January 23, 2010


on the phone

old telephone

Links for your weekend aka
"working it..."

[my other day job(s)]

At NWIparent:
Revisiting the "list"

Over at Real Moms Guide:

Check out the Babywearing Moms group. Have a babywearing question? I'm always available to chat.

Also, some articles I've written this week

Oh, and I totally did not forget about my promise to share (my completely unsponsored, unpaid post) about Ivy's clothes. Coming Monday!

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  1. thankful for these links when i'm up tonight!

    and the soup was good?! always love new soups!

  2. she is so beautiful. Off to read!

  3. I must have a little girl so I can dress her in adorable polka dots and stripes. She is precious. I bet there are many games played with that phone.

  4. Don't kids love phones and don't we love kids!!!

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  6. an absolute dolly! Doncha just fall in love with her daily!

  7. Can I just say how much I adore that phone?

    I've been wanting an old rotary dial phone in my kitchen for the longest time.


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