January 24, 2010

The one about Ivy's clothes.

little misha
[Misha Lulu dress (ebay), Livie & Luca boots]

So, she's my little ragamuffin. And I love love love dressing a girl.

Where do I begin?

I enjoy finding unique mis-matchy outfits and shabby/chic/boutique-ish things you just don't see everywhere.

[Misha Lulu tunic & pants (My Little Darlings boutique)]

I fell in love with the designer Misha Lulu and pretty much Ivy's whole wardrobe is made up of Misha with bits and pieces here and there. (Ivy's first Misha dress, lookhowsmallshewas!)

[Halabaloo dress, thrifted.]

My secret? I like resale shops (we have Once Upon A Child nearby), etsy, & ebay and when I'm in the mood I scope them out for my favorite boutique brands and styles.
Also, Misha Lulu has a surplus store with samples and such at awesome prices.

I sign up for special offers/newsletters at the places I like to shop- sometimes stores will have discounts only subscribers will know about (for example, Livie & Luca had a 40% off sale recently, My Little Darlings Boutique offers discounts on future purchases.)

I invest in pieces I can mix & match and since I love putting Ivy in full tunics and dresses, she can wear those for a longer time (the dress can eventually become a top.)

[Misha Lulu dress & pants (My Little Darlings Boutique), Livie & Luca shoes.]

Also, good quality and handmade tends to last longer. It's tempting to buy the latest trends at Target but I personally do not think their prices are all that, and after a couple washings, it's evident the "discount" items are not worth it. I try to stay away from that section of Target altogether (because lets face it- something here and there ADDS UP), but sometimes I'll buy the basics like plain tees & leggings to go with her nicer pieces.

I am much more happy with a few great outfits rather than drawers full of junk clothes.

I've knit her a few sweaters and jumpers and hope to get even more adventurous with what I make next. I'm feeling a knitting spurt coming on soon.

calling all angels

Oh, and her coat. It's so funny how often
I have to tell the story- as her red polka dot coat has lots of people commenting online and in real life.

On the first real cold day last year, I realized I had no coat for her (I'm so used to hand-me-downs with the boys!) so I bundled her up in sweaters and headed to Marshall's by our house (literally like a minute away.) I found that coat with matching hat (by Penelope Mack) for $16!

So, I'll probably regret this because I don't need to add any more items to her closet right now, but, where are your favorite places to shop?

[Disclosure jargon: In case you were wondering, I purchased every thing Ivy is wearing, finding each website on my own, and no portion of this post has been sponsored.]

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  1. most of my very favorite little girl things have been thrifted or handed down from our friends who trucked over beautiful pieces from germany. Though TJ MAXX sometimes pleasantly surprises me. I have a betsy johnson kids dress I bought for $12 years ago. I think it's my fave maxx find ever

  2. Evie's only 5 weeks old, and hasn't worn anything not bought by friends and Grandma... but oh... the clothes I'm looking at on the links you posted... they're KILLING ME! MUST HAVE!

  3. Ivy always looks like a million bucks! I know you guys don't have an extravagant budget, and I've often wondered how you kept her so well-dressed. Thanks for sharing your secrets! My girls' wardrobe definitely envies your girl's wardrobe, but I really can't complain since I've bought almost nothing. Hand-me-downs abound here!

  4. I love your little ragamuffin! She's stylin'.

    I shop for Zoe at Marshall's, TJMaxx, Macy's (only if it is a SALE). She is really tall and skinny and Children's Place are the only pants that fit her correctly. I used to do the handmade and boutique stuff when she was smaller, but it get's so much difficult when they are older. They have an opinion and they really want to dress like their friends. :)

  5. oh that coat!!! is too darling!!! our winter is not cold enough for such delights!!!! love it!!!

  6. I buy most of our kids clothes at the twice annual Just Between Friends Consignment sale - and I sell their outgrown clothes there too (www.jbfsale.com - to see if there is one in your neighborhood.) We also have an independent consignment store here that is pretty awesome - she gets some boutique stuff in along with the consignment stuff.

