April 9, 2010

Real Simple Me

real simple me
Ready for my own talk show.

So, I have been in the frumpiest of frumps lately. I don't even want to know how many days (weeks?) I went without styling my hair, wearing meh clothes, and not even bothering with my contacts (glasses are great but mine make me feel extra frumped.)

And that's just the surface stuff. I've not been taking care of myself inside and out.

This week I've been doing some things differently here and there and

Jen, me, & Amy

last night, and today, I felt kind of pretty.

Me & my Jenny.

At the Real Simple event, beauty expert Jane Iredale encouraged us, when wanting to be a better version of you, don't focus on change, but enhance what you have.

The things that make us different, unique, flawed? and sometimes strange.

The things that make you you.

Work it.

Edited to add: This is not a fishing for compliments plea. I am just being honest, and hope that I'm not the only one that feels this way sometimes. You can tell me how beautiful I am all day long, but it means nothing unless I feel it myself.

Edited AGAIN!: I do want to say that change is often good, I don't mean say we should never change, but it hit me how long I let WEEKS go by with no change, waiting for change, and how much longer can I let it go? YEARS? Will I be an old lady still waiting for things to change or waiting until I have the motivation to change them? And then miss out on some pretty good stuff I could have been doing with what I already had? So IN THE MEANTIME we have got to work it! :)

When I got home from Chicago this afternoon we took the kids out for dinner.
Taking kids out in public is totally like a box of chocolates. You never know what they’re going to say. Read more about it here: Big Beard.

Last two photos credit: Amy, PAgirly on Flickr


  1. You frumpy!?!! I think not!

  2. You're beautiful inside and out... but it's nice that you're feeling it now :)

  3. You are so beautiful, internally and externally. It's so wonderful that you felt it. Now, don't let that feeling slip away just because you're not dressed up, going to a function. Feel it when you're taking pictures of the kids, when you're playing with them, when you are just....

    Being you...

  4. I SO related to this post. I have been feeling the meh clothes as well and wearing my glasses way too many days of the week - but it toally looks like you got your groove on girl!

    I just found your blog - how is this possible? Total mystery for sure, but glad I'm here now!

  5. Thank you so much for sharing that. I know you didn't write it so we could all tell you how beautiful you are (you ARE!) but it was so encouraging to me.

    To hear that someone who I think is stunning with every picture I see of her struggles with feeling meh and frumpy (two of my favourite words) well, it give me hope for me on my meh days. :)

  6. i'm glad you had a good time! i like the enhance what you have, too. there is always a place for good change to take place, but in the meantime we should embrace what is right in front of us! love you, beautiful friend! =)

  7. Oh Steph, thank you! I can SO relate. I have been feeling so meh lately, and even now as I type this, I'm about as frumpy as you can get! I keep dwelling on what to change, and I know that I should like myself the way I am, but sometimes I really struggle with that. Like this week. I want to snap out of this funk, but man, it's HARD.

    Thank you for sharing this. It's good to know that I'm not alone, and that somebody I so admire feels the same as I do sometimes.

    Off to enhance what I've got... :)

  8. I don't feel like adding another edit LOL but I do want to say that change is often good, I don't mean say we should never change, but it hit me how long I let WEEKS go by with no change, waiting for change, and how much longer can I let it go? YEARS? Will I be an old lady still waiting for things to change or watiing until I have the motivation to change them? And then miss out on some pretty good stuff I could have been doing with what I already had?

    So IN THE MEANTIME we have got to work it! :)

    Ok, maybe I will add this in my post after all.


  9. I love you so much! I had so much fun that night, dinner, everything was so great. I truly treasure any time we get to spend together, you know this.
    I am glad you said those words about change, because I totally agree. I let years go by too, doing the same exact thing, waiting for the world to change for me so I could do something different. And soon I will have a child, as a result of a decision to change things in a positive and fulfilling direction for myself and my husband. I am looking forward to the future-now, so much more than ever!! xo

  10. i almost added that to the end of my comment..."in the mean time, work it!" but, i didn't want you to think that i thought you hadn't been working it lately. lol

  11. I totally know what you mean - especially about the glasses. What is it about glasses that always makes me feel frumpy? That an my pj pants... they are so comfy but how many days in a row can I wear them? Spring break is almost over, I won't have a choice soon. Glad you got the chance to dress up and go out and feel pretty - I love nights like that. :)

  12. I love the "Big Beard" story and i feel frumpy 9 days out of 10!

  13. I completely know what you mean... and after I get out of a rut like that, I'm always amazed how long it took to realize that a. I was in a rut, and b. how long it took to do something about it! Crazy how that works ;)
    I'm so in love with Real Simple!

  14. Cute dress! Beautiful you!

    I can't wait to watch your talk show. Really! ;)


  15. You aren't the only one. Believe me.

    And of course, you're gorgeous and things will come back around and make you feel it again, probably even sooner than you think. :-)

  16. That last comment was from me btw...hubs left his account open on my computer and I didn't know it. Sorry.

  17. Jenny looks so cute!

    I just wrote yesterday about loving the things that make you YOU. It's so important to embrace those things, to help fight the frump.

  18. I feel this way often and I have to say that I always feel better on days in which I get dressed and do my hair & make up and just try to look good. In the wintertime I get in a funk towards the end where I don't do my hair or make up and live in my yoga clothes, but with the burst of sun & warmth hitting the midwest, the flowers blooming, makes me transform into a bright and happy person.

    Thinking of getting highlights in my hair this week, just for a change.

  19. I TOTALLY agree with the thing about glasses making you feel frumped. I have had problems wearing my contacts since during my pregnancy, and I default to glasses regularly now. I bought some that are cute and flattering (sortof) but I still feel differently about my appearance when I wear them versus when I'm wearing my contacts.

  20. You strike me as someone who has such a good energy that it really doesn't matter what you wear... although I'm sure it makes you feel better!

    I've been feeling like a frump-a-dump here lately, too, and am slowly getting some newish things to take it up a notch! It does help :)

  21. I totally get you! The whole time in PA and NYC I felt like the QUEEN of frump. I mean, I have skinny, cute friends...and I only packed what I packed. The Coach wristlet I bought DID make me feel a little more special while walking around with those crazy ladies walking NYC streets in spike heels and all glammed out! I'm glad to be back home in my uncool jammies, sipping coffee, in the middle of the midwest! I AM NOT A CITY GIRL!!

  22. I notice even when I do something "unfrummpish" but small, like put on a fun nail polish color, splurge on a manipedi, wear a bright color on a cloudy day, take ten minutes and try a new hairstyle, it seems to lift my whole mood. When you lose that frumpy feeling, everything seems possible. It's just remembering to do those little things in a day full of needs, wants, and desires of other people!

  23. Definitely not the only one who feels that way sometimes. Hopefully now that spring has sprung you'll more and more often find yourself de-frumping. {And rockin' your inner hot mama}.

  24. I think we all feel frumpy at times, but I'm glad you got to get out and feel your best! Great pictures. I love the polka dot skirt. Have a great week.

  25. I can really relate to what you have written Steph. And you are right, change is good but sometimes it is hard to achieve or figure out how to get there. I am going through the frumpy blues myself and while people tell me that it is silly, you can't change how you feel ... that is until you find the empowerment within to do so.

    You have to feel good about yourself, to let that shine through for all to see. I truly do get what you were trying to express. :)

    Sending big hugs.


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