November 11, 2009

The Proposal


What if I wanted to marry Ivy? Gray asked as he put another pat of bubbles on her head and tried to mohawk her hair.

I bent,

I felt the tension ease in my back

and I leaned in to them both.

Eyes sparkling at each other, real smiles, real love, walls down. This is getting easier.

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  1. This is basically the sweetest thing EVER.

  2. So very sweet.

    Alison wanted to marry Mason for quite a long time. Now that she is in kindergarten, I think she gets it. She wants to marry some older boy down the street.

  3. Beautiful moment Steph. The love between siblings is enough to keep me in the babies. ;)


  4. awe so cute!!
    I see Gray likes Insectasaurus 2 :) HEHE

  5. This makes it all worth it, doesn't it, Steph? So happy you were able to witness such a beautiful moment.


  6. I just melted onto the floor.

    Awww. :-)

  7. Just perfect!

    My daughter wants to marry her brother.
    Or me.
    Or her dad.

    But she insists that whoever she marries must have a beard. She doesn't like men without beards. (She means a goatee.)

  8. This is incredibly the sweetest post. Life couldn't get any better than this Steph.

  9. What a sweet heart he is...How precious!

  10. My 4-year-old daughter is always telling me she's going to marry her 1-year-old brother. Knowing that she won't actually do it, I just enjoy the sweetness of this time. Because more often than not, it really is sweet.

  11. My little guy is mildly obsessed with the idea of marrying his little sister (two years younger than him). He is always saying how pretty she is, and that he wants to marry her. And he's already figured out that she's a girl and his friend, so she must be his girlfriend! And she adores him, too. I am hoping the day will never come when they don't want to hug and love one another as siblings because of "eeeeew! gross! but she's my sister/he's my brother!" sort of reasons...

  12. So pretty.
    So sweet.

    I am sighing and leaning into my computer screen.

    Breathing in the beauty that is brotherly/sisterly love<3

    --Sara Sophia

  13. i'm glad you're feeling better.

  14. Ah, so sweet!

    I remember my brother wanting to marry my mom for a while when he was about three or four. So cute.

  15. so sweet.

    My cheeks started to hurt because it made me smile so big. And this is a good thing

  16. i love kids, they are naive but their feeling as real and pure.


  17. Oh my goodness!! That just melts my heart this chilly morning.

  18. That is absolutely precious!


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