April 20, 2010

Vitamin D

it grows

I can tell a difference, whether I get it directly or by supplement.

sun dress

[sun]Light is good for you. For the soul, for the body. And it can help you see in the shadows.

sun day

We take ProD5 that we buy from here (I don't get anything if you buy from there, bytheway, just passing along the in-fo.)


  1. thanks for sharing!

    We get our VitD from sunlight only but that is our hippie style lol, no vax no supplements and yes we are all healthy LOL

    so I agree that the sun is soooo good for us :-)

  2. Beautiful pics :) Thanks for this post. I have been thinking a lot about vitamins lately. Both for myself and my children. I know that we should be doing more than just a daily multi-v. You seem like you may know something about vitamins, so if you ever wanted to write a post with some suggestions...I would love to read it.

  3. I can tell a huge difference too Steph. If it weren't for sun exposure my skin would be too dry and cracked to be seen in public wearing shorts. (I have psoriasis) It will take all of April and May before it heals well enough for shorts, but by June I'll be in a swim suit. It's an amazing transformation!

    I'm searching for a good sunhat for Julia to wear this year since we don't use sunscreen...any thoughts for an almost 4 year old? I love the vintage looking bonnets, but I can't decide if she's too old for them.

    Enjoy soaking up the sun!

  4. I am trying to be out in the sun (just a little) each day so that I get Vit. D!

    But I probably should take a supplement too...

    Especially since it's cloudy today. = (

  5. I just love the photos you take! And I agree .. there's nothing better than a little sunshine on a spring day! We've added your blog to Ecover's blogroll. Enjoy your day ... and Happy Earth Day!
    -Deb for Ecover

  6. Hi stephanie, i love your blog,Noah and I both have epilepsy LOL,

  7. Ok, sun light is definitely good, but, where is that beautiful dress from???

    She is just darling Steph! Beautiful pictures!

    Off to get some sun ... (:

  8. Yes...so good for the soul!

  9. I started my entire family on vitamin D supplements 2 winters ago... and also on rainy days when we can't be outside. And goodness. what a difference. It's unbelievable how much healthier and happier we all are!

  10. We don't take Vitamin D supplements here in Arizona...no need for them. In fact, I think sometimes we get a little *too much* D... :)


  11. now that is a cute dress.

    Some time in the sun is great for you, but limit it! My father is dealing with melanoma right now.

  12. It was interesting to me to read this post since a friend of mine called me a few days ago to suggest I take some Vitamin D. She and I have both been feeling blah, although some better since it's warm again and we're out in the sun more. I haven't yet but I'm definitely going to try some.

  13. This one time, my Vitamin D was SUPER low and WOW did it make a difference to take supplements and get my time in the sun. It even messes up your sleep cycle when it's low. Just saying.

  14. Ah vitamins. I so wish I could do without them. We're just now at the point of year when our UVB levels increase to the point where we can get it naturally, but sadly I still need the additional supplements in the vitamins so I can't quit the pills.

    Daughter Elizabeth gets to stop hers now though!

  15. I love these photos, super sweet.

    Also, I totally know what you mean about the Vitamin D. I can feel the difference too....so much.

  16. dr eisenstein and his team are the best aren't they? such intelligent and compassionate individuals.

    the kiddos (well, everyone actually!) NEED vitamin D from the sun, for sure. there is definitely a difference.

    one of the main reason's i can't wait to go to disney next month is so jonah can get more sun exposure, and get his eczema healing up, even if it is just for the summer. oh yeah, and introducing him to mickey is kind of a plus too!

    good to see you share the the wealth on info mom's like you and me get to experience on a regular basis. we are so lucky to have access to such great doctor's don't you think?

    ;-) Jen

  17. Wow, thanks for sharing that link! I think I need to move to IL LOL. Doctors who promote no vax and homebirth. You have no no idea how I long for such a thing! I think I may end up ordering several of their products. Thanks so much for sharing!

  18. I was thinking about the spiritual/emotional need for light. While I agree with my husband that I need more Vitamin D, I'm thinking light inside of my life matters even more. Thanks for writing this. You made me think, and you helped me feel not quite as alone as the morning started out.

    My body may need the vitamin for all sorts of healing stuff, but my heart needs Light even more. There's so much I could say, but will just keep it at that.

    Thanks for being so deep in the simplicity. Hope that comes out right....

  19. I make the kiddos (and baby too) take Vit D supplements in the winter time. Not much sun to speak of in winter in Wisconsin. ;)

    Lovely pics!

  20. Thank you for sharing about the Vitamin D. We've been using the Vitamin D spray from Dr. Mercola for over a year but I think we may benefit more from the capsules.

    We get a ton of sun in the spring and summer but it still never seems like enough for me. : )

  21. Cute pictures! Vit D intake is so important, especially in those winter months when we are more likely to be stuck inside. Vitamin D can affect the risk of breast, ovarian, and colon cancer. Don't go without your daily D!

  22. My favorite post!!! The importance of vitamin D can not be expressed enough!!!!!

  23. Love this post! I generally advise my patients not to take supplements for various reasons and instead, get their nutrients from food. But vitamin D is one example where that may not be the case (although I do make sure the kids get their 10-15 min/3 days/week before the sunscreen goes on). I wrote about this a month ago here: http://www.beyondprenatals.com/2010/03/vitamin-d-in-pregnancy-and-beyond.html

    Thanks for spreading the good word about vitamin D!

  24. I just read a huge article on vitamin D deficiency. It actually prompted me to start taking even more vitamin D...my whole family takes a supplement. We will also be making an effort to spend moderate time outside BEFORE we slather on the sun block! Read more here if you would like:


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