May 26, 2010

Closets: Little purses, I just can't quit you.

tiny handbags hold me closer

A perk of my husband's job is the occasional fancy event to attend and over the years I've collected quite a few little handbags. These are some of my favorites that I have hanging out in my closet so that- although I rarely take them out on the town- I can still see them every day.

fancy purses

This is what I'm keeping, what I love. I remember where I got each one, they all hold some sort of special meaning.

purse collection
Click on photo to see [lots of] notes in flickr.

Also hanging there you'll see a bit of the dress I bought the day I found out we were having a girl. That dress makes me so happy that I probably will display it more openly somewhere in my house someday.

And maybe I'll even find a more prominent place to feature my little purse collection.

my happy colors

Oh, and to prove that I don't own just black, here's a look at some color in my closet. Apparently I like patterns. And that first red dress is what I bought recently to wear to our next event this summer. But I am just now realizing I am going to need a new tiny handbag to go with it...

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  1. i have quite the purse collection too! i remember where, when and why i have each one. they are so hard to actually put away so i see them everyday too!!

  2. Precious little dress. I love your purses!

  3. Very cute! You can open a little boutique with such great items you got there ( :

  4. I love seeing in your closets, and I love your little purses. I only have two little purses, but my weakness is leather handbags. I have too many and never use them.

  5. While the little purses are cute, I LOVE that large bag on top of the purses.

    Thank you for your kind words today, made my heart smile and my eyes sparkle with happiness!

  6. I know where to come if I need a cute handbag, if I ever get to go to a fancy event. Hang on to them cause Ivy will be wanting to borrow them some day.

  7. Ohhhh purses. My wet dream! They are so beautiful!

  8. Little handbags, now you speak my language!! :-)

  9. I'm envious of your little purse collection!

  10. Love the little purses, love the colors! I also have a stash of handbags in the closet I just can't part with.

  11. I adore the pink flowery clutch. You're so stylish Steph!!

  12. I love your little purse collection!

  13. I love it. I am obsessed with bags of all kind, but those little beauties are beautiful.

  14. Oh, the purses! I had quite a collection, too, before I decided to pare down. I now have only one fancy black one and the purple velvet beaded one I used on my wedding day. Oh, how I love that bag! It held all sorts of things I was too busy enjoying myself to use.

  15. Stumbled across your blog somehow, can't quite remember now, but wanted to comment. I have a few items of clothing that I love, even though I will never in a million years ever fit in them again. But I remember how I felt when I wear them, an inner strength that I loved feeling. Anyway, I am fortunate to have a "workout room" in my house, so I hung my favorites on the wall. Instant art that inspires me (when I go in that room!!). Anyway, just wanted to share. Now I need to go look at my closets!!

  16. That royal blue dress that is peeking out looks particularly pretty (I love the color).

    Lately, I've been really loving royal blue. Not sure why...


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