December 18, 2009

The Gift of Nothing

I am sharing about having a simple Christmas at my friend Christine's site Boston Mamas. I hope you'll take a moment to read my post: Nothing and Everything.

(I mention some of the Christmas gifts we're giving thi
s year) and also my new favorite book.

One last thing: In these tough times, a kind word can mean more than anything you could buy with money. Compliment a stranger's shoes or pretty coat today. Tip a little bigger if you can, give someone a smile, a kind eye, let someone cut in front of you in line. I don't know, something random. You'll think of something, I'm sure. I will, too.

[I'm taking a little break this week, so comments are closed. But please visit the sites I've linked to and feel free to leave me a comment on previous posts or email if you need to reach me.]

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