May 31, 2010

Peace Sign

little red

I have recently started collecting notes of the moments when it is quiet in my house. Because it's a rare and beautiful jewel.
And yet it's free.

If you have a minute, let me know your plans for this lovely day over here.

May 29, 2010

Closets: The end.


For those of us that have had Ivy withdrawals, here she is in one of her dresses that she had never worn before, a gift from a friend of a friend, a custom "design your own" tutu from Tutu Pour Mon Deux.

(I bought her shoes [Wee Squeak] from Zulily- shipping took kind of long but it was a pretty good deal. I guess I get $10 for every person that makes a purchase after signing up via my link. So, check it out if that's your thing. Ivy's polka dot diaper is a Fuzzi Bunz cloth diaper- still my fave.)

A few minutes after taking that photo I found her here.

So, I think this will conclude my closets posts for now. Not really sure what else I can show you. Well, ok, here's a pic of the closet that started it all (our tiny hall closet that, um, how in the world did all of this stuff fit in there, I can't believe I am showing this to you, and it even continues around the corner, not shown in the photo...)

Everyone has a closet like this in their house, right? RIGHT??

It's all clean now, (allllll that stuff I took out will go to the yard sale) and I found that our vacuum actually fits in there perfectly and could have been rooming in there all these years instead of loitering in my living room. Oh well.

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Closets: Dresses that I've never worn (one I will, one I'll never)

May 27, 2010

Closets: Dresses that I've never worn (one I will, one I'll never)

an old dress

I bought this floor-length dress over 14 years ago from Hubba Hubba in Chicago. And I've never worn it. I bought it because I fell in love with how romantic it was... and (at the time) it fit me. And I hoped I'd have some place to wear it. It has hung in my closet(s) through the years and fell victim to one leaky roof in my parents' home, since discolored at the bottom, along with being a size small (like, size 0 small), tags still attached, I will never wear this dress. But it still makes my heart happy.

a new dress

I completely forgot in the hall closet I had this ivory & black dress that I purchased a few weeks ago when we went to the farmer's market. I stopped into a boutique on the square (Ella's Bella) and found it for half-off. The photo doesn't really show off the cool pleats and flowy-ness of the dress.

I was in dire need of replacing my go-to dress of all time from Anthropologie and this one fit like a dream, has a fun belt, it hits just below the knee with black edging on the slip. I originally got it with the intent of wearing to a wine tasting event we were supposed to go to next month, but now we're not going. I'm sure I can wear it to the next evening party no matter what season. (I'll probably throw a black shawl or scarf over my shoulders in cooler months.)

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Closets: Little purses, I just can't quit you
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Closets: Dresses that I've never worn (one I will, one I'll never)
Closets: The end.

Closets: a rare peek into my blog closet

Alternately titled: I want you to want to do the dishes read my blog.

I really don't enjoy blogging about blogging. It's just not my thing. But while I'm showing you what's in my closets this week, I thought I would open up the ol' blog closet, too.

I don't want to be the blog that is on display as The Item Of The Week at the Big Box Store of Blogland with big signs telling you to buy me! follow me! RT me stumble me fan me like me on facebook!

I have a hard time understanding why someone would pressure friends and strangers to stumble their post (unless they are sharing about a very important cause)- wouldn't you rather not have to beg, but find, to your pleasant surprise, that someone chose to like your post on their own?

And if you don't care about the writing, and are just here to make money, what about the ethics of padding your clicks? Manufacturing traffic that is not honest or representative of your true influence?

Deep breath.

And since I'm cleaning out the closet here, I'll toss out some insight from my experiences as a blog conference go-er, blog trip-per, --- it's not All That.

Let me repeat: IT'S NOT ALL THAT.

I've said no to the last speaking engagement and several blog trips that have been offered to me, and I am not telling you this because I think I am Hot Stuff. This is rare for me to actually put out in the open, it's usually reserved for a private heart to heart, if we met in person. I just don't want any good-hearted blogger to feel like they are missing out because they aren't going on trips and to all the conferences.

The best part about trips and conferences? The people. If you want to go to a conference or on a blog/brand trip to make more money or get more exposure, it's probably not going to happen. But if you want to just meet new bloggers or have intimate in-person time with them, it's totally worth it if the time is right for you and your family.

