April 7, 2010

Knit Head

Ivy found one of the first hats I ever knitted and it's now her favorite.
Funny because when I would wear it, it was totally NOT my hubby's favorite LOL.

Today was a super dark, rainy day and I was thankful to hole up indoors with my knitting (I'm making something fun for the playroom!) and I even did yoga and popped popcorn and watched movie trailers for a really long time.

Here's the movies I think look interesting:
Breaking Upwards
Despicable Me
Eat Pray Love
The Exploding Girl
The Greatest
Letters To God
Letters To Juliet
Mother and Child
Please Give
The Switch

Tomorrow night (or tonight, whenever you're reading this) I am going to a VIP party for Real Simple magazine's 10th anniversary. And I have nothing to wear. And you know, NO PRESSURE because it's just Real Simple magazine.

But I've decided that whatever I do end up wearing, I'm going to own it, and I'll look awesome.


(If you're free on Friday, you should totally come out to Real Simple's big free event at Union Station in Chicago - I'll be there, too!)


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  2. Of course you'll look fabulous. You're beautiful and so is Ivy.

  3. Ivy looks adorable in the hat :)

  4. I want to see Babies and okay, actually I want to see all of those movies. There are so many interesting movies coming out soon!

  5. ohmygosh I can't wait for Babies - isn't that trailer amazing?

  6. 1. Real Simple?! Boy am I jealous. I would die to work there.

    2. Ivy is precious and I think that hat is cool.

    3. I would love a day to just crochet, do pilates and watch movie trailers. Sounds fun!

  7. i want to see Babies, too!

    i love Real Simple. you'll look great no matter what!

  8. I need to get back to my knitting. Cleaning out my craft room and organizing all my knitting and spinning supplies really made me a bit sad that I haven't had a chance to do any of that and I really miss it.

    Today after I do some edits that need to be done I am going to finish up the craft room so I can really get into the knitting again (just in time for summer...LOL)

  9. I want to see Babies too. I can't wait for it. Also, you are going to look Ah-mazing. Have a wonderful time.

    P.S. Ivy totally rocks that hat.

  10. GAH! If only I'd known sooner! I would have sent you a bag to carry! It's not so much clothes to wear, but you know, if you hold it just right it may cover the important bits.

  11. ohmygoodness that hat is pure awesomeness.

    wishing you good dressing vibes tomorrow night...though honestly, i bet they'll be so intrigued with *you* that they won't pay attention to your garb.

  12. There's a promotion going along with the movie 'Babies', and they are giving away a TON of baby stuff. My girl, Lora, from afever.com, is entered. When she wins, she plans to donate all the supplies to the low-income families she works with in Philadelphia. Head over to her blog and click on the 'Babies' trailer a gazillion times (or twice) to help her help others.

    (end shameless plug)

  13. Obviously, whatever you wear you'll look stunning! Duh. And those pics of Ivy in the beanie are too cute. How is it that she rocks everything she wears? Just like her mama.

  14. Like mother like daughter...Yes, you will look fab as always tomorrow. I'm looking forward to hanging out with my geese.

  15. I'm sure you'll look beautiful in what ever you wear like always! Ivy looks too cute in your hat.

  16. I'm really looking forward to the Babies movie, especially as an Infant/Toddler Caregiver, it's great to see early childhood development being focused on in a documentary!

  17. Have fun today! I LOVE reading Real Simple!

    You will look spectacular! And I can't wait to see pictures!

  18. I LOVE that magazine. Hope you're having a great time!!! :D

    Babies looks awesome.

  19. get that girl a phish t-shirt and a hacky sack! woot woot!

    :D elizabeth

  20. Totally love that knit head on Ivy! That girl's got style.

    I want to see "Babies" too - it looks fascinating.


  21. you are a fan of independent movies too? thanks for linking the trailers!!!

    your family is adorable
    (and so are you!)


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