December 25, 2009

all the riches baby

The boys set out cookies for Santa, and a cup of [rice milk], on the bench below their stockings. Gray insisted on leaving two baby carrots on the rug by the front door. "One for Rudolph and one for Prancer."

Hubby and I started the gift wrapping process, being sure to use different paper for Santa presents separate from ours.It was confusing and complicated. And I started to wonder how much longer we'll keep up these shenanigans because HOW ANNOYING is it that Santa gets credit for all these presents that WE BOUGHT [with love]??

Not cool.

So it was approaching midnight (Santa & Mrs. Claus did some cuddling and might have played some Wii bowling before starting on the presents) and we hear Ivy waking up, seeing on the video monitor that she is actually getting down from the bed.

[totally not meant to look like a Sears portrait studio photo. weird.]

She makes her way down, coming to find us. I scoop her up and go to nurse her back to sleep and she is EATING THE REINDEER CARROTS. Two baby carrots clutched in her hands like prized possessions.

I let her munch on them a bit and then threw her leftovers back on the rug so that it looked like the reindeer ate them (a 15 month old baby will not remember this, right?)


I set her down by her dollhouse while I ran upstairs to get a diaper. When I came down the stairs she was finishing off Santa's milk! Oh that turkey. She is so lucky she's cute.

Because she didn't even get close to falling asleep until after 1 in the a.m. and I was EXHAUSTED. When the boys woke me up (after 8) I felt like I had just fallen asleep.

[for the longest time this morning (it was like heaven) Ivy sat behind the curtains playing quietly with a block and a pen.]

Christmas was perfect. Gray was thrilled to see the reindeer liked his carrots They've been nibbled on!

I stayed in my pjs the whole day. I should have taken more pictures, but didn't. I have no regrets.


I'd be embarrassed if you were to see my bank account, but somedays, like right now, I feel like the richest woman in the world.

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  1. It was a loooong day but it's so worth it to see how excited they get about the cookie crumbs and gnawed-on carrots... wouldn't trade it for the world.

  2. So glad you guys had a fabulous day! Ours sounds very similar, except both my kids were up by 6 ;) but Fynn was so amazed that "Santa" ate the cookies, and came to his house, and they were both so full of fun today. Makes up for the sparseness of our {oh yes I know it so well...} bank account as well! :)

  3. Bri couldn't open all of her presents today. She has the attention span of a two year old! There were so many presents to play with that some of them are still wrapped under the tree. I honestly wasn't sure if I'd gotten enough when I looked at the pile last night. So tonight I feel like a rich woman too. It was a beautiful day.

  4. It sounds horrible, but we got sick of Santa getting credit for the presents too, so at our house Mom and Dad bring presents and Santa brings stockings. :)

  5. I absolutely adored this post.

    Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  6. What sweet memories. I love how Ivy ate the carrots and then drank the milk, what an adorable rascal. I am so glad your Christmas was beautiful and just right. I feel just as rich. We are so very blessed.

  7. I just had to tell my husband about Ivy and the carrots and the milk. What a fun family story to share with the kids when they're older and Santa has become a fond and distant part of their childhood! (And Mom and Dad are FINALLY getting credit for all the presents, not just some!)

  8. We just tucked the kids in and I love this feeling, this moment of Christmas night. I always loved it as a child but MY GOD as a mother there is NOTHING better.

    And I love you and your family and your carrot-nibbling at midnight daughter.

    Merry Christmas.


  9. I loved watching my children open their gifts and how excited they were. All Amelia wanted to do was color as soon as she could. It was such a lovely day here. I am so glad it was for you too!

  10. I love that picture of Gray and that very last line. It's so true.
    Shane and I had the Santa discussion. Like, Santa got credit for Luke's most fabulous presents, but I suppose it is okay because I got to see the sheer joy on his face as he came down the stairs this morning. I would not trade that for all the gift credit in the world.

  11. Your life is very familiar. And it feels like the best life possible.

  12. beautiful and we are so very rich indeed!

  13. And you are. It sounds like a lovely day!

  14. What a lovely Christmas morning! Sounds wonderful ^_^

    We had a fabulous morning over here as well <3 So much love.

  15. A long day, but so wonderful it sounds. Hope you are able to get some much needed sleep tonight!

  16. that fake sears portrait is awesome.

    what a long exhausting week! and today ended in everyone puking all over their new stuff. but it was still pretty amazing. watching clark open his big present this morning was just plain magical.