And why wait for someone else to put on an event for you to connect with your online friends? Have yourself a Cupcake. :) I absolutely plan to attend conferences in the future- next year I hope to attend Mom 2.0, AltDesign Summit, and of course Blissdom, but probably not any more this year. It's just not right for my heart and for my family at this time.

The blog water can become stagnant when you're only socializing with the same bloggers at the same events, whether online or in real life. Your vision can be limited, and so can your judgment. Proceed with caution, and remember that you might be wading in dirty water, and the current could send you in the wrong direction...*

It comes down to why I'm here, and what the purpose of my blog is. And that is to be my thoughts, for me. If I worry about who is reading and what I can write to make them stay reading, or bring people here in droves, then I am no longer writing for me.

I want to be the blog that is like a good secret, that you might have found on a whim, that you have connected with in some way, maybe you even hope not everyone hears about it so you can keep it to yourself, or maybe you can't wait to share it with people you love, but you do so because you came here on your own.

I'll open up the comments for any blog questions you might have, I'll respond in the comments, and I'm interested in hearing what you've got hanging up there in your "blog closet"?

*I originally had that paragraph there and then moved it elsewhere and re-reading it I felt like it was out of order, didn't want it to be lumped in with where it was... so I moved it back.

Edited to add: Megan at Velveteen Mind also blogged about social media and blogging today and said a bunch of other stuff that I pretty much agree with, so I wanted to direct you there, too:
I'm An Old Woman Whacking Social Media with My Big Stick and I've Had Enough of Your Lip.

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May 26, 2010

Closets: Little purses, I just can't quit you.

tiny handbags hold me closer

A perk of my husband's job is the occasional fancy event to attend and over the years I've collected quite a few little handbags. These are some of my favorites that I have hanging out in my closet so that- although I rarely take them out on the town- I can still see them every day.

fancy purses

This is what I'm keeping, what I love. I remember where I got each one, they all hold some sort of special meaning.

purse collection
Click on photo to see [lots of] notes in flickr.

Also hanging there you'll see a bit of the dress I bought the day I found out we were having a girl. That dress makes me so happy that I probably will display it more openly somewhere in my house someday.

And maybe I'll even find a more prominent place to feature my little purse collection.

my happy colors

Oh, and to prove that I don't own just black, here's a look at some color in my closet. Apparently I like patterns. And that first red dress is what I bought recently to wear to our next event this summer. But I am just now realizing I am going to need a new tiny handbag to go with it...

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May 25, 2010

Closets: Less is the new black

Intervention time: Friends don't let friends buy another black tank, tee, dress, skirt, ever.
(this is mostly summer dresses and doesn't even include what is folded in drawers...)

I've been going from room to room in my little house, preparing each space to be filled with only what I love. The past several days I've been focusing on the closets. Wow can they hold a lot.

As I do laundry I will only be putting away the items that we truly love. If Gray's obsession with that one pair of pants has taught me anything, it's that you really can wear the same item of clothing every single day. Now, I prefer variety, for myself and for my kids, so I don't plan on limiting us to only a few articles of clothing each, but I'd be so embarrassed if you knew the
excess we have of things in our little house.

Ivy's part of the closet, much more happytimes.

I'm always doing laundry anyway, so why not just wash the same few luxury towels each week instead of a dozen tattery ones? I am always doing dishes, so I might as well wash lovely things, dishes that make me happy, glasses that make me smile. The fewer the better! My sink mountain is not as high.

[Normally I'd freecycle the things we don't want to keep, but I'm in the throes of a broken computer and I'd love to try to make some money to put towards a new one (but in all honesty it will probably go towards Gray's dental procedure), and also I'd really like for all our stuff to be gone in a jiffy, all at once. So, in a few weeks we'll have a yard sale and whatever is left over I will give away for free.

Tomorrow I might take pictures of all my little purses I just can't seem to part with...

See more of my closets this week:
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Closets: Little purses, I just can't quit you
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Closets: The end.

May 24, 2010

Your face grew up


I looked at him last night and was like, Gray, your face grew up this weekend!

It totally did. Like, I watched it happen!

He will always be a measure for my blog, as I started it all when he was just born and babyworn.

