January 11, 2010

What Cupcake 10 was all about

cupcake ivy

A couple months ago, or so, I was chatting with my bloggy friend Heather of the Extraordinary Ordinary and we were thinking we should make more of an effort to meet up soon since she only lived in Minneapolis (at the time) and I in Northwest Indiana. Surely we could meet half-way somewhere and have dinner or something.

We took it to Twitter and, well, before you know it Heather had found an amazing house in Wisconsin and people were actually sending her money and SIGNING UP to spend a weekend with us.

Just what were we going to do?

Our vision was pretty simple. We wanted to get together with some fabulous women we'd met through blogging and Twitter and just hang out.

And there should be cupcakes.


Photo by Carrie

We didn't have a keynote or any sessions but we did have a circle, where we went around and said a little about our journey with blogging and where it has brought us, and how it brought us together that very moment, at Cupcake 10.

Not everyone knew each other or read each other's blogs. But we do now.

Elizabeth, Maggie, & Sara

It was a small group, but the perfect size.

We sat around in yoga pants and ate the biggest potluck meal I'd ever seen. (Seriously, we put churches to shame.) There were cupcakes and wine, but no one got drunk. There were swag bags- more like favors to take home and you know what? Those bags hung in the hallway all weekend until people left.

That spoke volumes to me.

Our little get together wasn't about the business of blogging, or even about blogs or Twitter. It was about the heart of the person that writes the blog or tweets a tweet.

That person commenting on your post, your favorite writer, you, me, we are so much more than our blogs.

Sarah and Haley
Sarah & Haley (with Kristina devouring a cupake in the background)
photo by Haley

The honesty was humbling. And inspiring. I can't stop thinking about it.

I stayed up late, in my pjs, legs tucked up on a window seat in the kitchen with Esther and Sarah after everyone else had gone to bed.


Photo by Hyacynth

In the morning, we all stumbled about armstretched for the coffee pot. Bed head and no makeup, my bangs going every which way. It was like we were at home. With family.

It was just like that.

This past weekend I was surrounded by positive women, truly caring for each other, and it blessed me.

That's what Cupcake 10 is and was. And I have a hope that bloggers and tweeters from all over will do the same in their area. You don't need a big agenda, and it's better if you don't have a large attendance. Keep it small, simple, and real. Good things will happen there.

More photos here.

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  1. Elizabeth's move to hide the spilled wine worked out perfectly in that shot! More importantly, it was so funny. I love funny.

    Just like I love intelligent, warm women, disgustingly cute babies, wine, food, and you.

    So happy. Thank you again, for everything.

  2. I'm laughing my butt off over that picture! I love it. And I love this recap, Steph. Never having been to any other blogging conference, I didn't have the perspective of you and many others; so this post really helped me see what it was about Cupcake that was so very special.

    I had such a great time. My only regret is not having more time to get to know all of those wonderful women.

    Thanks again, Steph.

    xo elizabeth

  3. This is such a great recap and hits the nail on the head. My favorite part...we are so much more than our blogs. So very true and some a true, vulnerable time we were able to have together. Like Elizabeth, my one regret is not having more time to meet/talk with everyone in depth. I feel like I got to know 1/3 of the group fairly well but others not as much. Would have loved to connect more with you as well Steph! Thanks for this great post and the event!

  4. You so perfectly shared the heart of what happened this weekend. It was all so delicious!

    The picture of Sara, Maggie, and Elizabeth turned out great. Having been standing right there when you took it, I know the funny in the fantastic expressions you captured.

    Thanks again for all that you did to make Cupcake 10 about so much more than just cupcakes!

  5. What an amazing experience!!

  6. So lovely. I wish we were all still there. I'm so thankful that I spilled wine on Maggie, because my, what a fabulous picture it turned into.

  7. goodness, sounds just about perfect.

  8. It sounds absolutely delightful. If someone ever does one of those for the northeast - sign me up!

  9. this makes my heart so happy :)

  10. That's what my DREAM is of a blogger get together - no speakers, no agenda...just time together. I love it!

  11. Devouring a cupcake! LOL! And making a mess too!

    I too, regret not being able to visit with everyone, but am thankful for the meaningful connections I did make! Thanks for a wonderful weekend everyone!

  12. i'm so sorry i missed it ... what a wonderful time with friends ... old and new.
    truly the heart of why we do what we do ... glad you guys captured it.