  17. So glad you all had a wonderful holiday.

    In the end...that's all that matters!

    And the teeth marks on the carrots...Hah!

  18. So glad you had such a wonderful day, Steph! I was in PJs half the day, too, and didn't get many pictures, either. There were a few stressful moments when I wasn't sure I'd get supper done on time, but in the end it was a beautiful day.

    I don't know why you'd be embarrassed regardless of the number on the bottom line of your bank account. You and your husband provide a wonderful home for your four beautiful children and it seems to me they have everything they need. Anyone who looks at your life can easily see how rich you are.

    Lots of love to you on this blessed day!

  19. lovely pics as always and a great day to remember

  20. Awwwww... sweet Ivy.

    Isn't that bliss when your child quietly places for a long block of time?

    Sounds like you had a perfect Christmas. I also didn't take enough photos... I tried to focus on enjoying the moments.

  21. Beautiful post. I thought I would mention that in Australia, nearly all the gifts are credited to Santa. Some parents rebel and do a more American style Christmas, but a lot still do it where Santa leaves a bunch of gifts for the children rather than them coming from the parents! I cannot imagine!

  22. You truly are a very rich family. I love that Ivy nibbled on the reindeer carrots and drank santa's milk. This is something to really laugh about when she gets older.

  23. Ugh, we gave up the whole trying to keep different wrapping paper this year. It's hard enough just figuring out what came from Sangta and what came from us and balancing everything. We have 5 under 9 years old now, so I just quit and said, "Santa's magic." And I don't lie well or remember well (with that 2 month old in the house!), so it's gonna unravel before long, I just know it!

  24. The thought of Ivy nibbling on Prancer's carrots? Quite possibly the most adorable visual of Christmas Eve!
    And yes, this is the stuff that money can't buy (and Santa can't bring). 100% priceless!

  25. I stayed in my jammies all day too! So glad you enjoyed your Christmas.

    p.s. we have never done Santa.

  26. Sounds like a perfect Christmas! We never did the Santa thing with our girls, and last night I was just saying how much trouble it seems to have to keep up the charade. We don't let the girls see the wrapped gifts till Christmas morning, but as soon as they were in bed on Christmas Eve (asleep or not), we put them out so we can go to bed. Call me a wimp. I can take it ;)
    Part of me is sad though, that they never got to experience the make-believe wonder of Santa, the reindeer, and all that. I guess that's what happens when two realists marry. My kids seem to be turning out ok though.
    Enjoy the rest of your holiday season. I don't want to go back to school!!

  27. Christmas was magical. I felt like I never have before that Christmas is romantic and felt such a love for my family and for my in laws. it was just amazing. I can't wait to have kids. it will be even better.

  28. You are lucky they slept until 8. Thank goodness they didn't take after me; I always woke up early on Christmas morning - like 4 am. Ivy just reinforced your boys' belief in Santa by nibbling on carrots and drinking the milk. They had a fabulous Christmas.

  29. I don't think it's very fair that Santa gets the credit for the best gifts either. Whatever. ;-)

    We finally managed to clean up the living room a little and we can see the floor again. Sounds like your day was as good as ours...

    That Ivy, she's too much! : )

  30. It all sounds perfect! Love that shot of Ivy sitting in the curtain playing. Don't you just love those miraculous moments of stillness.

  31. simply wonderful. happy holidays, steph!


  32. stopping by from 5MFM!

    giggling over your lil ones' efforts! This year was my twins' first year of really 'getting' it all about Santa...the first year we left out milk and cookies and the first year they woke up, excited to see those cookies and milk had been eaten (a few crumbs were left behind and my daughter wondered why he had not eaten the last bite...)

    We spent the day at home, alone too, but due to sick kids...what a bummer!

    I Loved your last comment about feeling like a rich woman! Thankfully aside from the mess of sick kids and canceled plans..there were a few of those moments here as well.

  33. Jeff didn't get home from UPS until 10:30 and Troy has a cold and didn't go to sleep until 12:30.

    And then we had to put together a dollhouse and a kitchen.

    We went to bed at SIX a.m.

    I'm still tired. But it was SO worth it. I hope you had a very Merry Christmas.


  34. Loved your post! It sounds like a wonderful Christmas!

    Love the carrots! Audrey ate nibbled on by Santa (daddy) cookies in the morning.

    The cookies were more interesting than the gifts.

  35. great pictures gives sort of a whimsy to christmas


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