February 1, 2010

Old people are cute.

So, I wanted to test drive the outfit I'm going to wear when I meet Harry Connick Jr. on Friday at BLISSDOM*.

I went to see Funny Girl with some close friends yesterday and would totally have posted a photo but it was really dark in the fancy theatre building and did I mention that we were the youngest (and I'm not exaggerating) gals in the place? Lots of perfectly-styled white hair and motorized walker-thingies. And hearing aids.

But it was awesome and cute, old people are. Except during the end of the first act when someone in front of us started wheezing or gasping and I realized the chance of someone in that room dying or needing emergency medical attention was very likely.

ANYWAY so a mature lady offered to take our photo outside the bathroom and it was so sweet as I placed my heavy, expensive camera in her shaky, aged hands. I half thought to put the strap around her neck but, eh, I just hoped for the best.

The picture didn't really turn out. (But my camera was ok.)

We ended up just taking a photo ourselves outside and I love it.

funny girls
Tammy, Jen, me.

(I love my outfit by the way, it's a winner, and for sure Harry will remember me forever.) (Also, I'm dramatically building this up to be waaaay bigger than it is but just go with it? For me?)

*I'm speaking, did you know? My Inspirational Writing workshop on Thursday is filled to capacity! If you'll be at Blissdom, I do hope you'll stop by my session "Connecting With Your Community of Readers" at 3pm on Friday, if you can!

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  1. Haha, Steph you are so cute. I'd be scared too, what with the old lady shaking hands...

  2. So glad your camera survived! I gave an outfit a test run on Saturday, too! Good to hear I'm not alone. It survived a LO-O-ONG meeting at church (lots of sitting, then moving, then sitting), so I think it can handle Blissdom! Of course, we will have more chocolate there, so I can handle it, too!

  3. Can't wait to see the outfit in living color!

  4. I can't wait.

    1.To see your outfit:)

    2. To hear your words (signed up for Inspirational Writing last week!)

    3. To fight you for Harry.


    (and then there is the hugging...)

  5. old people ARE so cute.

    so are you three. ridiculously cute.

    i wish i were going, too. i know it's not time, but i'd love to come to your workshop and to hang out with so many of you.

    oh--as i'm writing this, ellie's sitting beside me saying, "is nana coming over today? aunt stol coming over? Gray's mommy coming over?!"

  6. So, any good looking wrists in the crowd?

  7. Sounds like fun! Have a great time. The session you are speaking at sounds great.


  8. I can't wait to see you and that outfit!

  9. I still have no idea what to wear to see Harry. Maybe I need to get into my closet tonight and see what fits! (Recent inexplicable gain of 7 pounds = NOT HELPFUL)

  10. This picture really brings out your hair highlights. You girls look like you had a great time.

  11. p.s. can't wait to see the "Harry" outfit.

  12. Great picture! Can't wait to see the Harry outfit!

  13. Have fun at Blissdom. Harry Connick, Jr., I'm soooooo jealous!

  14. Good luck on your talks and I hope you have an AMAZING time!!

  15. Oooohhhh!!! HARRY!! Have a BLAST. He will TOTALLY remember you guys. How could he not?

  16. I find it to be so cute that Mildred was surrounded by Mildreds! And that picture is SO CUTE!

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  18. Wish I could stop by your workshop. But alas I will not be there. WAAAAH!

    I'm sure you're going to rock that outfit and that Harry will NEVER forget you! :)

    Can't wait to hear all about BLISSDOM!

  19. I have a semi-related story on that photo. One Christmas, in the age before digital photography, I asked my mom to take a photo of my then-fiance and I. My grandmother stepped in and said, "I'll do it!" I waffled a bit, because I didn't really trust her, and she became offended. "I'll do it, why don't you trust me!?"

    So I let her take the photo, and I couldn't ask my mom to take another one and make everything worse. And when the photo was developed our heads were in the very, very bottom left corner, and sort of dark. It turns out my instincts were correct after all.

  20. I so wish you could teach these workshops on your blog as well!

  21. You are so funny and cute. Can't WAIT to hug you in person and catch up. Your outfit is perfect for Harry :)

  22. MMM how old are "old people?" There was a time I thought 30 was old then 40 then 50 ... It just depends on perspective - which side of a particular age you are on.

  23. You gals are so cute! And I bet your outfit is so worth the build up. Harry will probably even write a song about it! :D Heck, I'm not even a musician & I want to write a song every time I get a new outfit. :)

  24. What a good picture of the three of you! Looks like you all had a great time! Friends are special!

    Your workshop sounds awesome!

  25. Oh.. I have such a special place in my heart for the elderly!! I bet you made that ladies day! What a sweetie.

    Good luck with all the speaking and have a blast!


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