January 28, 2010

In Living.


Ivy had the sniffles

and so she rode around on my back in the mei tai for the day. Her face nuzzled behind me while I washed dishes and wrote stuff.

Ever notice that in the absence of it, a tiny bit of color pops and makes its small self known.

It's in the color of an eye, the streak in my hair.

A brilliant thought, little hand holding big hand, whatever makes you feel, and alive.


You Capture: color

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  1. Beautiful! And wonderful pictures too. The first one should be framed.

  2. Lovely color. Thank you for sharing.


  3. Oh I wish carrying Becca around in a sling or mei tai were still possible. She's sick too and wanting Mommy to snuggle with her all day. Which is something I'm perfectly willing to do, of course, but it doesn't let me get anything else done.

    I hope Ivy's feeling better soon - and I love the photos!

  4. So sweet. How cute are you two? Seriously. Cute.

  5. I love that first picture Steph. I have so many cherished moments just like that.But not enough pictures of them, to look back at and remember when they are all knobby elbows and long legs. I'll have to get out the camera. :)

    And you are darling, by the way. Your sweet face and your spirit. So glad to be getting to know you, both in person and through your writing.

    xo elizabeth

  6. Beautiful pictures! You can actually feel the warm, fuzzy love radiating off of them:)

  7. Love the pics! Hope Ivy is feeling better! We have sniffles here too... :(

  8. Love the photos! Your daughter is precious and I have spent the last few minutes drooling over her clothes!

  9. Awww! That was so sweet. I really love babywearing photos!

  10. Feel better Miss Ivy! That first picture is precious Steph! Good capture!

  11. I had someone make me a mei tai, and I can't wait to use it. I have always only used a ring sling carrier, and since I am small, I have NEVER been able to get it snug enough to be comfortable to use. I would use it anyway, but man did my back hurt after a while.

    Now I have the mei tai to carry Jakob on my back, and I am trying very hard to win a sleepy wrap so I can carry the babies in front.

    I reallllllly hope I win that sleepy wrap.

    Also, to comment on your bf post, I bf Jakob until he was 20 months old....I think he would have gone forever, but we are having have been ttc for a year now, so I weaned him, just in case. If it weren't for that I would still be doing it, (and ignoring the comments from my husband, mil, and everyone at church about Are You STILL Breastfeeding?). I love bf so much. And Jakob would get so much comfort from it, that even after I weaned him, he would lay on my bare chest to be comforted.

    I loved it.

  12. the best part about sniffling toddlers is their willingness to stay snuggled in for all day babywearing.

    sweet pics steph!

  13. Beautiful!

    It's this crazy weather that's making everyone sick. UGH! Hope she feels better.

  14. I LOVE this pic!! I carry my 4 year old around on my back when he is sick too. I love that snuggly feeling with their head resting your back!

  15. You're so cute. :D Both of you. Love the streaks in your hair...

  16. Love this post! Are you wearing one of Lovelyn's tree shirts in those pictures? If you are, I have the same shirt in the same color (and love it!). :)

    Hope Ivy feels better!

  17. Ahhh... I love reading your blog and seeing your adorable pictures!

  18. Sniffles all around it seems, hope Ivy feels better soon.
    Lovely shots, I especially love the first one as well. Beautiful!

  19. Beautiful. I love it. I can't believe I haven't been to your blog sooner! Love the name, concept, and your thoughts! I have a DIY carrier tutorial I wrote that's free on my blog, and every time I get an email with a mom that has taken a picture of the carrier she has made, smiling snuggled close to her baby it makes me so happy!

  20. Not much to say, except...I love your eyes and your smile and your blog.

    You inspire me.


  21. Beautiful pictures on baby wearing. We support baby wearing. Here's an article on that.


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