February 9, 2010

Blissdom Robots

blissdom robots

Key thought that keeps poplocking into my head:

Blissdom, and any blog conference for that matter, will- and can- be what you make of it.

Be social, make the first move (even if you are shy! no one knows you! you've only been blogging a week! since the beginning of blogtime! whatever!), make it what you want.

I did things differently this year- went to the main party events instead of private ones, made myself seen instead of holing up in my room all weekend, used CHILDCARE!! and actually went to sessions & keynotes and listened and learned,
made myself available in the ordinary for the out-of-the-ordinary to happen.

Heck, why just do this at blog conferences? Do this in LIFE, people.

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  1. Arianne looks so gorgeous.
    I'm glad doing things differently worked so well for you, and I really, really, really can't wait to hear about it.

  2. OMG I *love* this photo. And I love, love, love you Steph! Such a joy to spend time with you! -Christine

  3. Robots are more fun that humans...wait that's not what the post was about was it :P Seriously, it looks like you had fun & from your post got the chance to take in a lot of information!

  4. It sounds like you had a really fun time! I definitely also need to apply this way of thinking in my every day life-- sometimes it's easier than others!

  5. This photo represents 5 minutes of total none-thinking time, total fun, and total love.


  6. Hooray for the childcare -- so glad you were able to attend a couple of sessions! Although Ivy was so thoroughly adorable that I was selfishly glad you brought her along too! (Especially when she was my scapegoat for ordering from the kids menu at dinner) ;)

  7. I've never been to a blog conference. But, you are right...great advice for life!

  8. Great advice! I always try to put myself out there. My husband thinks it's so funny when we go to a party and I always leave w/ a new friendship! Funny pic too!

  9. Great photo.

    ps. I've been reading Noah's story, and am riveted. Such a powerful testimony to trusting your gut/following your heart/listening to your soul/God/The Universe.

  10. It was so fun to finally meet you after getting to know you via Skype. You rocked our panel and did such an amazing job. You are so eloquent and radiate warmth. It was a pleasure working with you.

    This was my first big conference and I would agree with your advice - it is what you make of it. I also did all the major things and tried to have dinner with different people every day. It made the conference so much fun and I felt like I left with a ton of new connections, new friends, and armed with lots of new advice.


    P.S. Your little one is DARLING! Thank you for bringing her and brightening up the conference with her smiles and dance moves.

  11. you girls are so cute!

    yes, this is great life advice. i am not good at that AT ALL.

    i'm so glad you had a great time.

  12. Good for you! That is huge. I enjoy your blog and lurk often. I will try and comment more..my way of being less shy :)

  13. So fun! So happy you were able to experience this. You and Arianne look like sisters.

  14. Such great advice! I tend to be pretty shy and reserved. I notice that when I make the first move {usually it's only a smile, lol}, that's when others open up too.

  15. Great pictures and I am glad that you were social! I learned so much from you on the panels and loved watching your sweet baby run around at the karoake party!

  16. Oh I love hearing about Blissdom...I only wish I had been more up on it earlier, but it worked out since I do have a 2mnth old to take care of! But next year for sure I am there!

    Thanks for sharing your experience, make me smile.

    Total side note, what is your FAVORITE mei tei? I want to order on but since I have not used one, need some advice.

    Thanks Amy

  17. I see more joy in you every time our paths crossed - it was so much fun to see you dancing and laughing - and that sweet Ivy - she is just heavenly.

    So glad I had the chance to see you again!

  18. Amy,

    Well, I only have used 2- my favorite is a very old FreeHand baby carrier mei tai which is now made by TogetherBe and is quite reasonably priced- you can buy them anywhere and even at Mom4Life.com I think (they have free shipping) - my other one is a silk Bronwen Handcrafted etsy one but I don't even know if she sells them anymore. If you have money to spend, BabyHawk is SO NICE - I have a friend with one and it's to die for. But again- the simple old one is really my fave!! :)

  19. Ola, what's up amigos? :)
    I will be happy to get some help at the beginning.
    Thanks and good luck everyone! ;)

  20. It does appear that this Blissdom experience was much different than last year's experience for you. Just from an outsiders point of view.

    Arianne looks good in the picture. I think about her often.


  21. Oh my goodness--I love this picture! I am so glad that you were around because it was so nice meeting you! Although, I am still cracking up that in my couple minutes of talking, I blurted out something about breastfeeding problems. Yikes!!

    You did a terrific job in the session on Friday. It was so fun to hear your fresh voice on the panel. Thanks again!

  22. Isn't that the truth. Working on it...

  23. Fun picture! We need the story behind it. ;)

    And I am just on pins and needles waiting to see more...


  24. You teach me so much. I put myself out there this conference, and now I can call you a friend. Not a blogging friend. Not a twitter friend. But a FRIEND. And that wouldn't have happened if I hadn't have let myself open up to that, and it wouldn't have happened if you hadn't have opened yourself up to me.

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  26. Glad you were able to change things up this time and really enjoy yourself. :-)

  27. You give such good advice. Sounds like you certainly made the most of it my friend!!

  28. I'm new to the blog world and would have loved to have attended but already have Sistercation planned (that would be vacation w/ sister)BUT, I kept thinking...WHAT would I say to all these people that I stalk online? Hi? Thank-you for letting me know that it would have been normal to want to hide in your room. Maybe next year I will be there...hiding some. Also...I like your blog.

  29. *Does super-cool robot moves*

    (Gives high fives.)

    It is what you make it.

  30. Ooh, yes yes. I will take this all into account and to heart if I make it to BlogHer10! AKA WHEN I made it to BlogHer10! ;)

  31. It's all about community, right? We are social creatures!

  32. I love that picture- Shows just how much fun you guys were having!

  33. You're absolutely right. Making the first move and being social would really make anything better. It's something I'm working on myself, slowly, slowly. Thankfully, it gets MUCH easier with time.

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  35. love it!
    Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto...

  36. Okay- totally taking this approach for Disney SMMoms. We get in during the welcome dinner but I am not going to be embarrassed about that! I will greet everyone with my arms outstretched and try to be friendly even when I'm shy. Especially as an example to my kiddos. I'll give it my best shot!

  37. Funny pic! Yes! I like this! I need to do more getting out b/c I'm supposed to be a "light" for Christ...can't be a light holed up at home! LOL!

  38. Dude, did I take that picture?

    I love you all....and meeting you in person was wondrous and splendid and it felt like I'd just seen you yesterday.

    I miss everyone in a way I didn't know I would.

    So much love.

  39. You guys are cute. Let's go to Chick-fil-a now, yes?

  40. Such a cute pic!
    So glad you had a great Blissdom!


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