May 29, 2010

Closets: The end.


For those of us that have had Ivy withdrawals, here she is in one of her dresses that she had never worn before, a gift from a friend of a friend, a custom "design your own" tutu from Tutu Pour Mon Deux.

(I bought her shoes [Wee Squeak] from Zulily- shipping took kind of long but it was a pretty good deal. I guess I get $10 for every person that makes a purchase after signing up via my link. So, check it out if that's your thing. Ivy's polka dot diaper is a Fuzzi Bunz cloth diaper- still my fave.)

A few minutes after taking that photo I found her here.

So, I think this will conclude my closets posts for now. Not really sure what else I can show you. Well, ok, here's a pic of the closet that started it all (our tiny hall closet that, um, how in the world did all of this stuff fit in there, I can't believe I am showing this to you, and it even continues around the corner, not shown in the photo...)

Everyone has a closet like this in their house, right? RIGHT??

It's all clean now, (allllll that stuff I took out will go to the yard sale) and I found that our vacuum actually fits in there perfectly and could have been rooming in there all these years instead of loitering in my living room. Oh well.

See more of my closets this week:
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  1. Oh, Steph. She is such a spunky little thing. I could gobble her to pieces. (you too, actually.)

    xo e.

  2. Congrats on having a new home for your vacuum cleaner! :)

    And Ivy is soooo cute... and obviously like my niece, FEARLESS!

  3. Not only do I have a closet just like that, but I also have a balcony just like that (outside the apartment overlooking the stairs), and a cubby-hole thingie in the dining room just like that. So don't feel bad.

    p.s. our vacuum lives in the hallway...very frustrating.


  4. Wait, that's a dress Ivy is wearing?! Too hilarious.
    I love that top though, it's really cute.

  5. Oh yes, I am certain everyone must have at least ONE closet like that! At least I know I do. It's our tiny hall closet also and I am in the process of working on it....because my vacuum too seems to like to loiter in the family room...or hallway....

  6. Ivy seems to be quite stable where she is standing but how she got there may have been a little hair raising for Mom. Kids have no fear. We went fishing at one of the rivers in Colorado when Terry was about 7 or 8 or so. I was trying to catch a tiny snooze on the side of a hill when Terry called to me to see how high he was. He was way high up in a ponderosa tree. You've seen those trees. NO FEAR! That describes kids. Of course, typical mom I yelled at him to come down and gave him the lecture on how dangerous that was. Like that would stop him. However, he has survived and still takes chances when he skis.

  7. So cute! I am proud of all the closet cleaning you have done. Wanna come and help me with mine? It's a great feeling to know you've accomplished so much and will make some extra money. I have to get started on mine.

  8. She is so cute, and I understand the closet disaster. It is amazing what will fit in the tiny space that is hall closets.

  9. What a sweetie!!
    And that closet... makes me feel so much better about mine... just knowing I'm not alone!

  10. You go girl!!! Closet clean up!!!

    I need to get on that!!!

  11. Your closet reminds me of the space under our bed ... however there's a really pretty dust ruffle that keeps it out of sight and mind.

    Aren't tutus the best? Bella is currently in love with a tutu swimsuit from Target. It's the little things.

  12. So, when's the big yard sale? I can't wait to see photos.

    If I was in your neighborhood, I'd totally stop by. :)

  13. My two roomies and I will be moving in the next month, and this post has me wondering what's lurking in our closets. I hate to admit that there are a few boxes that never got unpacked when I moved into this apartment 1.5 years ago (YIKES).

    I know I would've been freaked out to see Ivy up there, but keep encouraging her to be an adventurer!

  14. I wish I had a closet that looks like that. Our closets are 1950's teeny-tiny. Our garage and laundry room look like that! Do you like the sized Fuzzi Bunz or the one-size? I've never tried the one-size and am trying to decide what to buy for little boy.

  15. This reminds me of an IKEA ad playing on the local radio station. It goes something like: "How do you know when it's time to organize your closets?" and then you hear all kinds of things falling out, an elephant trumpeting and other wild life. And then a clang and thump and the guy goes "Watch out for the piano!". And the other guy - now muffled and presumably under the piano goes "I can't find it" Cracks me up every time. I think that's a pretty good indication that most people have a closet like that, although if I could have one that fits a piano I might not WANT to organize it ;)

  16. Yikes! She looks so much different than she did even in February. Slow down Miss Ivy, for your mama's sake...


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