  13. Thanks so much for your hard work in co-planning this event. It was wonderful and I had a fabulous time.


  14. What an absolutely cozy idea. Looks like a great {and delicious!} time was had by all.

  15. sounds like it was fabulous. wish I could have gone. Good job!

  16. Sounds like it was so so wonderful.

  17. What a fabulous idea! And cupcakes - YUMMY!!!

    It looks like everyone had a wonderful experience.

  18. Loveliness!

    I'm feeling like I might need some cupcakes in 2011!


  19. No offense to all the beautiful ladies there...but Ivy was the cutest cupcake!

  20. I love it! What a wonderful thing to be a part of! One day, maybe, I'd love to be a part of something like that

  21. That sounds REALLY refreshing!!! Lovely!

  22. Another wonderful post, with great pictures.
    I'm so sorry I didn't stay over but SO happy I could come and meet wonderful you! And Ivy, too cute for words.

    Thanks again for setting all this up.

    Cupcake love!

  23. It was the best kind of blogger event. And I can say that even though I wasn't there (physically anyway) -- just because I know you and Heather and a few of the other people involved.

    Here's to Lemon Bar '11! :-)

  24. I found out about this way too late... but next year (or next time..) I want to come! It looks like the BEST time!

  25. sounds amazing.
    maybe next time.

  26. Sounds so great. A couple of years ago, 12 of us rented a house a couple hours away, and we 'crafted' all weekend - quilted, scrapbooked, knitted - whatever our hobby is. We also drank, ate, and watched lots of movies. I didn't know most of the women, but it was so fun, and we just had a great time - your post reminded me that we really need to do that again soon!

  27. I love that; how very perfect!

  28. That sounds like so much fun! I wish I lived closer to you.

  29. sounds amazing. Is it too soon for cupcake10 the sequel (now with sprinkles?)

  30. Sounds amazing and refreshing. Thanks for sharing.

  31. Sounds PERFECT. Wish I could have gone.

  32. That sounds amazing! I'd love to attend something like this. :)

  33. Nobody got drunk?

    Obviously I am very disappointed in ALL of you.

    Wish I could have been there.

  34. LOVE this idea! WE started a local blogger group meet up at a coffee shop where our kids can play and stay within our sights. It's great, but it's just not enough time...I think a comfy retreat would be perfect for central Virginia/Washington DC blogging gals. Thanks for sharing this...we're going to put this in action in our area!

  35. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I had no idea just how much 'at home' I would feel. You are all amazing women. I can hardly wait for the next Cupcake!

  36. Beautiful post. I loved that it was about the heart behid it all. Wish I lived closer. Is it warmer there? Maybe I should move...

  37. So wonderfully said. It was wonderful to meet you and see adorable little Ivy in her cupcake PJs!

  38. Now I'm just sitting here wanting more. Of all of it. It was so good.

    I can't even really believe it!

  39. wow that is amazing that you all got together!!!
    i have worn all of my babies in the ultimate baby wrap...much like a moby wrap. and i have loved every moment of the closeness...we are on number four baby that also is in the sling 24/7. nice blog!!

  40. I know it was an amazing weekend in so many ways. My heart really wishes I could have been there with all of you beautiful ladies.

  41. WAIT!!! You were in Wisconsin? As in just one state next to me? And I didn't know about the get-together? Sigh. I suppose all that planning happened on the one night I was offline! :(

    Looks like a ton of fun and I'm so happy for you all who connected! :)

  42. Steph, you said it all so perfectly. It was a brilliant weekend and I am so honored that I got to be there. Worth every second of the freezing cold. Hee hee.

    And did I say THANK YOU for bringing me that turkey sandwich? You're amazing. :-)

    Until the next time....


  43. P.S. And YES, I also love your line - we are soooo much more than our blogs. Damn straight lady. Love it.

  44. Beautiful recap. Thank you for everything.


  45. Looks like a great time, the house looks beautiful! Wait! You were just one town over from me, how fun :)

  46. Love it. Love, love, love it!

  47. That vast array of food did put chuch groups to shame, didn't it?! After you said that I thought about our normal MOPs spread, which is huge, and then thought about our buffet -- and whoah! We had so much.
    Anyway, it wasn't about food (though, that was good); you said it so well when you said it was about getting know the person behind the blog because we are so much more than our blogs. Amen.

  48. Just like I love intelligent, warm women, disgustingly cute babies, wine, food, and you.

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  49. That sounds wonderful! I wanna join next time.


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