May 9, 2010

... to me

mother's day

Yesterday Noah went along with me on some errands, and he had money in his pocket

and he

told me to not look, go over there, while he went to the register, and he smiled so big and held a bag NO PEEKING.

And I couldn't believe how big he was.

We listened to a song together in the car and he sang out loud, did hand-motions, and he wasn't em-barrassed.

This morning I received a ruffle apron, a green beaded ring, and the biggest red coffee cup you ever saw.

It's fun to get presents. I love mostly that my children get me.

We are hosting a Mother's Day/birthday for hubby lunch today and I made one roast for Italian beef sandwiches last night and have another roast in the oven now.

(I totally am planning on going vegan again but these sandwiches are so great for parties and I love my recipe: roast, can of beef broth, bottle of beer, packet of onion mix, garlic salt, sugar, bake in a covered baker in the oven at 300 degrees for several hours until it falls apart. Don't skimp on the rolls- serve on the good kind, with grilled green peppers and onions.)

I'm getting the house ready for both sides of our family. I've got my apron on, and even my heels. And my green ring.

I made cupcakes last night, too, and just finished icing them.

Noah looked at everything in the kitchen when he got up and said You did all this? Did you sleep?!

Ivy has a runny nose and Gray has had a very bad no good day because his shirt has A COLLAR! And A TAG!

I have a mountain of dishes to wash, floors to vacuum, bathrooms to clean before people come.

But it's good, I'm happy. My heart is so full.

Happy Mother's Day


  1. Happy Mother's Day, darlin' :).

  2. That sounds so delish-I
    think I know what I am making for dinner. Happy Mother's Day girlie xoxo

  3. I love this. I love Noah getting you a present so much.
    I hope you have the best of days, because you deserve it.

  4. Lori@Just Pure LovelyMay 09, 2010 9:59 AM

    Noah obviously loves you very much-- not only does he get you a gift, but it's one you love !

  5. You are the pretty of motherhood. Whether you want to believe me or not.


  6. Gorgeous gifts and a lovely post. Happy Mother's Day!

  7. Happy Mothers Day to you---you are a very good mama.

    And so pretty.

    I want your apron, bee tee dubs.


    Sara Sophia

  8. love the green ring.

    and the roast sounds deelish.

    happy mama's day.

  9. Happy Mother's Day, Steph! Enjoy your family today.

  10. Oh my, how did he get to be so mature already? Such sweetness.

  11. ok...i adore gray. i love how i can hear him when you type for him.

    and noah w/ the present? he is a gem.

    you and your family are so special and i hope you've continued having a wonderful day!

  12. Happy Mother's Day to you!

  13. I've been lurking around your blog for awhile, but I just wanted to post and say this was the best post EVER. It says every thing I was thinking today. Thank you for these words. Happy Momma's Day!

  14. Happy Mother's Day to you, too!

    Your presents sound just lovely.

    Hugs, Susan

  15. Happy Mother's Day Steph! Your kids are far too cute, and what a big heart Noah has!

  16. Those are some LOVELY gifts! I am really loving that apron and ring. Happy Mother's Day, Steph! Your blog is a treasure to me!

  17. Those are such sweet gifts, your children are darling.

    Happy Mama's day Steph!

  18. Happy Mother's Day, Steph! :o)

  19. Wow, your children TOTALLY get you. Love your pressies! Happy Mother's Day Steph!

  20. That green ring is AWESOME!

    Happy Mothers Day to you too.

  21. Oooh what a lovely day -- and such thoughtful gifts!!

    What beautiful memories for cherishing -- happy mama's day, friend!

  22. It was a great Mother's Day! I loved how Noah made you feel so special and everything he got you was YOU. Jeff also had a great Birthday. He will enjoy shopping with his 2 "D's"...I just had to add that in. LOL...

  23. sounds yummy, I haven't tried them that time I'm trying your way!
    I like to make the rolls into garlic bread and then put the beef on....oh so yummy, maybe some melted cheese (if you don't mind being stuck in the kitchen for a minute)! Happy Mother's Day!

  24. Happy Mother's Day, friend! Hope your celebration was fabulous. How could it not be with you wearing a cute apron?


  25. Happy Mother's Day! Thank you for sharing your mothering with all us here in cyber-land :)

  26. Happy Mother's Day.

    I love that you share your family with US.

  27. Oh, sweet Noah. He has no idea how long you'll remember that day...

    Happy Mother's Day. And poor, poor Grayson...

  28. Happy Mother's Day, my sweet friend.
    I love that Apron and the ring and Noah.. the heart on that boy! He's all yours xoxoxo

    Poor Ivy.. big kisses to her, hope she's better and poor Gray ;-)

    Giant hugs and smooch from so far away.

  29. how are so lucky and so are they!

  30. Lovely. {the apron, the ring and the post}.

  31. I Love the apron- my daughter got me one a few weeks ago and threw my ugly one away after YEARS. Mother's day everyday that the way we roll.

  32. the people that love you - they have really good taste. Happy Day Momma!

  33. this makes me smile so big. i love it. i adore you. and yes -- i love when the kids get big enough to get it and to come up with their very own, wonderful ideas. such love, such fullness. *sigh* (for real. I really just sighed big.)

    xo elizabeth (happy mother's day)

  34. Super Mom. You Are.

    And you did it all in heels + an apron too!

    Happy Belated Mother's Day!

  35. I have that apron.... LOVE it.

    Happy Mother's Day.


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