January 27, 2010

Breastfeeding anywhere and everywhere: What is there to see?

Nursing Ivy at a party

Yes, I'm passionate about it.

I enjoy breastfeeding my children!

And I do it for longer than "the norm" for most Americans.

I do not, however, blur my passion with judgment- for the Moms that choose not to breastfeed or not to nurse as long as me and my baby or whatever else might be used to put a wall between us Mothers with differing methods of mothering.

Nursing Ivy in the Ergo

Maybe that's why I take it to heart when I know others are thinking negatively of Moms like me, that choose to nurse our babies whenever they are hungry or need comfort, even if that is in the presence of strangers, family, or friends.

And in the same breath, the confusion I've struggled with myself, the wondering why I don't share the same convictions as many Christians that breastfeeding in public, uncovered, can cause a man to stumble, and so it is our duty to cover up.

Breastfeeding Grayson

I guess I can not, and will not get past the fact that it's natural and God-made ... why should it be covered up- when does it become that person's responsibility to "take every thought captive" (2 Cor. 10:4-5) ? (thank you, Sherri for reminding me of this)

I find it insulting that I even need to bring up the fact that it is not a topless x-rated event when I am nursing my child. WHAT IS THERE TO SEE?

I think it's beautiful. If you don't, then I just wonder what issues are going on in your heart that causes you to see ugly or offense, that you can not just turn away but instead must cast a judgment of that Mother nurturing her baby.

I am breastfeeding my children [in public] in all of the photos on this post.

I don't want to come across as un-ladylike, defiant, or disrespectful regarding my feelings about the importance of positive breastfeeding awareness in any way, ever, to anyone.

I just hope my intentions are always realized at face value, because I truly do mean to be doing the best for my children, and myself, an encourager to everyone, and always want to be known as loving to others.

I am closing comments on this post because I'd like to continue the pleasant and friendly, open discussion in the comments at my Real Moms Guide post Breast versus... breast? To cover up or not.

[P.S. I am nursing Ivy while writing this post. Uncovered.]

photo credits: 1st photo taken by Beth Fletcher, last photo by Mishelle Lane

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