June 24, 2010



Read the story (oh what a story!) here: How Steph met Harry.


  1. Ahhh!!! So jealous! I just went to his concert on Monday in South Bend. But, I most definitely did not meet him. :) Aren't his concerts amazing? They all have such great chemistry and are totally funny. If we ever meet, I totally want to hear about his interactions with Georgia. I can only imagine how sweet it probably was. And your post about the neighbors this morning, totally made me laugh. Too funny!

  2. Awesome! Of course, I went and checked the tour dates, but no Atlanta...

    One of my kids, who must have SLEPT through the month of February, saw my group photo with Harry from BlissDom scroll through on our digital frame yesterday (because wouldn't you put a photo of Harry on your digital frame?) and said, "Was Harry Connick, Jr. at BlissDom?" Good grief.

  3. So jealous!!! I LOVE Harry! How fun...so glad you had a great time!

  4. Just wanted to to say so happy I found you again!! Life got away from me.. anyways I am back and so happy to be reading again.
    And oh my goodness.. amazing.

  5. How fun! So glad you got out and enjoyed yourself. Sounds like it is just what you needed! :)

  6. I'm totally jealous too!

  7. I live in a very small town, Brockville Ontario. A few years ago Harry was coming through in the middle of winter on his way to Quebec city for a televised show. He decided to make a stop HERE of all places in our little theatre to practice the show with his band.
    Our little theatre is TINY and people lined up the night before for tickets.
    I too phoned up my friend Sarah who I have known since childhood and told her I had 2 tickets for the show thanks to my husband who lined up at midnight for me.

    It was up close and personal and AMAZING. I too love Harry.

    yay for you!!!!!!!!!!!


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