December 8, 2009

Dippin' And Dancin' With Baby [Blog • Bid • Hope]

It's never too early for your little one to familiarize themselves with the musical genius that is Michael Jackson and Madonna. 'My Baby Loves' is a brand new series of lullaby renditions of material made famous by some of the biggest stars Mom & Dad grew up on.

Shop With Me Mama is awarding one lucky bidder: 'My Baby Loves...Michael Jackson' and 'My Baby Loves..Madonna'...a must have in any baby's beginning music collection.

While listening to music you BOTH enjoy, feed your little one with these specially designed triangular
Baby Dipper bowls! The bowl triangular shape and non-slip contour promotes one-handed feeding of infants and makes self-feeding easy for toddlers.

Baby Dippers and My Baby Loves...

Be sure to check out Shop With Me Mama's fabulous Holiday Gift Guide 2009!

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Leave a comment to bid on this entire package. Opening bid: $10. Please place your bids in $2 increments.

Auction closes on Friday December 11 at 5 PM (PST).

Main Auction post has instructions for bidding and payment.

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