He wanted me to hold him a lot on Saturday so I put him in the mei tai (I'm wearing him in this photo, actually.). He is four and-a-half now, and I don't even remember the last time I wore him. Maybe over a year ago, or probably more. Later that night on our walk he said, "Can you just put me in the mei tai again? I can't walk, I hurt my pinky."

A couple links for you:

May 23, 2010

You are cordially invited...

eight feet

Yesterday was what Saturdays everywhere must sit around all week day-dreaming about. I went to Starbucks in the morning- by myself- and grocery shopping. We went to a rally downtown, and then walked to a favorite family restaurant for lunch. I didn't even think about it until now how well-behaved the kids were, how easy it felt going out confidently and pleasantly as a family of six.

We came home and played outside for a bit, blew bubbles, I hooped, hubby painted the fence, we had a dance party in the kitchen while I cut veggies for kabobs-

[side note/confession: I turned on praise & worship music and Ivy slammed her head to the table, "Noooo! Juttin Beeber!" and she wailed. So I told her the praise & worship music
was Justin Bieber singing. (That's one of those "helping lies" we tell that's totally allowed, right?)]

-hubby grilled up an awesome meal and we had strawberries for dessert, first. Then we went for a long walk through the neighborhood while Carter rode his bike without training wheels for the first time.

This morning I am determined to make them switch over to turkey bacon once and for all, and I had to get out the fancy silverware because we have no clean forks or spoons. I can hear Gray waking upstairs and realizing that his Aunt Lisa pants are not where he left them (I had to sneak them out of there in the night.) It's time we find him some Aunt Lisa shorts.


And I was thinking, to-day is as good an occasion as ever to use the fancy silverware.

May 21, 2010

Hold on, fly away

little pants

When it seems all they do is nip and bother,
I caught this little moment, his hand holding her dress.

Gray is a butterfly.

We went
here yesterday.

May 19, 2010

Cloud shapes


Look at that one! It's like a jelly fish--
or a man, floating down in a parachute-- and over there, a mermaid coming out of the sea.

The sky was mostly blue but with just the right amount of scattered, changing clouds, on our way home from the park. Ivy fell asleep, and so we mingled about outside until she woke up. I tossed wayward Cheerios to the ground, for a little finch that skittered beneath the car and then flew away. A beetle passed overhead, he was so big he cast a shadow on the driveway and I thought he was a bird.

My hair has gotten long, falling past my shoulder, down my bare arms. I had taken off my sweater. The sun makes the waves golden-red, and a warm covering in the breeze.

There's nothing to do, but so much to do, today. Any day.

What do you want to do? What do you want for lunch? I need to clean up the dishes. Sweep the floor, vacuum the crumbs, open the windows, shuffle some papers, read you a book, kiss you on the top of your head, put on your favorite song.

I've been thinking about how you can look at someone and say you were made for this. How you might look at me and say I was made to be a stay at home mother. But I have a secret, there are so many more things I would love to be doing. I could be in school, learning. I could be at a job, working. I could be napping. I could be doing something with my life. I could be writing in a cafe in Paris. There are days I could stab forks in my eyes if I have to read that book again. Or listen to that song. Or make one more meal. Or pay attention to the cute things they say. Or pay attention to really anything at all.

I've made a choice. To do this, I step up and suck it up and I just do it

and thankfully

I can't take it back. I couldn't live, there would be no air, if.

The blue sky'ed days serve the reminders on a fancy plate, the fluttering curtain, it clips and curls and it's like someone called Action! and the camera is rolling. I'm on my mark, I belong right where I have placed my feet to-day. I can glance to my right and my left and survey the wonder of this life I live, the breath I breathe in this moment. I can blink and keep it, this is mine.

by myself

And we are all mere cloud shapes, I am made for doing what you choose to see,

I am made for doing what I choose to see.

May 18, 2010

I normally don't like when hubby takes photos of me sleeping but

co-sleeping love

this was kinda sweet.

  • I am not a cover-stealer. She kicks off the blankets.
  • I heart co-sleeping.

May 17, 2010

baby OH!

"Duttin Beeber baby Oh!." She says. All day long.

I was watching Ellen in the kitchen today and Ivy came RUNNING when she heard the words Justin Bieber:

She's got the Bieber Fever. My 1 year old baby.