    I like to get t-shirts, leggings, tights and things like that at Old Navy, Children's Place, Gap, Kohl's (oh I looovvee Kohl's clearance) and Baby's/Toy's-R-Us things from those places seem to hold up much better than the Target and WalMart versions - and I can resell them for more at the consignment sale and I can usually get them for the same price by shopping clearance a season ahead of time. Occasionally I come across awesomeness while garage sale-ing. I've found a couple great deals at TJ Maxx, more at Marshall's, some at Ross, and then I love Macy's - but only when it's on clearance.

    Finally - My mom, my mother-in-law, my sister, my sister-in-law and I all sew so Sugar is getting more and more handmade things - and those are my absolute favorite.

  7. She is one of the cutest dressed babies! Most of my daughter's wardrobe is outfits we've been given as gifts or hand-me-downs. Since she's the first grandchild on my side, my family LOVES spoiling her. My son's wardrobe is mostly made up of rummage sale finds and hand-me-downs with a few store bought purchases. I love to shop sales too. I am in love with polka dots and bought a dress and pajamas for my daughter at Old Navy on Cyber Monday. I'm going to have to check out Once Upon a Child sometime, but I'm afraid I may go a little overboard ;)

  8. That coat is amazing!

    I get a kick out of dressing my little girl too. Garage sales, thrift stores, hand made, handknit, and freezer paper stencils for both my boy and girl. Kids are just so much fun!

  9. Oh sweet little Ivy, how you make my heart ache for a daughter!


  10. Ack! That COAT! You only paid 16 bucks for that delicious piece of goodness? Score one for Mommy! It's super adorable :)

  11. True story: I might go get pregnant just because of this post.
    Okay, not really, but I love it and love Ivy and her sweet clothes.

  12. I have to say Ivy is about the best dressed little girl I have seen! :)
    As a business owner who sells organic children's/babies clothing I have to tell you, I am addicted too! Luckily I can buy for our site!

  13. Such fabulous finds! I also love thrifting cute little outfits for Gretchen to wear -- I really ought to post them more often!
    Since taking up this new sewing hobby of mine, I've also been trying to make all of her clothing and i really think that for the most part I'll be able to!

  14. i also adore misha lulu.

    i have to tell you... i've always assumed that little jacket was the one from target this past fall. it looks so much like it, and i know ivy's worn other cute target items (you and i seem to have similar taste in said target items - which, in my opinion, have to be stealthily hunted down and must be snatched up post haste! and i try not to buy too much from target and support people who make really beautiful original clothing... sorry, i'm getting off on a tangent here.). i must not have looked closely enough at that coat. or maybe it was pink with red polka dots. anyway!

    as you know, ivy would be adorable with or without the lovely clothing, but, like i do with eleanor, i'm sure you simply consider her clothes as pretty icing on an already delicious little cupcake :) and i totally agree!!! it is a lot of fun to dress a little girl!

  15. She is adorable and I adore her outfits. Most everything my Greyson wears is a hand me down from his brother or gifted to us!

  16. Love Ivy's clothes! Consignment sales are my best friend- there are tons in my area every spring and fall- I bet that there are some near you too. I love Ebay too, and find all sorts of deals. I get leggings and tights from Target and TCP. My favorite brands are Tea Collection, Gap, Mini Boden, Lulu, Me too, (lots more too)!
    If you love Misha Lulu, have you seen Matilda Jane? Similar vintage funkiness. Love the blog!

  17. I totally dig Ivy's sense of style. I wish some of those pieces came in Size Ginormous.

    I love Mini Boden. Thankfully, my mom indulges me when birthdays and Christmas roll around. I also have very good luck at a certain Goodwill in the Denver area which happens to be close to one of the wealthiest areas in the state. Oilily for $1.99. Yes.

  18. I am all about the consignment sales. My secret is to work them so I get first dibbs and that has been a GREAT way to get really high quality clothes for supah cheap prices! My favorite kind of prices!
    Lovin' all of Ivy's clothes! So adorable! It helps that she's pretty adorable, too, right?
    Hope to meet you at Blissdom!

  19. I have gotten such little hand me downs it is sad=(

    1st grandchild on both sides, 1st of the friends group to have kids etc...

