March 26, 2010

Let me tell you about my day.


Hubby and Carter snuck out this morning to bring us breakfast. Our family eats lots and lots of hashbrowns.

carter & ives

We hung out in the living room together for a while. I wanted so badly to get my camera but I just decided to live in the moment. Then eventually I couldn't stand it any more and Noah brought it to me and I snapped away at my beautiful life.

hubs & gray

We drove to my in-laws' nearby to hear about my Mother-in-law's recent trip to Israel. I love taking pictures of people I love's hands.

Mom telling us about Israel

She brought back necklaces for the boys with their names in Hebrew, and a pashmina scarf for me.
Oh and King Solomon cologne for hubby oooh la la.


In Israel she ate lots of salads and falafel, even for breakfast. I love Mediterranean food. I kinda want to go there just for the food.

I nursed Ivy.

 nursing ivy

Hubs took the boys to hit some golf balls and I came home to put Ivy down for her night-night-nap.

The house was so quiet.

A dress I ordered for Ivy from etsy came! Maybe she'll wear it on Easter.

new etsy dress

Flowers were delivered from my friends at Old Navy, just to wish me a happy spring, (along with a generous Old Navy gift card.) What a nice surprise!

The deliveries woke sleepy Ivy and she wasn't too happy.


I made a little bed for her on the couch by me and she fell back to sleep.

I needed to finish a bunch of laundry,

but I hated to squander all the quiet!

Soon, though, hubby texted : Gray threw up. We're on our way home.

Dot dot slash. : /

We were supposed to have a big dinner with our favorite friends and their families tonight, I've really been looking forward to it, and now what?

I think it was from bad strawberries he ate earlier. But I don't know for sure.

I was super bummed so I took off to Starbucks for an iced latte and lemon bread. Then to Target where I got new pretty rugs for the entryway and kitchen.

Now hubby has Ivy napping again in his recliner

the boys are playing nicely upstairs

Noah set fire to French toast sticks in the microwave and I threw them in the yard,

I've got my earbuds in and I'm listening to my friend Steven's new album on repeat (I love it)

and no matter what we decide about tonight,

things are pretty ok.


  1. wow that was quite a day! lots of fun, nice ans sweet moment and some other not so nice (hope that the sickness won't stay!)

    thanks for sharing!

  2. The everyday is so beautiful.

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Ah stink for Gray getting sick. I love days like that though (not when the kids get sick but days when we can just be together) and I love quiet time :)
    Those flowers are beautiful. How very thoughtful of Old Navy. And nice so you can get some much needed clothing for your littles :)
    That dress is darling. Reminds me of the strip skirts I have started making. What shop did you get them from?

  4. An ordinary day of love. Beauty in the midst of the common.

    I love how you see things, Steph. You teach me to be more aware.

  5. I love you, my friend.

    Your eyes are very clear---seeing to the simple truth.

    And that makes me really really like your words:)

    Happy Spring Stephanie.

    Sara Sophia

  6. I love peeking into other's lives. Thanks for letting me look.

  7. It sounds like you had a magnificent day!

  8. What a beautiful, happyiful, springiful day!

  9. Such a sweet post.

    Thanx for sharing.

  10. what a great day you all had. I had Abby and Jack from noon til 8 I am ready for bed.

  11. Just found your blog and I have to say...LOVE IT!! I back-tracked a bit and read previous posts, like from very long ago, and it makes me want to learn to stick with my writing! I've not had success yet sticking with my blog, but you make it look so easy. Well, not easy, thats not the right give me hope that I could keep up if I stuck with it and it could be something worth doing! I want to have as much fun as you seem to be having! :)

  12. I loved reading about your day! :) Hope your night is going well!

  13. that really was a busy day, great photos!

  14. aw, thanks for sharing your day.

  15. Poor Gray.

    Nice you didn't let it spoil the rest of your day.

  16. I can't quit laughing at the French toast sticks in the yard!

  17. i kind of want to come live at your house for a day.

  18. I was cracking up at the French toast in the yard! Love your honesty.

  19. how nice to have friends at old navy! i believe i shopped there (virtually) just this morning :-)

    (and we eat a lot of hashbrowns too)

  20. steph, who made ivy's dress? (i LOVE it.) i can never quite seem to pin down sellers on etsy that i love without sifting through it for hours.


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