May 16, 2010

happy days

Ivy turned twenty months old yesterday. Can hardly believe it.

We had a de-lightful weekend after all. Despite what I wrote yesterday, I really did have a great time with the kids. Hubs expected me to run away when he finally got home but instead I just went to bed. It was super nice.

Dishes were still in the sink and laundry was waiting patiently when





Today was beautiful. We spent it at church and then with family for my nephew's birthday party. I was thinking that maybe in heaven our weeks will be filled with only Saturdays and Sundays. Sometimes I close my eyes and trick my heart and summer feels like that, too.

Tonight the kids are going to bed early so that hubby and I can watch the Survivor finale and eat fancy cheese. We live the high life. We really do.

May 15, 2010

reality show


Jamming the plunger in the overflowing toilet, splashing onto my bathroom floor (yes that bathroom) I was marveling at my glamorous life.

I never ever wear Crocs, like haven't in at least a year, and I wore them today. Came in handy during that bathroom bit.

Gray uses a third of a roll of toilet paper when he pees. And he's a boy.

He also got chased by the tiniest dog you've ever seen in a pink terry cloth halter dress at the farmer's market. You would have thought he was going to die. Later we saw an even tinier dog in a rugby shirt.

There is like, not one room NOT ONE ROOM in my house right now that is even a wee bit tidy. I don't even know where to start.

I would pay a hundred dollars if someone would come over and let me nap right now. I'm not even kidding.

for real

What would I really see if I peeked in your windows right now?

May 14, 2010

soul beats bones

[Yesterday was French day.]

My feet up, stretched legs out on the ottoman, and there was Gray.

He should have been in bed but he held up a book, and he really wanted me to read to him. I promised in the morning. My soul wanted to, right now. But my bones, and my mind, did not.

And truth-fully? I knew even then that in the morning I'd probably feel the same.

So I sent him back to bed, saying that if he's still awake when I come up I'll read it to him. Knowing he would [hopefully] be asleep when I came up.

I'm just another tired mother.

I tell it to myself, to make it all better.

The book he wanted to read, Are You My Mother?

Do I want my baby birds to know just another tired mother as their mother?

We read the book.

May 13, 2010

My new shower curtain


"Today I'm going to buy a new shower curtain, and new towels to hang on the towel rack. And maybe! even a new tissue cube cover. One room at a time, I think, and starting small with the bathroom is totally do-able for me, today." -me

I'm on a mission to make every single room in my [small] house my favorite.

my new shower curtain

A couple weeks ago I decided that if I was going to start at all, I'd have to start small. So, I went shopping for a new shower curtain for our upstairs bathroom and was determined not to just settle on something nice at Target. I went to every store (and online) until I found exactly what I wanted.

refresh yourself

And on a couple trips up to Chicago with friends I snatched up the perfect accessories.

clean and happy

I am not a designer, but I do love pretty things in my home. This bathroom isn't even one that guests see when they come over. But I see it every day.

best rug

And hello!

It is my new favorite.

Details: waterfall ruffle shower curtain- Urban Outfitters, typeface bathroom accessories- Pottery Barn, white SKAR shoe cabinet (one compartment for toiletries, one for cleaning supplies, and one for extra toilet paper)- Ikea, cirrus rug- CB2

Up next: the playroom (I finally chose my colors and bought the paint!)

Speaking of design, my homebirth story is featured here at Design Mom this week.

May 12, 2010

The Cowboy Way

cowboy day
[western day at school]

I hear my share of tattles and digs and mean spirited-ness. Oh do I.

I've been reminding my boys

d a i l y:
A good friend (and brother) brings attention to each others' strengths, and prays in secret for their weaknesses.

May 10, 2010

a r o u n d


I lied in bed, trying to get Ivy to sleep. My hopes had been for an early bedtime for all of them but we were passing nine pm. And she was still awake. We nursed. I found myself very annoyed.

Stewing... because when I finally am able to roll away I don't get to go do something relaxing or fun, I get to do the pile of dishes in my sink. And then the baskets upon baskets of laundry. I'm frustrated that the house was so clean for Mother's Day, when was that? Oh, YESTERDAY. But now it's a disaster again.


I must make sure to wash Gray's Aunt Lisa pants so he can wear them in the morning to the dentist. Because going to the dentist is going to be rough enough. He will HAVE TO WEAR THOSE PANTS.

