November 27, 2009

Scenes from a happy thanksgiving.

thanksgiving banner by Carter
thankful gobble thankful.
          Grampy & Gray
          that used to be me up in his lap.
                  read a book with Mimi
                  no tv but lots of books to read together.
                          Mimi & Ivy
                          where's your monkey there he is!
                                  Ivy & Mommy
                                  shh shh shh
                                          hubby does the dishes
                                          hubby does the dishes (a lot) and for this i'm very thankful.

                                                  my dad. this just in: i possibly could live just to see him happy.
                                                          we are thankful for...
                                                          so much.

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                                                          1. Looks like a beautiful Thanksgiving :) And what a wonderful idea!

                                                          2. You've got me in tears over here. Must be the hormones :) But probably not. I love you and your family so much. It looks like you had such a great time together. We really are so blessed. Love ya!

                                                          3. So very sweet. Lots of love in your family, you can tell! :)

                                                          4. These are so special. Glad you all had such a wonderful holiday!

                                                          5. What a blessed Thanksgiving you had! You have such a beautiful family. Hope you enjoy your weekend!

                                                          6. So glad you had such a wonderful Thanksgiving. Sweet post!

                                                          7. awesome!!!!!
                                                            I'm thankful for your encouragement!!!

                                                            Many hugs...

                                                          8. What a touching post Steph. We had a perfect day. It could not have been any better. I love my family!

                                                          9. I'm glad that you had a happy Thanksgiving.

                                                            I am also very thankful for a dish-washing husband. And I have to say, there are few things more attractive than a man yielding a dish towel. ;)

                                                          10. i love that matt usually does dish duty, too. and seriously, when i think about how much i love my dad, it makes me so, so teary and hopeful that our girls feel that way about matt. so much love.
                                                            glad you had a great day!

                                                          11. Lovely photos! I love the one of gma and the kids reading on the sofa and the one of your dad especially. Happy Thanksgiving! :)

                                                          12. Looks like a good day all around! Beautiful family! And I think it is wonderful that your husband does the dishes, mine does a lot as well and I am so thankful to have a helpful husband, makes life in the house much more relaxed!! Great idea by the way about right down what you are all thankful for!

                                                          13. LOVE this. Brings tears to my eyes. So beautiful, and makes me miss my Dad tremendously. xoxo Christine

                                                          14. Looks like a wonderful thanksgiving!

                                                          15. My hubs does the dishes a lot too, and I'm very thankful for that!!!

                                                          16. What precious memories! Your dad's smile looks like it lights up the whole room ;)

                                                          17. Precious memories! Happy Thanksgiving.

                                                          18. great post! looks like you had a wonderful holiday!

                                                          19. I love the no TV part.

                                                            And the photo of your husband doing dishes. So happily.

                                                            Your posts are so real. So you.

                                                            I've said it once and I'll say it again: your blog is one of my top five, for sure.



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