January 29, 2010

Wherever you go, there you are.

morning light
One of my favorite morning photos, from Cupcake '10

Links for your weekend aka "working it..."

[my other day job(s)]

At NWIparent

At RealMomsGuide

(And I'm realizing some of these links aren't working at the moment... please try again if not!)

Also I write a few times a week at my Real Moms Guide blog here about life with a one-year-old.

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Have a lovely weekend, friends!

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  1. And she's in the beautiful dress you knit! I swear if I have a little girl I am gonna have to attempt one of those!

    Love the light in this photo!

  2. I love Ivy's morning hair. Wish we were back there!

  3. That's one of my favorite sayings.

    Wish I looked that cute in the a.m. ;)

  4. too cute! Yes, I too have been through this exact same thing! Remember the lunch ladies are Mom's too and they know!! You have no worries, we all know most kids get "fed" before they leave home, but they love the second breakfast they get at school!! BTW, I love the video!! We all sing it every time I make sloppy joes for dinner!!! hehehehe!!


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