And I already set out three shirts I know he likes, all with out tags. Hoping he picks the one that matches his pants but knowing he won't. But he's going to the dentist and so I'll let him choose whatever makes him happy.

By the time I roll away from the bed, I'm wishing I could just go to sleep, too. But there's too much to be done.


[I've been hooping with an adult hoop the past week. It's surprising-ly therapeutic. At first I couldn't get it around 10 times and now I'm in the hundreds. The more I do it the more I want to do it. I sneak out into the garage and disappear for five minutes several times a day to do some hooping. And it makes me feel a bit better, my mind appreciates it.]


I will probably slip away after writing this, in my socks on the cold garage floor, and hoop a little




for the night.

(Aunt Lisa pants are washed and dried and put out for the morning so all is well.)

May 9, 2010

... to me

mother's day

Yesterday Noah went along with me on some errands, and he had money in his pocket

and he

told me to not look, go over there, while he went to the register, and he smiled so big and held a bag NO PEEKING.

And I couldn't believe how big he was.

We listened to a song together in the car and he sang out loud, did hand-motions, and he wasn't em-barrassed.

This morning I received a ruffle apron, a green beaded ring, and the biggest red coffee cup you ever saw.

It's fun to get presents. I love mostly that my children get me.

We are hosting a Mother's Day/birthday for hubby lunch today and I made one roast for Italian beef sandwiches last night and have another roast in the oven now.

(I totally am planning on going vegan again but these sandwiches are so great for parties and I love my recipe: roast, can of beef broth, bottle of beer, packet of onion mix, garlic salt, sugar, bake in a covered baker in the oven at 300 degrees for several hours until it falls apart. Don't skimp on the rolls- serve on the good kind, with grilled green peppers and onions.)

I'm getting the house ready for both sides of our family. I've got my apron on, and even my heels. And my green ring.

I made cupcakes last night, too, and just finished icing them.

Noah looked at everything in the kitchen when he got up and said You did all this? Did you sleep?!

Ivy has a runny nose and Gray has had a very bad no good day because his shirt has A COLLAR! And A TAG!

I have a mountain of dishes to wash, floors to vacuum, bathrooms to clean before people come.

But it's good, I'm happy. My heart is so full.

Happy Mother's Day

May 7, 2010

Adventures In Babywearing 2.0

By the time I had us ready and out the door for the grocery store I knew she'd be ready for a nap.

I put her in the mei tai, thought maybe we could have a quiet trip, take my time while she slept.

You can lay your head on Mama
, and she does. Her soft hair nustles against my neck, I breathe into her, kisses.
But she sees the cart and perks up, "Seat, Mama! Seat!"

I untie and


and lower her into the front of the cart.
Maybe we'll have a nice nap at home later instead. Better make this quick.

She's almost 20 months old now, and I wear her
maybe a couple times a month.

blissdom babywearing, mei tai

She's busy, on the go. She has a bicycle now, likes to run, loves to birdwatch from the stroller, be closer to dogs.

I wore Gray past the age of two, that was his way. Each child is different.

Strange, yet familiar relief, is that I'm okay with this.

My lap still makes for her favorite chair, my arms her best holder.

I'll always have babywearing in the title of this journal, it's a part of me. And I'll forever promote the benefits and treasures found [often in a moment of sleepy desperation, or quiet awe, or necessity] in keeping Mama and Baby close to each others' hearts.

My favorite babywearing photo ever, fall 2008


I've been babywearing almost five years now and have tried pretty much every style of carrier there is. This is what I've learned...

A Ring Sling is a must-have carrier for newborn on up to toddler. My personal favorites include Sakura Bloom [if you have the $,
the Luxe is absolutely worth it], I also love the Artisan Silk & Essential Linen. The very first sling (and my forever favorite) I ever bought was on ebay from KimzKreations (she has an etsy shop now and still lists slings every now and then.) Other affordable options are Prairie Mama and Rockin' Baby.

A Stretchy Wrap like a Moby or Sleepy Wrap (or my favorite the Gypsy Mama Bali) is wonderful for newborns, and Woven Wraps like Didymos or Storchenwiege are ideal as baby gets heavier (the woven fabric won't sag like the stretchy.) It looks like a huge long piece of fabric, but is really easy to figure out. Must see: watch this awesome video of a Dad putting his newborn in a wrap.