    I love Target, and have not problem with their clothing...I only shop CHEAP clearance, like under $3. We do a thrift shop once a season. I love buying off season and then opening up the tub and see in the .97 tags...haha.

    But Ivy's clothing is so stinking cute...do they sell for older girls?? Need to check out.

    Another thing I have to say is I had my kids before etsy and really before the internt really took off for "moms" so I have missed out on so much. My daughter is 9, and son is 5.

  20. I am also a huge fan of resale shops but I don't think I've discovered anything half as cute as that Halabaloo dress.

    The clothes are adorable but Ivy definitely adds 99 percent of their appeal. :)

  21. i'm scared to click on those links! we need nothing, but i did fall in love with a little misha tank one time at butterfly kisses and would love to find it sometime.

    we love matilda jane clothing. and mini boden. we will get some special coordinating pieces from favorite sellers on etsy sometimes.

    the key pieces are from those places and pretty much everything else is target.

  22. I love that Ivy has a unique style about her. I love Once Upon a Child. Her jumpers are adorable.

  23. This comment has been removed by the author.

  24. Ivy's outfits are so adorable. When the girls were younger I would make their clothes. Now we shop 2nd hand lots and lots. Also clearance racks. I try to buy clothes that are good quality, but since I have a tween and a teen I try to let them get trendier stuff as well because I remember what it was like in middle & high school. Ariel (my younger one) loves to dress very shabby chic but sometimes gets looks from her friends. It is so sad when she is so proud of an outfit and her friends bring her down.

    As for staples of the wardrobe I LOVE Land's End. They will replace any item that wears out or refund you money. And now that Sears has a Land's End shop I can get the stuff on clearance with the same Land's End guarantee.

    Thank you for sharing your Ivy with us, she is such a light in my day.

    p.s. Are you going to be at Blissdom...if so I can't wait to squee you!

  25. Paige is starting to outgrow her 18 month things.. and I haven't even started on the next size up. I think there's a trip to our Children's Orchard in my future. I haven't been able to spend a lot of time thrifting, but I think it's time to start.
    Thanks for all of your tips ;)

  26. Oh how I long to dress a girl! I shop mostly thrift stores or ebay but some little boy brands i love are mini boden, appaman, kingsley.

    Ivy is just the cutest. I adore that Misha Lulu tunic!! So pretty. I love that it can grow with her too.

  27. I think I already told you this, but I bought Kennedy that same coat at Tuesday Morning for about the same price (15 bucks or so) after seeing in on Miss Ivy. Tragically, she recently lost the matching hat on an outing at Target, ironically enough. I stalked the Customer Service desk for a month but no luck. Sad!

  28. I feel the same way---a few special things is far better than tons of play clothes. I want her to be able to play in ALL of her clothes--and take good care of them as well:)

    I have made Pixie tons of altered upcycled things which I treasure just because they are one of a kind, made just for her by Momma:) A few of my MOST favorite shops are Devon Rose via Etsy, Barley and Birch, Happy Green Bee (who has an EXCELLENT overstock shop), and I too absolutely adore Misha Lulu:) Pixie's first set of ordered clothing came from a little shop I found online called Doe SF that was having a Misha Lulu sale and, as it was the first time I'd ever SEEN Misha Lulu---I was completely swooning at the adorable-ness:) We got a pair of hot pink leggings with a tiny strawberry on the ankle, an Alice in Wonderland tea party onesie, a longsleeve little brown shirt and the sweetest mushroom dress the world has ever known.

    I love baby clothing. LOVE.

    Now I just need you to teach me to knit so I can make the little tunics like you make for Ivy and I'll be all set:)

    Sara Sophia

  29. This knowledge is going to get me in soooo much trouble!

  30. What an adorable little girl. I'm glad she likes her new Misha Lulu goodies. Thanks for sharing!

  31. She is adorable! I SO miss having a little girl to dress. Sadly, all my girls (2 of which are teens) are more into jeans and baggy hoodies. While great for the modesty aspect, I would really like to dress them up "cute". They would never go for that! I take joy in buying cute stuff for my best friend's baby girl :)

  32. ooh, thanks for the tips on dressing a girl. We've been living in some seriously adorable hand-me-downs for the last 10 months of Miss Clara's life, but the seasons/sizes are no longer matching up so well, so we have to go out in search of some wardrobe staples! I'm thrilled to be dressing a girl, but not ready to plunk down retail prices. Like you, I have been disappointed by Target's prices and quality lately. I'm going to take your suggestions while building Clara's toddler wardrobe.

