May 4, 2010

To and From

I'm hung up


on a post expressing my feelings about having a child [with a disease] and [then being all better.]

I'll get there.

Words are swishy in my heart.

I want to say them.

I want to be able to tell you more.

But really all that matters to me right now is that when the kids on the bus or riding bikes through our yard ask him why he is ALWAYS smiling
you smile too much! why are you smiling?

He responds,

"Because I'm happy!"

Guy Smiley

Until then,
please find me writing away at NWIparent Magazine:

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I drank the Matilda Jane Kool-Aid



  1. He is so cute! I love that smile. :o)

  2. oh, your noah. i adore him. i love the way he loves the babies, the way he answers things so happily with a little chuckle & that he is always SMILING. i love that you share his story and that God and diet healed him. he is hope and he is SO MUCH GOOD. i love you and your family.

    yours truly,

  3. Stephanie, I just love your writing!!! So poetic. Also...what a funny thing to see Chartreuse pop up on your blog! One of my best friends(who also happens to be named Stephanie) in the bay area, California that is a Chartreuse representative! I love Chartreuse products too!!! :)

  4. Totally looking forward to your post, but happy to wait while it whirls and swirls in your heart and mind. :)

    And I love his shirt. :)

  5. He is a cutie happy little man!!!

  6. :)

    That's just a smile. From me to you.

  7. I think kids who are/have been sick are happier. Because they get it.

  8. I am happy that he is so happy.


  9. That smile makes my heart sing. That smile will carry your sweet boy FAR in life.

    He's a gem, I tell ya :)

  10. And what a great smile he has!! I have tears in my eyes just thinking about what you wrote.

  11. My Noah is my heart. I love his smile. He is truly a miracle. I love this little man.

  12. What the heck is wrong with smiling? Nothing. At. All.

    Such a cutie...

  13. His smile just melted my heart a million times :)

  14. P.S. I drank the Matilda Jane kool aid too :)

  15. i love his smile! kids are so mean to each other. girls tell my 10 yr old daughter her arms and legs are too hairy. she asked me if she could shave! she's 10!

    (((hugs to you)))

  16. What a great smile. I hope he is always Happy! The world could learn so much from him. We need more smiles :)

  17. He's so wonderful. and what a miracle he is.


  18. Noah is just so sweet. It's wonderful that he is experiencing so much happy.

  19. Love it!

    Everything about your family makes me smile. It is so natural that they are just like you. You with your infectious and genuine smile . Hugs!

  20. "Because I'm happy!" So, so wonderful... What a special boy you have!

  21. sweet sweet face! how adorable he is!

  22. You have a great reason to smile too! Smile! By the way, I would like to invite you to join and meet other parents on this newParenting Forum. You can even win cash prizes. See you there! Thanks.

  23. He has great reason to be happy!

  24. he is adorable! i am happy for him and for you!

  25. And may he always be smiling and happy!

  26. I love that he's always smiling! And that it's because he's so happy.

    As for the post about having a sick child who is now healed, you will be able to write it when the time is right. Don't put any pressure on yourself.

  27. Love that picture, his smile makes ME smile!
    Thank you for stopping by and commenting on my blog, it meant a lot to me (I think "I understand" are 2 of the most beautiful words to an overwhelmed mother!)

  28. Praise Jesus for all better.

    Your Friend,
    Janelle {Nell}

  29. Look at the smile! And his answer? He is perfectly winsome.

    It's no surprise that he is THAT HAPPY. He has a wonderful mama. :)


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