A Mei Tai is my favorite of all. It's a traditional carrier with four ties, but is the easiest to put on and wear in my opinion. I prefer using my mei tai when baby is at least three or four months old, or whenever they have decent head support, and I continue to use it until they are three years old. It's the most comfortable for longer wear. After all I've tried, my favorites (and the ones I still use today) are a really old Freehand mei tai (the style I prefer is no longer made) and a gorgeous one from Baby So Smart.

If the ties aren't for you, buckle mei tai carriers like the Ergo are the popular choice. Great for active moms & dads, and for longer wear as well. I do like my Ergo, but don't wear it nearly as often as my mei tai.


Due to recent recalls of certain baby carriers (Bag Slings = no no.) that all babywearers have been warning Moms about for YEARS, some people are assuming all babywearing is unsafe. This is not true. Babywearing is absolutely safe and can be an amazing method of bonding and loving your child.

A refresher:
  • Your baby should be in a position similar to holding them in your arms
  • You should be able to kiss the top of their head
  • Your chest, back, or sling fabric should not obstruct baby's face
  • Do not wear a carrier that is too tight or too loose, or not properly fastened
  • Read and follow your carrier's instruction manual
  • Be aware of baby's temperature, don't let them get too hot or too cold
  • Do not perform any activities that you wouldn't normally do while holding your baby in your arms


To break it down for you, if you could have only one sling, I'd get a ring sling. Two? Ring sling and mei tai.

Find helpful tips for using your carrier at and Sakura Bloom has a whole series of helpful videos for using your ring sling.

Just for fun don't miss these fabulous, hilarious, & heartwarming babywearing videos.



Babywearing is not just for parents to have their hands-free. I encourage you to wear your baby in times of rest, and not always busy-work. Take it easy, snuggle, love, do lots-of-nothing with your children while you can.

I'm happy to answer any additional questions you might have in the comments below.

May 4, 2010

To and From

I'm hung up


on a post expressing my feelings about having a child [with a disease] and [then being all better.]

I'll get there.

Words are swishy in my heart.

I want to say them.

I want to be able to tell you more.

But really all that matters to me right now is that when the kids on the bus or riding bikes through our yard ask him why he is ALWAYS smiling
you smile too much! why are you smiling?

He responds,

"Because I'm happy!"

Guy Smiley

Until then,
please find me writing away at NWIparent Magazine:

Who are the people in your neighborhood?
(You can win) Get Chartreuse: A giveaway
I drank the Matilda Jane Kool-Aid


May 3, 2010

Art makes a cameo appearance in your life every day.

thru the pig tail

dance of the polar bear

animal tree water

There are no words.

Taken with my iPhone at the zoo last week.

May 1, 2010


may 1 album cover

It's the first of May and I'm actually sticking to the plan (photographing my kids all together the first of every month.)

We went to the farmer's market this morning as a family and it was nice. We got some cheese (Gruyere and some raspberry beer kind), fresh pierogi, almond butter, popcorn, and chocolate covered pretzels.

While I was in the cheese line there was this grumpy lady on a motorized scooter that told my hubby "Sir you need to mind your kids." (because Ivy was walking on the cobblestone path, apparently
on motorscooterlady's territory.)

Oh MY is she lucky I didn't hear that. Let me tell you. Scooter schmooter. It's a FARMER'S MARKET where there are FAMILIES and HAPPYTIMES.

And then I heard later the same lad-y tried to run my pregnant friend off the sidewalk.

may 1 pho-tos

Yesterday all the kids of the neighborhood were in our yard, as is the usual, and the ice cream man came by and so I let everyone get something and also got
myself a snowcone, my very favorite kind that you can only get from the beach or the ice cream man. With the little gumball in the bottom.

And I always let it thaw for a while until it's just so and it was almost just so when another neighbor kid came over and had missed the ice cream man's arrival, and so she was without.

And so Noah says you can have this here EXTRA snow cone.



I did the mean mom nostril flare- eyes widen- teeth gritting look at him and then of course I handed over the snowcone. (First I offered her a frozen fruit bar from the freezer OR the snowcone


she chose

the snowcone.)