February 13, 2010

That tonight's gonna be a good night...

To fully share about the last day of Blissdom, it's going to take a couple posts. Since I'm working backwards, find a comfy spot, take a deep breath,

and let me begin to tell you about
Saturday night.

Photo by Heather of Domestic Extraordinaire

After the closing keynote, a group of us girls went to dinner [in the hotel] for sushi (my first time!).

It was a peaceful, quiet chance to connect and reflect on the conference with some of my favorite people: Christine of Boston Mamas & Pop Discourse, Darcie of Such The Spot, Nicole of The Pixel Boutique, Sarah of Sarah Viola, & Esther of FaintStarLite.

It was so good to sit still and laugh and brainstorm and chase Ivy around the restaurant. Well maybe not that last part.

I remember thinking this is good. If this is it and we don't do anything else before we leave, it was perfect, and enough.

There was a Blissdom pajama party/movie/karaoke night later on that I thought, yeah, I guess we'll stop by. At least to say our goodbyes.

We went back to our room and put on jammies- even Ivy- and headed down to the ballroom where there were snacks and couches and bean bag chairs and everyone in their pajamas. We got comfy on the floor, chilled with new friends and old friends and just let go.

Felt like we were at home. Because, in that moment, in a sense, we were.

Photo by Heather of Domestic Extraordinaire

Ivy puts in her Karaoke request with sippy cup abandon.

I truly hadn't planned on us staying any longer than sneaking a piece of pizza and saying quick final goodbyes before retreating back to our room to pack and maybe hit the hay early.

Photo by Rachel of A Southern Fairytale.

We ended up staying- Ivy busting a move!- until they closed the place down.

And did we close the place D-O-W-N.

Photo by Mishelle of Secret Agent Mama.

(Ivy fast asleep in the mei tai dancing.)

For the last handful of us that remained, clock well near 1 am, we took our party up to a private suite.

Photo by Mishelle of Secret Agent Mama.

There, we filled the room and sat in chairs, couches, and the floor, in a circle. This is where it's going to be really hard for me to explain what happened, and as anticlimactic as it may sound,

you really had to be there.

Photo by Mishelle of Secret Agent Mama.

We all went one-by-one and said what our favorite part of all of Blissdom was. It was spectacular what each answer would spark in the next person, or someone across from them.

Several people in that room I hadn't even met yet, but we shared something special that night.
A constant thread of the sense of belonging was woven through the entire conference, but it really came to completion at this moment.

We all had different goals for our lives, blogs, that weekend, but we all made sense, in our own way.

And isn't it awesome when you have some pretty cool people,
people that know your language, validating that you make sense?

Photo by Heather of Domestic Extraordinaire

Ivy woke up at one point and I nursed her back to sleep. Liz Strauss was on my right and it was so precious, she placed her hand on Ivy's head,

it just felt like
what we were doing in that room was revolutionary... and supernatural.

Photo by Mishelle of Secret Agent Mama.

Times a thousand. As Ivy sprawled in my arms, my girl- what might she do when she gets her turn at this legacy?

Or whatever this is for her, someday.

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  1. I will move mountains to get to Blissdom next year. It sounds like EXACTLY what I need.

  2. Never heard of Blissdom. Sounds fun.

  3. Those last hours, in that room, with those women... sisters of my heart. It was supernatural, exactly.

    The whole night, amazing. Miss Ivy, with you to lead her... she's going to blow the top off :)

    Meeting you was a joy.

  4. You captured it so well. The only part you left out was scaring me silly by pointing out that our hallway looked like The Shining. Because IT SO DID.

  5. I'm so glad that everyone was so willing to be so candid when I blurted out the idea of going around the room. It was either tell your fave moment or I was gonna down a bottle of wine, just so we could play spin-the-bottle! And, there was only one guy....so that might have been awkward.

    I just love this post. The Liz's hand on Ivy's head made me teary. Because I witnissed it!

    That night,
    Touched my soul.

  6. Elaine and I were talking and we have decided for sure that we will be at Blissdom '11 no matter what!

    I can feel that magic of it just radiating out from these photos!

    So glad you had a fabulous time!

  7. That. is. beautiful. How fitting is it that you closed Blissdom with an impromptu round of reflection? I love it.

    Also, Steph, I didn't have a chance to say this but you are an inspiration to me as far as the bringing baby to conferences thing is concerned. You roll with it, and somehow manage to stay completely engaged with what's going on with the grownups even while being present and fun as a mom. If I ever have another baby I want to emulate your actions in this regard.

    Hugs a trillion times over, Christine

  8. Your writing is breathtaking. Loved this post. Like every other post I've seen of yours. Hoping I can go to Blissdom next year, but more than that, hoping I can meet all these incredible women and be a part of the love.

  9. That last night was truly magical. I still feel wrapped in the warmth of love + friendship.

  10. What a sweet story... When you said you were taking a toddler with you I thought... oh, I do hope she enjoys herself... I didn't get to go but we live near the Opryland hotel and it is exhausting just walking around there... let alone carrying another person...but you made it seem so precious... such a sweet time.

  11. That picture of ivy nursing made me tear up. So beautiful!

    (You've made me very aware and proud of so many things in my own life that I didn't know I should be proud of... babywearing, extended (hopefully!) breastfeeding, attachment parenting...)

    Pictures like that, (even though that wasn't really the whole point of the post), make me brave. Thank you for that. Happy Valentine's Day!

  12. I could have stayed in that room forever.

    I never thought I would have stayed for the whole karaoke party, let alone end up in that room full of awesomeness.

    It is a moment I will cherish always.

    much love.

  13. Our quiet little dinner was my favorite part of the weekend. Watching Ivy be Ivy while we ate made me miss my not-so-little guys. Good thing it was time to go home the next day. :)

  14. It was *such* a good night. My favorite one in all of Blissdom actually.

  15. How cool was that?! I saw her at the party that night...so cute. And cool that you all hung out after the party. Since I had to leave the hotel at 430am, I went up to my room, BUT was awake until 2am, so should have been there chatting with you all! ;-)

    Thanks for linking up on my Blissdom Recap link up. Sorry it has taken me so long to get over to read your Blissdom posts!


  16. And now I'm a big ol' puddle of tears. So few people understand when I try to describe how that one night changed me. I'd met so many wonderful people and I somehow ended up in that room and I was looking around me and thinking, "wow. just wow."

    1. I'm so with you. I just posted on Stephanie's facebook wall that that conference, and especially that night, changed my life. It's so validating to read two years later that you felt the same way, and that night made such a difference to you too.


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