May 1, 2010


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It's the first of May and I'm actually sticking to the plan (photographing my kids all together the first of every month.)

We went to the farmer's market this morning as a family and it was nice. We got some cheese (Gruyere and some raspberry beer kind), fresh pierogi, almond butter, popcorn, and chocolate covered pretzels.

While I was in the cheese line there was this grumpy lady on a motorized scooter that told my hubby "Sir you need to mind your kids." (because Ivy was walking on the cobblestone path, apparently
on motorscooterlady's territory.)

Oh MY is she lucky I didn't hear that. Let me tell you. Scooter schmooter. It's a FARMER'S MARKET where there are FAMILIES and HAPPYTIMES.

And then I heard later the same lad-y tried to run my pregnant friend off the sidewalk.

may 1 pho-tos

Yesterday all the kids of the neighborhood were in our yard, as is the usual, and the ice cream man came by and so I let everyone get something and also got
myself a snowcone, my very favorite kind that you can only get from the beach or the ice cream man. With the little gumball in the bottom.

And I always let it thaw for a while until it's just so and it was almost just so when another neighbor kid came over and had missed the ice cream man's arrival, and so she was without.

And so Noah says you can have this here EXTRA snow cone.



I did the mean mom nostril flare- eyes widen- teeth gritting look at him and then of course I handed over the snowcone. (First I offered her a frozen fruit bar from the freezer OR the snowcone


she chose

the snowcone.)


  1. great idea to photograph your kids together on the first of the month. i just might steal your idea!

    sorry about the mean scooter lady.she should be the one looking out for others since its more dangerous. rude.

  2. Oh I'm sorry, but the snowcone bit made me laugh... (the mean glare and nostril flare and all!) Maybe next time get two! ;)

  3. Ohhhh! The snow cone goes to the neighbor kid! Boo! Oh, this was cute, Steph. Made me laugh and smile and totally found myself following the instructions to make the face, which of course I then totally recognized as one of my own. :)

    That second photo is great.

  4. Scooter lad-y needs to mind her herself, in the words of Stephanie Tanner "How Wude!"

    There's plenty of more snow cones to be had. You are SO nice Steph!

    Love these pics...

  5. Sorry to hear about that nasty lady on the scooter. How can anyone look at sweet little Ivy and not just want to talk about how cute she is? Some people just do not make any kind of sense. :)

    Otherwise it sounds like you have been having fairly perfect days. You are so kind to have given up your snow cone.

  6. The ice cream truck around here is so expensive. Curious if you had to take a loan out to buy that many ice creams. :-) And won't the next snowcone you get taste just that much better because of the one you did without today?
    Terrific post

  7. Motorized scooter lady sounds like a menace, but also, I kind of picture myself as her 50 years from now. And also, you need to bring that cheese over to my house right now.

  8. we went to the market this morning too (hubby works there) is was tuns of fun!

    Sorry about the incident with the scooter!!!

  9. SUCH a good idea, the photo on the first. I like that a lot.

    Big BOO to Scooter the Grouch and big BOO to sharing your favorite sno cone. May you generosity come back to you TENFOLD.

  10. I can't wait for the farmer's markets to open around here, very soon, but not soon enough.

  11. That lady needs a lesson in patience. I am glad over all your day so far has been awesome.

  12. That was so nice of you to give up your snowcone. I'm surprised Lou Lou didn't clobber that mean ole' scooter lady. Glad you went as a family, how nice.

  13. The cheese sounds lovely! We have one of those ladies on our street, I swear, and she has a mean dog!

    So sorry about the snowcone, that sucks! Only a mom would give up her treat!

  14. i thought it didn't start until June, will have to go check it out next week, or is it open during the week?

  15. love the monthly photo idea - might have to steal it. and boo hoo to cranky scooter lady, I double heart the farmers markets here in Indy.

  16. Don't you sometimes wish you could just stomp your foot and say "No, my snowcone!"
    Mean scooter lady must be awfully glum and blue to not be struck with delight by sweet little Ivy.

  17. Those photos are great!! :)
    You have me craving the atmosphere of the farmer's market... crazy motorscooter ladies and all!

  18. How bad is it that I totally cheered at the flared nostrils and gritted teeth and silently hoped you'd keep that snow cone for yourself? I'm a total schmuck. Good for you for giving it to her!

  19. sometimes nasty motorscooter ladies are just begging to have their tires slashed.

  20. you and your snowcone- so cute. and wow, your kids look like they're in a band or somethin- I really like that photo.

  21. This is cute, well most of it. Not cute: crazy motor scooter lady and you having to give up that snowcone.

    Also: can I live in your neighborhood?

  22. Oh, so sad about the snow cone. So, so sad.

  23. Love the photo of the kiddos, they are getting so big!
    Can you tell me why, when people are in one of those scooter things, they think they own a 5 foot wide and about 20 foot long territory! It makes me crazy and then in the grocery stores it's worse! I think I might have stuck some stinky cheese in her purse, while she wasn't looking!

  24. May One is looking great! Also look at the little ones hair. Its growing.

  25. Oh, for the loss of a snowcone! At least you're raising a really good sharer!

  26. I love love love the Farmer's Market in my town. It really is HAPPYTIMES!

    The snowcone episode, while tragic, made me laugh. You are such a good mom, not to mention a good person, because I would have made that little girl eat the fruit bar from the freezer. :-)

  27. Wow...I can't believe that lady with the scooter.

    Love these photos.

  28. Cutest kids. Love those funky boys and their little princess. Have a fun week!!!

  29. Hilarity!

    I'd be sad about the snow cone too. mmmmmm...

  30. love this post- every single word of it :) and love the idea of photographing your lovely kids on the first of each month. i am committing myself to this very thing right now.

    thank you for the inspiration!

  31. I would have ran in the opposite direction with snow cone.
    But that's just me.

    Then again, I don't share with little kids well.

  32. *Laughing*

    Again, you are seriously brilliant. I read every single one of your posts - usually twice...or three times.

    A few comments...

    A. I love chocolate-covered pretzels. That sweet/salty combination is irresistible.

    B. The scooter lady? I'm so glad you didn't allow her grumpiness to spoil your happytimes.

    C. I've totally made that "mean mom nostril flare- eyes widen- teeth gritting" face before. I knew exactly what you meant when I read it. ;)

  33. Rawr! Nobody takes my ice cream! "Sorry sweetie, but I've already licked it and I think I'm catching a cold..." ;)


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