and I may have to venture over to Merril instead... So cute!

  17. I am so happy for Ruthanne on her new business. I love the camera strap. :)

  18. Its funny how little ones go through cycles. I have been wearing my little guy a lot lately and I would not dream of going anywhere without a pouch in my diaper bag! He is going on two and I keep thinking my babywearing days are soon to be over also but I am game as long as he is! Thanks for being such an inspiration!

  19. Could you share your basil and goat cheese pizza recipe please:)

  20. I totally love your colorful outfit! I guess you've been branching out from the black. ;)

    Also - fresh basil & goat cheese pizza sound delicious! Can you explain the merits of goat cheese? Do you choose it for flavor or nutritional benefits?



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