  33. um...can I just have her?


    OK. Just checking.

  34. Her clothes are adorbs! But you knew that. ;)

  35. You and I have the exact same taste. Which is why Ivy's shoes already look fabulous on Olive. I can't wait for her to be able to wear cute outfits. We are almost there!

  36. I need to show Emery (my 16-month-old) lol!! She is going through SUCH a stage right now where she does NOT want to wear a shirt... she cries every time you put one on her. If you cover her belly with anything, you'll hear about it. I have some really good video of Emery doing sign language and video of her going through all the magnetic letters and matching up the letters and saying "match" - impressive right??? Well, I can't post them b/c she topless all of them!! ha! Ah well, such is life!! I just hope she grows out of it soon!!

  37. I truly wish I could afford more from the Tea collection. I love that stuff!

    While my girls are little little, I'd love to learn to sew. My summer project might be to teach myself a few tricks.

  38. Looking at all of this cuteness makes me want a little girl to dress up! I usually hit thrift and consignment stores for my little boy's clothes. I'm always amazed at the good deals on super cute, very lightly worn clothing.

  39. Ivy's teachings us all a thing or two about style!

  40. Well, I tend to buy a lot of things at Old Navy and the Children's Place. But lately I have been a little tired of the same old same old. So, I have been sewing a lot for my girls. Little jumper dresses mostly that I do often pair with a plain white or black shirt from one of those places.

  41. I love Misha Lulu, too! And it's fun dressing both genders, isn't it? Love it!

  42. My problem? I have THREE girls. Try that one on for size. :)

    I do some target/walmart (usually basics), jeans at old navy, use gymbucks occasionally on dresses/jumpers, I sew a LOT of their summer dresses and bloomers and bubble skirts (like I told you)... and then etsy or consignment and EBAY for the fancier dresses and smocking (this is this South).

    You did give me one idea, to check the boutique consignment shops around here.

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  44. I TOTALLY agree about avoiding the cheap items at Target and other similar stores. My girls tend to wear the same things over and over and over again, but they're stylish and well-made and unique.

    I like Tea Collection and Etsy best.

    Oh, and I LOVVVEEE handmedowns!


  45. I think I spent so much time studying this post and going to the links that I forgot to comment!

    I adore Ivy's wardrobe. I hope you don't mind if I try to model Katie's after it. ;) I went to Once Upon a Child today and racked up on shoes and found some cute dresses. I love shopping for girls. Period. End of Story. SQUEEEEEE!

  46. We have the red and white coat in black and white. LOVE all her clothes~

  47. I think Ivy has just darling clothes. You are so good about getting her dressed so nicely... and it sounds like you are such a good shopper too!
    We are very lucky, Audrey's cousin is a little older than her, and we get sent a whole new wardrobe every couple of months.

    I think I can count the outfits we have actually bought her.

    I absolutely LOVE Misha Lulu, she is from El Salvador like I am, love all her Latina inspired outfits!

  48. I love Ivy's clothes. My favorite thing is to find unique pieces for Bug that I can mix and match. I love Etsy and ebay. I really love super duper Gymboree sales... though I really don't love a themed look. I do think they have great leggings, and when they are super duper marked down, I pick them up in various sizes & go on a treasure hunt to find things to go with them. I don't have a lot of $$ to spend on her clothes-- as much I love to shop for them, so we are VERY fortunate to have a good friend with GREAT taste who passes along hand-me-downs!

    Thanks for sharing! Can't wait to check out some of the shops!

  49. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your sense of style with your beauty! She pulls it off wonderfully! I don't think i could dress my girl like this because it would NEVER look as cute! Props to you Mama!


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