April 22, 2010

Re-purposed for a happy earth day.

[Project Dresses for Ivy, originally published 6.15.09]

A few weeks ago I did a big closet purging of all the clothes I don't wear anymore and will never wear again. I freecycled a ton.

I am a sentimental person, especially when it comes to clothes. The kids each have their own bin filled with things I could never part with. I have a few of my own, too.

So I had this idea to re-purpose some of my old t-shirts that I loved...

[The t-shirt I got when we went to Disneyland, as part of Noah's Make-A-Wish trip. The Ralph Lauren pink pony tee that everyone had and I just had to have one, too- a birthday present from like six years ago? An Old Navy tank top that I just liked the cool design. And the colorful Paul Frank tank I bought in Estes Park, Colorado. ]

My blog friend Kim (Prairie Mama) had sent Ivy one of her darling pillowcase dresses that she makes and sells on etsy. I told her my idea but my lack of sewing skills- to fashion my old tees into dresses for Ivy. She was in.

I mailed them off and today they came...

[my Gram's jar of buttons]

[Come on in]

[P.S. Today Ivy LaRue turned nine months old.]

See Ivy 10 months later... here. (and also hope for hair-less babies.)

Photos by me but edited by Beth.


  1. Oh my! I love what your friend did with your shirts.. LOVE THEM. My fave is the Mickey Mouse one.

    Happy Earth day!!

  2. i LOVE this - i already have a stack of tees that i've been saving for this purpose. (p.s. i don't even have kids yet!)

    do they still fit her as shirts?

  3. lauren- yes- they actually still fit as dresses or long tops! :)


  4. Sew crafty!!!! Love the concept. I desperately do not want my closets & storage spaces to look like the set of Hoarders, but I just can't let go of some clothes like this! WOOHOO for the idea! You rock!
    And a Happy 10 months to your beautiful Ivy ;)

  5. These are the cutest Re-purposed dresses on Ivy. I want to give her a hug, I miss her. Happy Earth day!

  6. Take a sewing class. Those dresses for Ivy are adorable and not that hard to make. I used to sew Terry pants that would just pull up over his diaper where he was very little with the leftover fabric from making elephant bell pants for myself. This of course was in the '70's.

  7. I remember this post... Such a great idea! And CUTE! :) Just another reason I need to learn to sew...

  8. I love this idea! I've actually started to learn how to quilt. I have a tub full of baby clothes from each of my boys that I just can't part with, so I'm going to turn them into quilts to give to their babies of their daddies' baby clothes. I'm going to add to it each year - Little League uniform, first concert t-shirt, favorite pair of jeans, shirt from first dance, etc.

  9. Oh Steph! She looks so young in these pictures! Darling as ever, of course.

    Can't believe the little girl she's becoming. So precious!

  10. I loved this before, but I love it even more this time!! I really want to take some of my sentimental t-shirts and make them into little dresses. Hmm, does she take custom orders?

  11. What a cool idea!!! I wish I could sew. Oh the things I would make! Ha! Ivy is such a cutie. I just love those cheeks.

  12. look how little miss ivy was!! She is growing up way to fast :)

  13. i love that idea... do you have a general tutorial?? would love to try it!!

  14. Oh she is so lovely, like a sweat angel! You ask her everyday is she is a real angel or not, isn't it? :D

    I love your blog and your banner and now they are posted on my blog spot. Also I wear my son with love, ie my blog supports babywearing.

    Have a wonderful day and excuse my poor english.

    REgards from Romania :)

  15. Wow, what a wonderful idea! And wonderfully executed I may add. She looks beyond pretty, earth friendly and hip.

    I would second a basic tutorial if you are up to it. I am not very sewing friendly myself but would love to learn to do this for my daughter sometime. :)

    Great blog!

  16. too cute! I love this idea you have had! Good ideas are a good idea to share with other moms! Steph, you rock!! Oh and I loved the post where there are no comments, so touching and so sweet and sooooooo understandable! Beautiful woman and mom you are!

  17. I remember this post! Such beautiful dresses. Such a beautiful little girl.

    (and I love the aden + anais blanket that she's sitting on in the 1st picture - I have the exact same one...).


  18. aww, SUPER cute! what a lovely little lady. i have a teensy bit of sewing savvy and love repurposing old clothes to make fun wears for my baby girl. these are such a great idea!



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