December 7, 2009

Sakura Bloom Triathlon: Round Three WINNER (Baby Mamas Put A Sling On 'Em!)! *Updated!

Leigh from
Marvelous Kiddo!

(See the lyrics and behind the scenes info on the video here!)

Leigh will receive a $100 gift certificate given by Fawn & Forest.

MANY MANY THANKS to Sakura Bloom.

What is the Sakura Bloom Triathlon?
View all Sakura Bloom Triathlon posts here.

[I originally had planned to include all the videos in one post, but had trouble getting some of them to work. Thanks for sticking with me through the eighty-million posts today. I hope you had a chance to watch all the video entries here.]

*UPDATE: It has been SO DIFFICULT to choose the Grand Prize Winner of the Sakura Bloom Triathlon! Thank you so much for your patience. The winner will be announced on THURSDAY.


[I'd like to also direct you the Blog, Bid, Hope auction going on NOW benefiting
Anissa Mayhew and Matt Logelin's Liz Logelin Foundation.]

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  1. Congrats! I love it!

    It's 100% pure greatness. WTG Leigh!!!

  2. This was way too funny!! How clever...

  3. I hope Leigh writes a post about choreographing this and how she knows all these gorgeous, amazing dancers, because I'm in awe!

  4. congrats! what a wonderful video, i'm sure we will see this video floating around the internet for years to come (its that good)

  5. WOW!

    Thank you so much, Stephanie and Lynne! I am so honored not just to have won this leg of the competition, but to have been included in the first place, in such amazing company. The whole experience has been so wonderful, and I am full of love and respect for all the incredible mommies that are part of the Triathlon. Best of all, it has been so inspiring and fun to connect with like-minded mamas who love to wear their babies!

    I cannot express how happy I am that people enjoyed my video. Babywearing is such a blessing, and I just want to celebrate it any way I can!

  6. i'm totally in awe, too! really an amazing video and tribute to babywearing. congrats, leigh!

  7. Yay Leigh!!!
    Such an awesomely creative & wonderful video.

  8. YAY! She had my vote! And I've had this song stuck in my head since this morning, ha ha ha :O)

  9. Wow that is kids want to watch it over & over :)

  10. these videos have been so fun to watch. Even if I did shrink my favorite pouch today. so sad...

  11. oh, that was awesome. I just stumbled it and will add to kirtsy now.

    Also, will link to it from alpha mom b/c that was just too great.

  12. Hooray!!! I just loved this one:) All the videos were great!!!

  13. That video was too, too cute! How creative and fun.

  14. I'm glad this video won - it's very fun!

  15. YAY! So happy. That was my absolute favorite. I could watch it over and over again.


  16. This video--it's too good! Totally made my day:-)

  17. This one had my vote too :) What a fun way to celebrate the love of baby wearing!

  18. Congratulations Leigh....You are beyond adorable and made of win<3

    Now, please move next door and teach me all your dance moves.

    Sara Sophia

  19. I loved this so much I added it tomy blog!

  20. OMG! That is hysterical, I love it. That looked like it was so much fun.


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