December 7, 2009

Sakura Bloom Triathlon Round Three Videos: Her baby was born yesterday! Wearing a newborn in a ring sling.

I am just, wow. I'm thrilled with each of these videos and love them all individually so much. I encourage you to watch every one if you have the chance.

Have you ever been so in awe of how creative and unique and precious people are? Watch these videos and be awed.

I have had such an amazing time doing the Sakura Bloom Triathlon and am thankful for getting to know all the contestants. This concludes Round Three. I'll announce the winner of this round later today. And the grand prize winner will be announced later this week, with a special surprise.

And now, the videos:

Becca's entry:

Becca blogs at Crunchy Yuppie.

Watch Danielle's video entry.
Watch Leigh's video entry.
Watch Donya's video entry.
Watch Sara Sophia's video entry.
Watch Marcela's video entry.

Stay tuned for the other contestants' videos. I'll be uploading them all day as they come in!

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  1. OMH - what a sweet little peanut & a brave mama ONE DAY LATER! Kudos & congratulations! Your baby makes my now 3mo look so big! Amazing how fast it goes. And you're so right about them thinking it's feeding time in the cradle position - so glad I figured out the tummy to tummy position! Enjoy that sweet little boy!

  2. Congratulations! You two look beautiful! I miss my little Audrey being so little!

  3. What a rockstar to do a video the DAY after giving birth!

  4. I wasn't brave enough to wear my littlest until he was over a week old - kudos to this amazing mama (and her darling little peanut)!

  5. oh that does something to my heart everytime i see a sweet little baby like that. congratulations, becca! and seriously awesome that you did this the day after he was born! enjoy.

  6. I was going to say the same as Erin...this Mama is a rockstar! Congratulations to Becca on her new little one.

  7. Oh my gosh -- so amazing! What a gorgeous mama & babe!

  8. You deserve major kudos for accomplishing such an informative video THE DAY AFTER GIVING BIRTH.

    Like, can we throw confetti or something?

    GREAT job!


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