May 14, 2010

soul beats bones

[Yesterday was French day.]

My feet up, stretched legs out on the ottoman, and there was Gray.

He should have been in bed but he held up a book, and he really wanted me to read to him. I promised in the morning. My soul wanted to, right now. But my bones, and my mind, did not.

And truth-fully? I knew even then that in the morning I'd probably feel the same.

So I sent him back to bed, saying that if he's still awake when I come up I'll read it to him. Knowing he would [hopefully] be asleep when I came up.

I'm just another tired mother.

I tell it to myself, to make it all better.

The book he wanted to read, Are You My Mother?

Do I want my baby birds to know just another tired mother as their mother?

We read the book.


  1. It does my soul a little good to know that babysteph gets too tired to read sometimes too. I'm glad you guys read anyway but I *totally* would've understood had you not. :)

  2. ((Hugs))) someday when they have all flown from the nest we mother birds will get the rest we need.

  3. Beautiful, Steph. It's so funny that the times I force myself to do something I really don't feel like doing are often the times I'm so glad I didn't miss later. They seem more special...more hard-earned somehow. It's funny how something as simple as reading a book aloud can seem like a crushing weight when you're so tired like that, and yet, once you get into it, it's not so bad. I am just glad, for your sake, that he didn't choose The Cat In The Hat.

  4. Oui Oui, Madame!

    That's been a favorite book of mine since I was "oui"! ;-) And sometimes I fall asleep while reading the books. We do a lot, us Mommies, it's okay (but I'm glad you still read to him...)

  5. Carter is such a handsome frenchman. I love that book. I remember 30 years ago being where you are and I would love to go back and read just one more book. But now I have the pleasure of reading to my grandkids and when Gray comes to my house that's the book he picks almost every time.

  6. I love "are you my mother" !!!! being tired I know that feeling too, hang in there sweetie :-)

  7. LOVE that book!
    And here's to trying to get untired -- cause I think we could all use it!

  8. I understand those feelings, last night as Casey was reading Ian the "Belly Button Book", I felt exhausted and spent.

  9. That is G's favorite book from when he was little, we even found a 1960's copy recently and he was elated! These moments where you're exhausted seem to be the moments you will remember forever. Because you took the time. Because you're an amazing mother.

  10. Oh I know that feeling. Some days are harder than others. But I agree, I don't want Emerson to know me as a tired mom. I'm trying harder too.
    Carter makes a very handsome frenchman!

  11. You are one amazing mama. Hope your weekend is lovely and restful.


  12. he's so cute... and frenchy.

    i often have those feelings too, like, just leave me alone. but when I take the time to be with my kid, it is so rewarding.

  13. I so hear you. I purposely ignored my much neglected house for the fun that has been missing around here lately. I was too tired for most of it, but somehow we find the strength. (And the chocolate! ;)

  14. Are you my mother was one of my favorites growing up.

    Motherhood is exhausting but delicious and sweet at the same time. I'm glad you read the book.

  15. It is hard to not be just another tired mother, sometimes. But I'm glad when I can pull myself out of it. At least for long enough to read a story, anyway.

  16. Great picture!

    And great sentiments...something I want to remember. I don't want to be "just another tired mother" either.


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