April 3, 2010

Easter Buddy

i just love this pose

We've never "done" the Easter Bunny at our house. It's not a religious reason or anything, because Santa certainly makes a visit, we just never have put out Easter baskets or anything like that. (Most likely do to financial reasons in the beginning and over the years, we just didn't bring it up (which is surprising to me since as a child Easter was my favorite holiday due to the combination of Christ's resurrection, church festivities, dressy outfits, and Easter basket goodies-- one year I got a Cabbage Patch Doll! One of my best memories ever.))

So when Grayson heard me say something about the Easter Bunny as we passed a yard displaying a huge blow up Winnie the Pooh holding an egg next to an even larger blow-up bunny, he asked What's the Easter Buddy?

I realized he had never heard of the Easter Bunny before.

My explanation was weak but I was caught off-guard. "Easter BUNNY. Like a rabbit. It's this guy. He wears a bunny costume."

Oh, is it pink?


And he never brought it up again.

in the window sill

Semi-unrelated: Today Ivy saw a bunny in the grass as she sat on the window-sill and was tickled TICKLED I tell you. She clasped her little hands over her mouth and laughed deep down "da bud-dy! Bud-dy!"

How ever you celebrate it, happy happy Easter, my friends. It's still my favorite.


  1. I was just thinking about my own Easter memories and how much I loved celebrating it with my family (my parents went all-out with written poem-clues and everything!). My oldest is only 2.5 so we didn't do anything, but we may in the future.
    Love Ivy's outfit. :)

    (PS My sister and I got a new white hat, gloves and shoes every Easter and my Mom would sew us matching dresses. :D)

  2. Happy Easter Stephanie...and the entire family!

  3. I love that outfit! :)
    That's really sweet. And I think it's wonderful that you celebrate in your own way, and secretly love that your kids have never heard of the Easter Bunny...

  4. Every holiday that comes around makes me acutely aware that we don't yet have anyone to pass our traditions down to. I loved reading this post because it reminds me that things don't necessarily pass down exactly the way they do in my mind. Mental shake-ups are good for me. :)

    And that dress? Ohhhhhh, I love it! :)

    Happy, happy Easter to you and your little buddies. :)

  5. Easter was a big holiday growing up in my home also, but we did nothing this year. Next year maybe.

  6. Happy Easter, Steph!

    The Easter Bunny thing just came up in our house tonight too and surprisingly my Henry knew ALL about him (who knows how!) and wanted to leave a note and carrots and oh it's silly but I've let it go on now.

  7. Haha, aw, so cute.
    Also, who needs a made up bunny for easter anyway? Kinda messed up in a way.

  8. Happy Easter!

    Buddy or no Buddy :)

  9. I love it! And, an Easter Buddy is way less creepy than a giant bunny that may or may not be an ex-con in a pink costume at the mall.

    Have a fantastic day of celebrating!!

  10. If my kids know about the Easter Bunny it's because of TV and other kids. Though we have done Easter egg hunts and candy, I've never brought up the bunny aspect of it.


  11. Awwwww! How cute. Hope y'all have a Happy Easter!

  12. A lovely Easter to you and the family!

    Audrey got a mini basket with a book and a watermelon sucker (her first)! Jeremiah got lead pencils (he really wanted these!) and Trader Joe's mini peanut butter cups (he will have to share with mom)!

    Love reading this post!

  13. Happy Easter!

    Love love love Ivy's outfit!

  14. happy easter to you and your family. aren't these girls the cutest? this morning the pea and bean came down to find a little something from the easter bunny at their breakfast seats. two fabric eggs (that i made and they hardly look a think like an egg), one carrot, and a small chocolate. all from the easter bunny.

    after the pea ate her chocolate she looked all around the house for "more bunny! more bunny! more bunny!"

    ok, who made that sweet dress ivy is wearing today? i may have missed it in a back post but i am totally coveting...

  15. Awww. I can just imagine her little excited nature. :-)

  16. This is hysterical. I can totally see this conversation unfolding. You crack me up. Happy Easter!


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