December 24, 2009

Or is it the baby Jesus glow?

Every day I've been prompting the boys to share what they know about the Real Story of Christmas.

there's really a cookie under there.

As we suffocated decorated sugar cookies with sprinkles and icing, we talked.

He was born in a cabin, right?

Or was it like on a farm?

Sugar cookies.

I explain about the "hotel" not having any room for them. And it boggles my mind. The Prince of Peace...? They couldn't even make room for a baby about to be born... that was the KING?

Even reality show tv stars would be treated better. Or surely someone else would give up their room for a laboring woman, for Him?

Instead He gave up His own for those who shut their doors. For us. For me.

Stairs to see Santa.
[a visit with Santa- who's just a guy-
they know what Christmas is really about.]

I've had a home birth, and thinking about it I imagine it would be quite the birth experience to have animals all around as I labor.

They were probably being super nosy, wondering
what is up.

But, I reckon it was beautiful. With the shining stars in the sky, shelter still provided- while not lavish or medically equipped- nature happened. A miracle happened. Many, many, many, many years ago.

I have FOUR kids.
[the usual.]

I nurse my baby on Christmas Eve, thinking of a newborn Jesus. And the sacrifice God made for people that would hate him, and a people that would try to love him, but would always be hurting Him and failing Him. And would I ever be able to fathom it? My baby?

I hold Ivy tighter and am thankful I don't have to make that choice. And as a Mother, I understand it completely.

Merry Christmas.



  1. Beautiful thoughts. Love Noah's(?) glasses.

  2. Merry Christmas, that was very well put! Have a great time with your family and many blessings into 2010!

  3. Great post. Your kids are so big and cute. I don't think I've seen your baby girl since she was newborn. I'm a bad blogger.

    I haven't blogged or visited blogs in quite a while but I wanted to stop by and say MERRY CHRISTMAS!

  4. Beautiful thoughts, as always. I wonder so much about Mary this year, more than ever. What it was like giving birth like that. I know what it's like to give birth outside of your comfort and how it's scary, and how much more scarier it MUST have been for her...yet how much she must've trusted.

  5. "Instead He gave up His own for those who shut their doors. For us. For me."


    me. shutting my door to Him. daily. *sigh*

    (and tell noah i LOVE his glasses!!)

    merry Christmas, steph. so thankful for you.

  6. merry christmas steph. great post and beautiful pictures to go along with it. i love how much your kids love each other.

  7. Beautiful words from a beautiful mama. I have felt the same way since having my daughter... The magnitude of the sacrifice God made for us by giving His Son boggles my mind so much more since becoming a mother. All I can do is cry with gratefulness! Merry Christmas!

  8. I so heart that Gray was crying in the background! LOL

    Oh baby Jesus. So beautiful to think of him as a baby.

  9. Merry have so many blessings to be thankful for! thanks for sharing your stories and pictures with us!

  10. Bless you for teaching your children the reason for Christmas. I know Jesus, but I still get that chill within to hear someone else speak so of him, as if I'm coming to the epiphany of faith all over again. Merry Christmas to you all!!

  11. Beautiful post and thoughts on this Christmas Eve. I wonder some of that he could die for me....with all my failings and selfishness....

  12. Merry Christmas, dear friend. Thank you for your thoughts tonight. I needed that. :-)

  13. what a beautiful gift to read tonight! Merry Christmas to you and your family Steph!

  14. What a wonderful way of putting it. Merry Christmas and God Bless you and those your beautiful children of yours! Oh and your husband too, of course.

  15. Very beautiful. Hope you have a merry and blessed Christmas.

  16. I love the photo where Noah is hugging Ivy. Super sweet expressions there...well except for poor Grayson.

    Your pictures and words are so lovely.

    Merry Christmas Steph.

  17. You need to hear Andrew Peterson's "Behold the Lamb" soundtrack (I bet it's available on iTunes). There's a song on that track called "Labor of Love" that I thought of when I read your post. :)

  18. He is the reason!
    Merry Christmas!

  19. Oh so beautifully expressed. Your blog is truly one-of-a-kind.

    When I ask my 3-year-old why we celebrate Christmas, she always says (no, yells!), "BECAUSE GOD WAS BORN!" Excitedly. Joyfully. I'm sure her little display of emotion and faith makes God smile as He listens in. :)

  20. What beautiful thoughts. It's refreshing to see people speak of the true reason for Christmas.

    Loving your blog so far, by the way.

    I just started one of my own, and I believe we stand for a lot of the same things.

    God bless! :)


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