April 21, 2010

the dew in the melon.


going to the park is more of a reason to go to Starbucks and then stop at the park on the way home.


Sometimes it's to get out of the house, to avoid Mt. Laundry and its sister Mt. Dishes.


Sometimes it's to keep the kids busy, to keep Ivy from wanting to nurse alldaylong alldaylong alldaylong.


Sometimes it's to put away my computer, pocket my phone.


Sometimes it's an excuse to take pictures to put on my blog.

Sometimes it's for me to get adult interaction, with other Moms, friends, More sunlight. Day-dreaming. Fresh air.

big girl swing

Mosttimes I get to know my little ones better. What they can do, how high they can climb. What they're afraid of, what they're not afraid of.
The things they say, the things they ask.

melon theory

Bees make the honey and put it inside the melon.

God has good eyes to always see us.

What does adversity mean?

Am I a good lover?*

Will you take a picture of my poop?

*Meaning: good at loving things. Lightbulbs for me: I want my children to love loving.


  1. Totally agree with you, especially about the Starbucks!! :)

  2. Ha ha! I think I need a Starbuck;s run!

  3. beautiful. mirrors my life exactly.

  4. So true! I would use that excuse today, but it's pouring rain :( Got anymore? LOL

  5. Oh thank you. You are putting my mind at ease about nursing all.the.live.long.day. So, Kam is not the only one who is permanently attached to the Mama? Seriously. All of those are excellent reasons to go to the park.

  6. I love this. Such beautiful words and pictures!

  7. Look at Ivy swing! So fun.

  8. So, so sweet! I just adore these pictures and your beautiful kids! :) What a nice day at the park!

  9. I hope you said no to photographing poop. :)

  10. Beautiful post :)! agree with the starbucks and the photos!

  11. yes, the park is all those things!

    gray is awesome.

  12. very nice. i love these snapshots into a mom's life.

  13. Gray doesn't have his green winter coat on...They both look like they grew overnight. I must see them soon...I miss them so much.

  14. Mmm.... I need to remember that the Park is the reason, not Starbucks thing ;) I do that far too often.
    What a lovely lovely post! Paige tried out the big kid swing for the first time, and looked similar to Ivy in those shots! They're getting TOO big!

  15. The Starbucks thing left me feeling completely like you do. Sometimes I cross the border to get my mail just so I can have the excuse to use the one and only Starbucks drive thru in our area. I told them once that they were a mom's best friend, and they said that they hear that a lot. Thank God for drive thrus during naptime!

    As for the nursing....I was feeling that way a few months ago because it seemed like I could never get anything done and the whole latching comfortably thing isn't really working so well anymore (who knew returning cycles would mean one week of major nursing pain?!). But now that I'm at my folks recovering from surgery to repair a crazy birth injury from almost 16 months ago, I'm missing the nursing thing a lot. My son was beginning to nurse most thoroughly in the later part of the day and night when he most wanted cuddle time with me. Since that was the time I needed to take pain meds the first week or so, he got milk or pediasure instead. And now he's decided he's rather have that than me, at least the past couple of days.

    Since I have no idea if I'll be able to have more children, the thought of him weaning already kind of breaks my heart. I mean, the idea of wearing a cute bra, choosing a shirt because I love it and not because it is modest for nursing, and the idea of not being an occasional chew toy does make it tempting. But then I nuzzle his fat, warm, rosy cheek with my nose and think that I never want to stop nursing. Even if that means I never dust or get the laundry done. But I guess God knows what our story will be, and whatever it will be, He will be there to hold my mama's heart.

  16. Yeah, I've been amazed at how much my 3 year old can climb lately. It's been one of those, "I've got to let this go and let her do it." Of course I say a little prayer of thanks when she reaches the top of the ladder and safely makes it onto the equipment.

  17. Beautiful pictures, And very nicely put!

  18. Ohhhh, do I ever feel you on the nursing thing. HOLY CRAP Baby Dude wants boob all.day.long.

    Speaking of which..... guess who's attached right now?

  19. I love this in so many ways. Will you take a picture of my poop? Yeah, that is priceless.

  20. Oh yeah, Libby is in that phase too, the nursing like a newborn if I would let her. Makes me crazy a lot of the time, so we just try to stay SUPER busy. It is easy to do when the weather is nice for sure.

  21. I want to teach Jackson to love loving as well. Love these photos.

  22. I just wanted you to know that I really love your posts. LOVE what you did with your old tee shirts 1 year ago, what a brilliant idea!

    I'm looking forward to trips to the park this summer with my kiddos, I'll be a STAY AT HOME MOMMY in only SIX WEEKS! YES!!!

  23. *big smile*

    And now there's a baby for me to use all of these (and more) excuses with.

  24. loving is good...we all should do more of it!

  25. Oh my goodness, the last one made me laugh out loud.

    You have such amazing kids!

  26. "a day in the life of"
    love it. love it. love it.

    ps: i make that excuse too...the "let's go to the park - but first, mommy needs to go somewhere" excuse.

    great minds think alike.

  27. ok, am i a good lover gave me chills. what an awesome awesome life project.

    also, my pea has that same tea dress. i always knew we had similar taste ;)

  28. A lovely post!

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who goes places "as an excuse to take pictures to put on my blog." I've DEFINITELY done that before. ;)



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